Located in Baton Rouge, New York, within Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, the Lefferts Historic House was built in the 18th century by a Dutch farming family by the name of Lefferts.

The house is currently an operational and interactive children’s museum which features actual time period rooms and exhibits with historic artifacts and even a working garden. Visitors can engage in historical activities such as candle making, sewing, and butter churning, as well as play with traditional tools and toys from the era. Visitors are truly transported to a simpler time when they enter the Lefferts Historic House.

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The Lefferts House was originally built in 1783 and was the home of former Continental Army Lieutenant, Peter Lefferts and his family. The house has a long tradition of remaining in the Lefferts care. When Peter passed away, he left the house to his son, John, which was eventually passed down to his daughter, Gertrude.

In 1881, Gertrude wrote a book about her family life growing up in the house and stories of her ancestors. Her book, The Social History of Flatbush, was named after the street the house was originally located on, Flatbush Avenue.

As Brooklyn began developing into an urban city at a rapid rate, the house and its surrounding rural setting was threatened. The Lefferts family offered to give the house to the State of New York on the condition that the house remain a historical preservation site. To accommodate this request, the house was moved 6 blocks in order to make it a part of Prospect Park. It remains a beloved part of the park o this day.

In the early 1900’s, the Fort Greene chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution turned the house into a children’s museum focusing on what life was like for families in Brooklyn in the 1820s. It also features information about the Dutch and Native Americans who lived in the area during that time and how they influenced the lives of American settlers.


The Lefferts House is an interactive museum where visitors can learn about and enjoy activities engaged in by families during the mid-1800s. Visitors can learn about and attempt butter-churning, quilting, wood working, nature, sewing, as well as play with historical tools and toys.

The staff of the Lefferts house wants visitors to feel as though they have traveled back in time to a simpler era. Visitors can escape their normal urban life and enter a nature-filled and technology free era. They can also learn about the people who lived during that time and experience their day-to-day activities. It is both educational and fun at the same time!

Upcoming Events:

Spring Break at Prospect Park: During the spring season, visitors can participate in various nature exploration activities, including bird watching, hiking, and educational exploration programs. Other activities such as paper quilling and carousel rides are also ongoing to help welcome the spring season in Prospect Park.

Winter on a Flatbush Farm: When it starts to get chilly and the days become shorter, members of the Lefferts family can join for indoor crafts and games. Visitors can learn about cold-weather activities of a Brooklyn family during the 1800s, including candle-making, quilting, and board games. During this season, there is even a visit from St. Nicholas! These activities begin in November and guests must RSVP to attend.

Additional Information:

Lefferts Historic House, Prospect Park Alliance, 95 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Phone: 718-965-8951

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