The Queens Zoo is a community animal park and zoo in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in the borough of Queens. Part of an integrated system of four zoos of aquarium managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Queens Zoo spans 18 acres and is home to more than 75 species that are endemic to the Americas. The Zoo also offers a range of educational programs and experiences for visitors of all ages, ranging from animal feeding and demonstrations to school holiday and summer camps.

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Designed as a cage-less zoo by Robert Moses in 1966 and built on the site of the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the Queens Zoo was opened to the public in 1968 and has been delighting visitors with an array of animals and displays ever since. The zoo’s award-winning aviary was designed as a 175-foot geodesic dome and was one of the largest single-layer structures of its time. It was used in the during the 1964 Fair as the fair's major indoor assembly hall, after which it was integrated into the new zoo’s layout.


The Queens Zoo is home to more the 75 that are endemic to North and South America, including the rare Andean bear, pumas, American bison, Canada lynx, bald eagles, Roosevelt elk, California sea lions, snowy owls, and Coywolves. Other animals range from Pudu, pronghorn, thick-billed parrots, and sandhill cranes to Chacoan peccaries, American alligators, and Trumpeter swans.


The Queens Zoo features a variety of activities and adventures throughout the zoo for children of all ages, including three Conservation Quest stations, namely the Endangered Species Climbing Wall, the Invasive Species Station and the Migration Playground), which are interactive and hands-on introductions to conservation. Visitors can also enjoy sea lion feedings three times a day.

Educational Programs

The Queens Zoo offers a variety of educational programs and initiatives, including family programs, school holiday programs, scouts and summer camps. Family programs range from Toddler Time (ages 2-3), Little Hatchlings (12-23 months), Pajama Story Time: A Wild Time (4 years), Family Breakfast Club (ages 4 and up), and Family Overnight Adventures (ages 4 and up). Toddler Time offers a nature-inspired series where toddlers connect with the natural world through arts and crafts, dramatic play, live animal interactions, sensory stations, and songs to foster inquisitive nature and independence. Little Hatchlings offers an introduction to animals and nature through outdoor educational adventures, play and movement, songs, sensory stations, and stories. Family Overnight Adventures present a unique experience for visitors to explore the Zoo at night, meet the animals up close and learn more about animal diets and preparing animal enrichment treats.

The Queens Zoo Summer Camp is offered to children of all ages and includes age appropriate, hands-on science activities, up-close animal encounters, visits from the zoo’s Wildlife Theatre, exhibit visits, arts, and crafts, keep chats, camp T-shirts, and plenty of animal-related fun.

The Zoo also offers field trips, classes and educational outreach programs that are run at the Zoo’s Wildlife Theater. The program uses the theater to teach young visitors about nature, wild places and the wild things that live in them, with the aim of helping to build the next generation of conservationists. Theater performances are interactive, hands-on and fun and include stories, songs, puppets, and games and bring the natural science to life in a fun-filled and memorable way.

Visitor Information

The Queens Zoo is located at 2300 Southern Boulevard in the Bronx in Queens, and is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm on weekends and public holidays between April and November. The Queen Zoo has several vending machines located in the cafeteria near the Sea Lion Pool, and numerous picnic tables for packed lunches that guests can bring to the zoo themselves.

The Zoo offers guided tours of the habitats and displays led by knowledgeable and trained guides for schools, scout groups, summer camps, families and adults who want to learn more about the wonderful collection of animals from the Americas. Guided tours have themes, including adaptations, habitats and diets, birds (offered mid-May-September), mammals, and domestic animals.

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2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx, New York 10460, Phone: 718-220-5100