Established in 1989, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden is located across eighty acres of natural beauty situated between Cross Creek and the Cape Fear River, only a couple miles from Fayetteville’s downtown area. The Botanical Garden provides exciting and inspiring cultural events designed to engage visitors, as well as educational activities and peaceful areas for guests to relax. The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a great place for the entire family to come and explore beautiful natural scenery.

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is filled with flowering ornamental plants and stunning themed gardens Highlights of the Garden include the Children’s Garden, Butterfly Strolls, Shade Garden, Daylily Garden, Camelia Garden, and the interesting Heritage Gardens that features a homestead and agricultural buildings from 1886. Visitors can take a relaxing walk along the site’s scenic river trail with beautiful views of the water, sit back and relax on a patio that overlooks the Cypress Pond, join a guided tour of the gardens, or find the perfect gift or souvenir from the Botanical Garden’s Gift Shop.

Founded in the year 1989, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden was the result of a shared vision of a group of local gardening enthusiasts in Fayetteville. These enthusiasts of gardening believed the community of Fayetteville should have their own botanical garden, like many other cities throughout the country. Led by local members of the community Roger Mercer, Martha Duell, and Bruce Williams, this group worked together to establish the Friends of the Botanical Garden.

The concept of the Cape Fear Botanical Garden was thought of at the kitchen table of Martha Duell, in the text of the gardening column by Roger Mercer, and with the persuasion, crying, and laughing of many committed volunteers and supporters. Through these enthusiasts’ enduring perseverance, the Friends of the Botanical Garden had the opportunity to lease a park from the city of Fayetteville. It was in this park that the foundation of the city’s Botanical Garden was laid, and the Cape Fear Botanical Garden has now become a priceless gem to the residents of Fayetteville.

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Since its founding, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden has certainly flourished. More than twenty-five years since its creation, the Botanical Garden now spans across eighty acres of hardwood and pine forest. The Garden features carefully preserved natural habitats of the indigenous plants and trees of the region, as well as wildlife. The meticulously cultivated areas of gardens display over two thousand different kinds of ornamental plants. These garden areas include the renowned Hosta, Camellia, and Daylily gardens. The Butterfly Stroll, Children’s Garden, Heritage Garden, and Riverwalk all offer unique experiences for visitors of all ages as well.

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden hosts several special garden events throughout the year. The Wyatt Visitors Pavilion Complex also hosts various special events, such as weddings, business events, and military functions, and is an excellent complement to the gardens. The Garden is conveniently located near downtown Fayetteville, Pope Air Force Base, and Fort Bragg, offering history of the area, nature studies, beautiful gardens, and more.

536 North Eastern Boulevard, Fayetteville, NC, Phone: 910-486-0221

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