The Día Art Foundation opened Dia: Beacon in May of 2003 in Beacon, NY on the Hudson River banks. The museum displays Día's art collection from the 1960s to today. The Día Art Foundation was established in New York City in 1974 by Phillippa de Menil, Heiner Friedrich, and Helen Winkler. The mission of the foundation was to provide help to artists whose project scopes or scales were too large for them to carry out on their own.


To reflect the organizations role in empowering these ambitions, the name “Día” was chosen from the Greek work which means “through.”

When the foundation started it proved its willingness to support artists’ ideas. Several of the institution’s major projects are located outside the museum and are still preserved by Día and open to the public today. Works like The Lightning Field by Walter De Maria finished in 1977 close to Quemado, New Mexico, De Maria’s additions to The New York Earth Room also finished in 1977, The Broken Kilometer finished in 1979 in New York City, and The Vertical Earth Kilometer finished in 1977 in Kassel, Germany were all commissioned and are still maintained by Dia.

Día: Beacon was opened in Beacon, New York in May of 2003 in a previous Nabisco box printing factory on the Hudson River. This museum features the Día Art Foundation’s art collection from the 1960s to today. It also features special expositions and community programs.

Exhibitions, Collections, and Projects

The Día Art Foundation’s location in Beacon, New York is home to several exhibitions, collections, and projects.

Walter De Maria: Truck Trilogy- Truck Trilogy was started by William De Maria in 2011, then finished after his death. It displays 3 Chevy pickup trucks with many unnecessary parts removed. The Truck Trilogy combines mid-century industrial designs with geometric language.

Michelle Stuart- Michelle Stuart started working on a collection of large-scale paper scrolls that merged frottage (a rubbing method) with graphite to reflect the irregular, unique topography of the surface of the Earth. The biggest example from this collection is Sayreville Strata Quartet (1976). It features colors and textures of a brick quarry in Sayreville that is no longer in use.

Lawrence Weiner Collection- This collection is spread across the Día: Beacon and found in its sculpture galleries, one of the stairwells, and the café/bookstore for visitors to interact with. Hanging high over the admission’s desk is Lawrence Weiner’s work Statement of Intent (1969). It reflects his belief that “art always institutionalizes itself,” despite placement.

Anne Truitt Collections- Anne Truitt’s works are simple abstract sculptures that reflect the Minimalist artistic view point. Her earliest mature art is reminiscent of the style of her childhood home in Easton, Maryland.

Robert Morris Collection- Morris created simple plywood sculptures in the form of polyhedrons between 1962 and 1964 that introduced a Minimal art that was primarily sculptural and used to draw attention to the possibilities of space and position.

Dan Flavin Collection- Flavin’s art work was made entirely of light that came from fluorescent tubes in pink, blue, green, yellow, red, ultraviolet, and four whites and in the shapes of circles or four kinds of straight fixtures.

Francois Morellet: No End Neon- Morellet began using neon lights and integrating them into architecture in the late 1970s. This art was expanded into the No End Neon which is an expansion of the original work that allows viewers to walk through the space.

Educational Opportunities

The Día Art Foundation offers several educational opportunities for those wishing to learn more.

Community Free Days- Día: Beacon offers Community Free Days every quarter that provide fun, free public programming created to boost participation for all ages. Programs offered usually include themed tours of collections and special exhibits, public speakers, interactive workshops for families, and live music.

Public Tours: Public tours are offered on the weekends for those wishing to be guided through the museum.

Arts Education Program- Día: Beacon partners with the Beacon City School District offers kids kindergarten through grade twelve workshop with art instructors

School Tours- Guided tours are given to students.

Summer Education and Public Programs Internship at Día: Beacon- The museum offers project-based summer internships.

Día: Beacon-Vassar College Internship Partnership- The Día Art Foundation offers Art 391: Advanced Fieldwork in Art Education at Día: Beacon. The class is offered in partnership with Vassar College that supports individual and academic development of six undergraduates throughout the academic year. -

Teens- Día: Teens is a group of high school students dedicated to exploring issues and art through the collections at Día: Beacon through partnerships, discussion, and investigation. It brings together students who are motivated by their own interests.

3 Beekman Street Beacon, New York 12508, Phone: 845-440-0100

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