Recent years have seen a big rise in the popularity of glamping. Taking all of the enjoyable elements from classic camping and blending them together with the modern comforts, conveniences, and luxuries we all desire, glamping is, as its name suggests, a glamorous form of camping.

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Glamping lets you get out and enjoy natural spaces and outdoor activities, without all the hassle of having to set up a tent, sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag, and cope without key features and services like internet access and running water.

It's a great way to travel, and there are some incredible glamping destinations out there, all over the world. For glamping in the Adirondacks, Camp Orenda is undoubtedly one of the top locations to choose.

All About Camp Orenda - Luxury Glamping in the Adirondacks

Located in the southern region of the Adirondack mountains, only a few hours away from several major cities like NYC and Philadelphia, this luxury glamping retreat offers incredible canvas cabin accommodation, total privacy, lots of contemporary comforts, and instant access to beautiful scenery and exciting nature trails. It's the perfect getaway and a wonderful place to spend some time for people of all ages.

- Incredible Accommodation - If you're looking for luxury camping in the Adirondacks, Camp Orenda is the place to be. There are six separate cabins to choose from at this location. Each cabin has been tastefully designed, decorated, and furnished with all the comforts and features you need to enjoy a peaceful, enjoyable stay. The cabins can cater to up to four visitors each, being equipped with luxury bed linen, wooden floors, lighting, power outlets, wood-burning-style electric stoves, and more.

- Ideal for All - Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway with a special someone or heading out for a family glamping holiday in the Adirondacks, Camp Orenda can cater to you. The smaller canvas cabins, like Canvas Cabin Hillsider and Canvas Cabin Mill Creek, are perfect for couples, while the larger options like Canvas Cabin Ridge Top are equipped with both queen-size and twin beds, making them ideal for families with children or groups of friends. The private nature and secluded setting of each cabin lets you real feel like you're enjoying an authentic, private camping experience out in the woods, while also benefiting from all the features and services of the camp.

- Excellent Amenities - As well as the electricity and cozy beds of the cabins themselves, you'll find additional features and amenities dotted around the campsite at Camp Orenda. There's a full 'Backcounty Kitchen', offering freshly cooked meals, prepared over an open flame, as well as a spacious pavilion area with a wet bar and plenty of fresh drinks and snacks on offer. Personal care and bath products are also provided, and there's a huge common fire pit area for guests to relax at any time of day. Guests will also be able to use the rustic bathhouse and outdoor showers while staying at Camp Orenda.

Camp Orenda is one of the best glamping locations in the Adirondacks. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and nothing but nature in every direction, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time and feel truly refreshed and invigorated by the time you’re ready to head home.

The facilities here provide all you need to have a memorable, magical time, and the accommodation is the perfect ‘home away from home’ for all the family. Reservations can be easily made online, and you'll be able to take your pick from the six deluxe cabins on offer.

Activities and Adventures at Camp Orenda

Staying in the cabins and spending time around the campsite, enjoying the all-inclusive dining and relaxing facilities, can be a lot of fun, but a big part of the Camp Orenda experience is getting out and enjoying the surroundings and the wilderness of the Adirondacks themselves. You’ll find the following activity options at Camp Orenda.

- Organized Activities - The staff at Camp Orenda are happy to organize and lead you out on all kinds of guided and planned activities and adventures around the park. You'll find options like canoeing, kayaking, archery, mountain biking, swimming, and cliff diving on offer.

- Free Activities - Guests at Camp Orenda can also choose to go their own way and make their own adventures. The park and its many trails, streams, and forests are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, so you can head off for hiking, wildlife spotting, kayaking, fishing, and more all on your own if you so choose. website