Fantasy Lake Waterpark in NC has a large variety of activities for visitors of all ages. From water slides, swings, kayaking, there’s water fun designed for everyone throughout the park. When visitors get tired of the water, there are several land activities to enjoy as well, including cornhole, ping pong, and more. One fun activity for visitors at the Fantasy Lake Waterpark are the Tarzan Swings and Trapeze, which has become an icon of Fantasy Lake.

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The swings provide guests with nostalgic excitement, with both small and big Tarzan Swings available. The Banana Slides are another classic at the waterpark. These slides are an exciting ride that visitors rarely ever get bored with. Guests can grab a foam mat and send themselves flying down one of the two spiraling, open water slides.

Another water slide feature at Fantasy Lake Waterpark are the Master Blaster Slides. These two tube water slides, one curvy and one straight, are fully enclosed. Visitors can pick their pleasure. The Ringa-Linga at Fantasy Lake isn’t your ordinary line of monkey bar rings. This set of monkey rings is situated above the water, providing more fun when visitors guests just can’t hold on any longer. The See-Saws are fun for kids, as well as offer some nostalgia for older guests.

Kayaking and paddle boarding are just a couple more of the fun activities visitors will find at Fantasy Lake Waterpark. Paddle boarding is one of the world’s fasting growing water sports. The sport is an excellent way to workout the core of the body, and provides a unique way to enjoy and experience the water outdoors. Guests of all levels of skill, experience, any age will be up and enjoy paddle boarding in no time at all.

The water park offers kayaking for both children and adults. In addition to the kayaks available for adults, Fantasy Lake also offers kayaks that have been designed specifically for children between the ages of three and eleven. There is a maximum height requirement of forty-eight inches and maximum weight of one hundred and thirty pounds for the Kiddie Kayaks. Children are required to wear life jackets while using the Kiddie Kayaks as well. There is also a maximum weight of two hundred and fifty pounds for the adult kayaks.

Fantasy Land Waterpark also consists of a separate area designed just for the park’s younger guests: Fantasy Land for Kids. This water-filled fun space is specifically for children between the ages of three and eleven years old. The area features several of the park’s attractions for older guest, but as a scaled down version. Fantasy Land for Kids includes eight zip lines, three large water slides, two smaller slides, infant swings, six Tarzan swings, and a bench area situated in the water that is shaded.

The Jump Tower at Fantasy Land consists of one tower and two separate platforms. One platform is for beginners, while the other is for the park’s bravest guests. There’s no flipping or diving allowed from either platforms, so visitors have to jump feet first. The water park also features drop slides that will take guests’ breath away as they free fall down to the water.

5869 Permastone Lake Road, Hope Mills, North Carolina, Phone: 910-424-9999

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