Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo is the second biggest city in New York State and is one of the most beautiful examples of why Upstate New York is such a desirable place to visit. Conveniently located for trips over the border into Canada or family visits to Niagara Falls, Buffalo is a stunning historic city with a lot to offer, and one of the best places to stay in Buffalo is Hotel Henry.

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All About Hotel Henry - Urban Resort in Buffalo NY

Housed in one of Buffalo's most historic buildings, the Richardson Olmsted Campus, which is close to 150 years old, Hotel Henry is an urban resort for visitors to Buffalo. Appealing to both business guests and those on vacation, this hotel is equipped with a myriad of amenities and features, all designed to provide the most enjoyable, relaxing stays possible. Read on to learn more about the unique aspects and features of this hotel that have made it such a popular place:

- A Historic Site - Henry Hotel is housed in the Richardson Olmsted Campus. A stunning 19th century building that has been given National Historic Landmark status, this building has been an iconic location for the city of Buffalo for many generations. The development of Hotel Henry has helped to preserve this beautiful landmark and breathe new life into the location, giving it a fresh purpose and use, rather than simply allowing it to waste away and be left in a state of abandon and disrepair.

- Preserving The Past - An exceptional design and architect team worked on the renovations at the Richardson Olmsted Campus, preserving the heritage and original features of the building, while also adding some contemporary elegance and luxury to the interiors. Staying at Hotel Henry gives guests a chance to engage with the history of Buffalo and feel at one with the city in ways that other accommodation locations simply cannot provide.

- Luxurious Accommodation - Due to the fact that Hotel Henry is housed in such an old and beautiful building, staying here really is a unique experience. Guests can marvel at the historic, 185 foot tall Richardson towers, gaze in awe at the beautiful groundas and gardens, stare up at the 25-foot high ceilings, step along the gorgeous spiral brick staircases, and enjoy a real bounty of luxuries and comforts in their own rooms and suites.

- An Incredible Location - Hotel Henry is stylized as an 'Urban Resort', and when you arrive on site and take a look around, it's easy to see why. The hotel itself offers the luxurious standards of service and accommodation one would expect from a world class resort, while the surroundings and local area provide all the benefits of being in an excellent urban location.

- Lots To Do - Parks, lakes, and museums are all around you when staying at Hotel Henry, with the popular and trendy Elmwood Village area being filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and nightlife spots for all to enjoy. The various paths and spaces all around Hotel Henry are just waiting to be discovered, with endless possibilities for relaxation and recreation all around.

- The Rooms and Suites - There are 88 guest rooms and suites at Hotel Henry. The large number of rooms makes this location ideal for special events and conferences, and the historic nature of the rooms gives them all a unique sense of spirit and personality that you just wouldn't find in a typical hotel.

- Room Types - Rooms can vary in size and style, from the beautiful King Suites, which measure up at close to 900 square feet and come equipped with 20-foot ceilings, sitting areas, local artworks on the walls, and European-style bathrooms, to the simpler and highly affordable City Rooms, which are quite compact and convenient in their size and layout. Standard double and king rooms are also available, as well as deluxe options.

- Dining At Hotel Henry - Guests at Hotel Henry will have the option to dine on-site at the excellent 100 Acres restaurant. A contemporary location that functions as both a restaurant, cafe, and bar, 100 Acres is the perfect place to stop off with friends and family at any time of day. Making use of fresh, local ingredients, the 100 Acres menu is filled with delicious delights for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and is open all through the week, except on Sundays.

- Conference Center - Hotel Henry is particularly popular with business guests due to its conference center. Ranked as one of Time's 'Greatest Places of 2018', Hotel Henry offers all the meeting spaces and conference facilities you need, with the local area and its galleries, museums, restaurants, and more all offering options and ways for you to grow and elevate your event.

- Special Events and Weddings - With over 80 rooms, many different reception spaces and large areas, both inside and outside, as well as world class service and facilities, Hotel Henry is the perfect location for weddings and other special events. The hotel has already been used to successfully host many events, with its stunning historical architecture and contemporary luxury forging the perfect foundation for a memorable wedding day or unforgettable party.

Hotel Henry is, without a doubt, one of the best places to stay in Buffalo. It’s not just the service and luxury features that really make this hotel stand out from the crowd; it’s the history and heritage of its location. Hotel Henry is truly a one of a kind hotel, housed in one of Buffalo’s true landmarks. Offering super facilities for conferences and special events of all kinds, while also perfectly catering for simple solo trips and family vacations, Hotel Henry can be your home away from home in Upstate New York.

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