Artexpo New York is one of the most iconic and historic art expositions not just in the Big Apple, but in the entire world. For over four decades now, this fine art exhibition has been bringing artists, galleries, curators, and collectors together under one roof to appreciate thousands of the finest pieces ever created.

The Artexpo New York event features work for hundreds of different artists, galleries, and publishers, bringing together an astonishing body of work from creators from all around the world. Every kind of artwork can be found here, from paintings, drawings, and photographs to cereamics, sculpture, and glass works.

Where Is Artexpo New York?

Artexpo New York has recently relocated to Pier 92, looking out onto the iconic Hudson River. This will allow the show to run in concurrence with The Photography Show at neighboring Pier 94, offering even more opportunities for artists to share their work and collectors to find their next favorite piece.

When is Artexpo New York 2019?

Artexpo New York's 2019 event will be taking place at Pier 92 in April. The event will begin on April 4 and end on April 7. It's important to note that April 4 is a trade day only, with access exclusively reserved to trade attendees. The official 'Art Collector Days' of Artexpo New York 2019 will be April 5, 6, and 7. On these days, both trade and public attendees are welcome to enter.

Buy Tickets for Artexpo New York

If you'd like to attend Artexpo New York 2019, you'll need to buy a ticket, and there are various ticket options available. The simplest option is a General Admission ticket. This will cost $20 and grant you access to any of the show's public days (April 5-7). It's important to note that this ticket is for one day only, not for the entire show.

If you'd like to attend the full event and come back multiple times over the course of April 5-7, you'll need to purchase the Multi-Day Show Pass. As the name implies, this ticket, which costs $40, grants access to the show at any time from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7. Not only that, but the Multi-Day Show Pass will also give you access to the Opening Night Party, a special event held on April 5 to kick off Artexpo New York. If you'd just like to attend the party, $20 Opening Night Preview Party tickets are also available, letting you enter the show from 4-8pm on April 5.

Special discounts on Artexpo New York tickets can be obtained for seniors and students, as well as children. Seniors (all those aged over 60) will only have to pay $15 for a single day ticket, and students with ID can also gain entry at the same price. Any kids aged 11 and below can enter the show for free but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Attending Artexpo New York

You'll discover an incredible array of art at Artexpo New York, with the show bringing together a very long list of beautiful pieces from all around the world. Leading artists, galleries, and publishers will be in attendance and various programs will be showcased around the show floor, offering new, dynamic, creative ways for guests to interact with art and learn more about individual pieces and artists.

Some of the featured programs include Spotlight Artists, Art Labs, and LaunchPad. The Spotlight Artists program focuses on a select group of artists and galleries, with in-depth looks at some of the finest pieces on display. The Art Labs program looks at specially-curated projects from leading galleries and institutions from around the world. Finally, the Launchpad program takes a look at an up-and-coming artists, offering them a chance to share their passion and projects with the world and launch their own career.

Important Information for Artexpo New York

Before attending Artexpo New York at Pier 92, you'll need to be aware of a few rules and important pieces of information. As previously mentioned, all attendees will need to purchase a ticket. Tickets can be bought both online and in-person at the show doors. When you arrive at Artexpo New York, you'll be asked to show your ticket, and all guests are discouraged from bringing bags or cases along with them.

Any large bags will be denied entry. Small handbags or laptop-sized bags will be allowed but may need to be checked. No pets or strollers will be allowed to enter the show either. Guests can bring cameras along but will need to speak with individual exhibitors before taking any photos to ensure that permission has been granted. website

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