Just off the eastern edge of Long Island sits a much smaller island: Shelter Island. Part of Suffolk County, despite being separated by the rest of the county by water, Shelter Island is home to just over 2,400 people. It's a beautiful and unique place with a lot of interesting history and stories to tell.

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To the Mahanset Indiands who once lived there, Shelter Island was known as "Manhansack-aha-quash-awamock", which would translate to "Island sheltered by islands" in English. It was an ideal place to live, with the surrounding bay waters offering plenty of fish. The English settlers first landed on the island in the mid 17th century, naming it Shelter Island due to its unique location between the North and South Forks of Long Island.

A peaceful haven, totally protected from the elements on both sides by those forks, Shelter Island has been a popular coastal retreat for many years, offering a wonderful way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy all the advantages of being on a quiet, calm, charming island location. In addition to its calming atmosphere and beautiful scenery, the island has grown and evolved over time to a point where it can now boast of many highly rated eateries, shops, accommodation options, and more. Whether you're looking to eat, sleep, work, or play on Shelter Island, you'll be guaranteed a great time.

Dining on Shelter Island

If you're looking for some good quality dining experiences over on Shelter Island, you've got a lot of options to choose from. From fine dining establishments to more casual family restaurants, there are all sorts of eateries around Shelter Island to suit every palate and tantalize every tastebud. From casual cafes to ice cream shops, bakeries, cocktail bars, and seafood joints, Shelter Island has it all.

Those looking for a friendly atmosphere and old-fashioned, hearty American cooking should check out The Islander (63 N Ferry Road - 631 749 1998), which offers a nice selection of well-cooked comfort food to please people of all ages. For something a little more elegant and refined, visit the Red Maple at The Chequit (23 Grand Ave - 631 749 0018) or stop off at the 18 Bay Restaurant (23 N Ferry Rd - 631 749 0053) for some award-winning dishes with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

Stay at Shelter Island

A day trip to Shelter Island can be a nice way to spend some time, but it's such a beautiful place with so much to offer, you really won't want to live and need to at least spend a couple of nights there to enjoy the full beauty and magic of the island. Fortunately, Shelter Island is home to many high quality accommodation options, including inns, guest houses, B&Bs, and private rental houses.

Head on down to the Two South Ferry B&B (2 South Ferry Road - 631 749 3208) or the West Neck Guesthouse (31 W Neck Rd - 631 599 3430) to enjoy a warm welcome, cozy rooms, an authentic atmosphere, and super service, all at great prices. Stop off at The Pridwin (81 Shore Rd - 631 749 0476) or The Chequit (23 Grand Ave - 631 749 0018) for a more elegant setting, with beautifully decorated and furnished rooms, ideally suited for romantic getaways.

Shopping at Shelter Island

As well as being home to many great dining locations and accommodation options, Shelter Island is a great place to do a little shopping, with lots of stores, both small and large, waiting to welcome you in and show off their wares. Whether you're in the market for books, jewelry, antiques, clothes, toys, or something else altogether, you can find it on this island. Head over to Finley's Fiction or Black Cat Books if you're searching for a super story to enjoy while you admire the scenic surroundings of your Shelter Island getaway.

You may also want to visit Dworkin and Daughter Antiques or Fallen Angel Antiques for a little piece of history to add to your collection. Kids will love the Toy Store at Jack's, while adults will appreciate the Shelter Island Wines and Spirits. And of course, no visit to Shelter Island can be complete without admiring the works of local artists at Artists of Shelter Island or checking out all the unique, adorable objects in the charming Cornucopia Gift Shop. website