East Wind Snack Shop

East Wind Snack Shop is an American Chinese eatery exclusively dedicated to dumplings, bao, or steamed buns, and other Chinese specialty snacks. The snack shop derives inspiration from the historic tea houses of old Chinatown. The snack shop is committed to using quality ingredients in its excellent cuisine with a special emphasis on the art of art of dumpling making.

The chef and owner of East Wind Snack Shop, Chef Chris Cheung, is a firm believer that good food is made every day from scratch, so his dumplings and baos are handcrafted and freshly made to order every day. The locally acclaimed chef has earned a reputation as one of the leading Chinese chefs in the NYC area. East Wind Snack Shop



East Wind Snack Shop offers handmade Chinese snacks, rice entrees, traditional drinks, specialty desserts, and off-the-rack handy snacks.

· Baos - Pork belly gwa bao named "Gwaco," served with pickles, hoisin, and crunchy garlic. And a foie gras bao, which is a bao bun stuffed with fattened duck or goose liver.

· Dumplings - The snack shop offerspan-fried beef and pork dumplings that are completely handmade every day. Beef potstickers are made with 28-day-old dry beef that is carefully wrapped in a delicate homemade wrapper. Also available are vegetarian dumplings featured on a special main menu.

· Spring Roll - Fried crispy vegetable spring roll made with cabbage, sweet potato, mushrooms, and onions, seasoned with fragrant salt and ground pepper.

· Vegetarian Rice - Happy Buddha Vegetables, made of a wide variety of vegetables, combined with fermented tofu seasoning and served with jasmine rice.

· Sides - Jasmine rice

· Non-Vegetarian Rice - Sweet chili ribs, slow-cooked fork-tender ribs served with jasmine rice.

· Drinks - Assorted flavors of Ramune Pop Soda, Milo, sour plum drink, and iced bubble tea available in regular, lychee, and mango flavors.

· Dessert - Hong Kong Hot Cakes embellished with lemon sugar.

· Readymade Snacks - Customers get to choose from several flavors of Pocky, Yan Yan, Hello Kitty Face Cookies, Pokémon Cola Soda Stick, Tiger Puffs, Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers, and several other sweet snacks. Photo: East Wind Snack Shop

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Ordering Online

One can order snacks from East Wind Snack Shop online via Yelp’s Eat24. With the online order, the guest can only choose the restaurant pickup option since East Wind Snack Shop does not do deliveries. The website also offers an option to key in special instructions to customize orders. Online payments for the order can be made via credit card.

Source of Ingredients

The snack shop sources dry-aged beef for their beef potstickers from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, a North Bergen meat wholesaler and expert in dry-aged steak and artisanal meat products. Their pork dumplings use Dartagnan's Berkshire Pork, which is ground in-house with a special recipe that makes every dumpling juicy and flavorful.

Back to: Brooklyn Restaurants Address: East Wind Snack Shop, 471 16th St, Brooklyn, New York 11215, website, Phone: 929-295-0188 Photo: East Wind Snack Shop

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East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn, NY

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