Just between the sixth and seventh avenues is Cafe Regular du Nord, a classy sister spot of the one at Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is where some folks come to grab some breakfast, lunch, or just some pastries over a cup of coffee. In fact, the place gets packed with locals throughout the week.

Without affecting its already charming, cute neighborhood vibe, the Cafe sports a healthy mix of classy and quirky guaranteeing an entirely different atmosphere when people come inside. The pastries and coffee are good for taking out, but dining in is definitely a good way to enjoy a cup of coffee, especially when trying to take a break from a busy day, which isn’t at all uncommon in Brooklyn. And while the pastry list isn’t extensive, they are reasonably priced and the cafe makes up for it with their great brews.

While people do come here for the coffee (which they claim is one of the best in the area), they choose Cafe Regular du Nord for the home-like feeling it gives them. This is only made better with the cafe’s good service.

The place has also been featured in various media publications. Over the years, the place has been consistently featured as one of Brooklyn’s nicest getaways (a must-have in busy Brooklyn) as well as their incredible interior design.

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Cafe Hours

Like most coffee shops in Brooklyn, Cafe Regular du Nord also opens shop for breakfast and goes on until the evening. This makes the place ideal for starting your day and ending it.

Mondays to Sundays: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Cafe Regular offers its coffee hot or iced and in small and large sizes. The average coffee here costs $2.

· Hot Coffee: Espresso, Americano, Late, Capuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, Coffee, Cafe Au Lait, Hot Chocolate, Teapot or Cup, Extra Shots

· Iced: Espresso, Amercano, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Cortado, Mocha, Coffee, Dirty Chai

· Others: Orange Juice, Tea, Pastries, Egg

Note that the items, their prices, and availability are subject to change.

Interesting Facts

Cafe Regular’s Design

Being known for its great interior, Cafe Regular has also shared its aesthetics with other cafes, restaurants, and bars in the locality. And when they do, they tend to commit fully by being part of the process from it conceptualization and until the project is completed.

Spotlight Regulars

One interesting thing Cafe Regular does to market itself is to feature its regulars on its official website. They feature individuals who frequent the cafe and dedicate an elaborate article about their life and their experiences with the cafe.


Cafe Regular also has its own merchandise, which it sells online. They offer iconic Cafe Regular shirts of different designs, a tote bag, and even gift cards for up to $100. All these can be viewed and purchased on their official website.

To know more about the cafe, call 718.783.0673 for information.


Cafe Regular, 158A Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Phone: 718-783-0673

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