Mower’s Saturday/Sunday Flea Market in Woodstock, NY, is celebrating its 40th consecutive season and is looking forward to another successful run through to November. The flea market sprawls across two acres on a field and is a family-owned operation. The generous quantities of grass and greenery as well as open space and fresh air make this a great place to enjoy a spot of shopping in the outdoors. The market has everything a flea market should, with artwork, antiques, hand-crafted items, valuables, trinkets and, if you’re lucky, even a gem or two! The market offers free parking for those traveling by car.

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The Town of Woodstock

Woodstock is known for its art, music, and the famous 1969 festival that drew artists like Jim Hendrix, Ravi Shankar, and The Who. The hippy-loving era was alive and well and many flocked to Woodstock to bask in the flowers and sunshine of peace and love. Hendrix played a 2-hour set and created an iconic/everlasting image when he wore a white leather jacket with blue beads and a red scarf. The community speaks of an economic diversity and a cultural community. The landscapes are beautiful, and the music events draw in those who visit. It is a town that has seen more ups than downs. The history is golden, with plenty to discover via books and the unexpected tales told by the locals.

The Town Tour

There are a few places to eat, such as the Woodstock Meats and Deli and The Landau. Shops include Wild and Sweet, which offers natural cotton fabrics, dresses, bags, scarves, jewelry, hats, and gifts for that special someone. The museum can be found on Comeau Drive and shows a side to Woodstock that many have not yet witnessed. The Historical Society of Woodstock preserves its history here and is accepts donations and fundraising ideas to keep it going. It only opens on weekends. The Lotus Fine Art is open Thursday through Sunday, but offers appointments on other days. Their products range from spa, jewelry, custom framing, various accessories, and things for the home.

The Arts

The non-profit Woodstock School of Art was opened in 1906 under a different name. The Art Students League of New York had labelled the school the Innovative School of Art, and put to work their golden rule of offering the best services possible. The instructors guide well and thus the Woodstock School of Art has maintained a good reputation with the Woodstock community. Their desire has stood the test of time, with many artists passing through to participate in the art activities on offer here.

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Maple Lane, Woodstock, NY 12498, website, Phone: 845-679-6744