Without an experienced guide you, many find New York City as difficult to navigate as the slopes of Mt. Everest or the ruins of Machu Picchu. Especially if you are on a bicycle. With hidden passages and harrowing turns, the often unknown cycle paths of NYC are a treat for avid cyclists – if they can find them. Thankfully, Jimmy Phillips, owner of The Domestique, a cycle tour service, has taken it upon himself to guide dedicated cyclists through the city and beyond.

What Does A Tour Entail?

A tour will begin one of two ways. You will either meet Jimmy at ARC Athletics in Tribeca or he will come to you. Once you’ve connected, Jimmy will guide you on a pre-inspected route through the excitement of the city and out into open country. Although he offers some prescribed paths through the surrounding area, he is able to vary the exact route depending on the abilities of individual cyclists.

Naturally, a bike ride though the city is not as demanding as perhaps a hike up the foothills of the Himalayas. However, as an urban guide, Jimmy takes the safety and comfort of his clients seriously. On a tour, your every need is taken care of, whether that be a flat tire or a grumbling stomach. Jimmy makes sure that he is prepared for even the most unexpected situations.

To be able to expertly MacGyver anything that may arise and provide riders personalized attention, group sizes may not exceed six people.

The Routes

Each route available with The Domestique has been carefully mapped out to balance the beautiful scenery of the American Northeast with the challenge of a good workout and riders’ cycling experience.

Prices per ride route are available upon request and will vary based on the number of riders. Generally, an individually tailored journey will begin at $300 and can increase to $500. Each package will include a Basso carbon bike, Giro helmet, Garmin 800 GPS, Skratch labs water bottle, Health Warrior chia bars, and additional snacks along the way.

A full day bike rental outside of a tour is $250.

Central Park

A two-hour ride over smooth rolling road in the heart of Manhattan. Distance is 30-40 miles.

River Road

Ready to get out of the city? Cross the George Washington Bridge for 3 to 3.5 hours of picturesque cycling over quiet roads. Distance is 40 miles.


Venture across the state line into New Jersey and experience its surprisingly beautiful countryside. Distance is 50-60 miles.


Cruise down the banks of the Hudson River for 4.5 hours as you gaze at the rolling terrain and quaint towns. Distance is 60-70 miles.

Rockland Lake

To add a little challenge, take on this five-hour ride that traverses hills and valleys and takes you over hidden roads. Distance is 80 miles.

Bear Mountain

This adventurous ride is for experienced cyclist only. For over six hours, you’ll climb through the challenging terrain of Bear Mountain before you take the train back to Grand Central Station. Distance is 90 miles.

ARC Athletics, 5 Harrison Street, New York City, NY website, Phone: 917-863-2937

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