The therapeutic power of plants is something we can all enjoy and benefit from. The modern world may be defined by its technological gadgets and scientific breakthroughs, but the power of nature is still as significant and relevant as ever before.

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The simple act of placing plants around a room or workspace can add so much life and joy to that space, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with plants in your own home. The Zen Succulent leads the way.

The Zen Succulent - Plant Crafts, Gifts, and Terrarium Workshops in Durham, NC

The Zen Succulent is the name of a charming neighborhood plant shop and crafting location in Durham, NC. Offering a huge range of unique, handmade terrariums and plant craft products, as well as lots of other accessories, while also providing terrarium classes, DIY projects, and workshops for the local community, The Zen Succulent is a prime place to learn about and engage with plants in fresh and original ways.

- Handcrafted Terrariums - There are a lot of different products and services to be found at The Zen Succulent, but the handcrafted terrariums, made with the love and care of mother and daughter duo, Margaret and Megan, are the real stars of the show. Each The Zen Succulent terrarium is carefully crafted with natural and preserved plants and other elements. Each one is made with an organic, dynamic process that involves gathering together the various elements and simply letting them fall into place of their own accord, meaning that each and every terrarium is truly unique. If you care about one of a kind products and love truly unique creations, made with love, this is the place to be.

- Workshops and DIY Terrarium Classes - Interested in making your own succulent terrarium, just like the founders of The Zen Succulent? If so, various classes and workshops are held here throughout the year in the DIY terrarium bar area. Here, you can really get hands-on with the plants, soil, and sea life elements to craft your own beautiful terrariums to take home. Each of your creations will be totally unique, and the friendly instructors leading each session help to make the whole experience both educational and enjoyable for all. Perfect for small groups of friends or families, these classes are a wonderful way to spend a relaxing few hours. The Zen Succulent also hosts spoon carving, floral arranging, caligraphy, and other workshops.

- Soothing Plant Crafts - The terrariums and other plant craft products produced and sold at The Zen Succulent give off a truly relaxing and soothing aura. The shop’s name was actually inspired by the zen-like feelings and vibes that can be experienced simply by working with succulents or having them around the home. These beautiful plants and natural elements have so much to offer and are commonly spotted in spas and other relaxing locations due to their therapeutic benefits. Investing in a succulent or other plant-based product from The Zen Succulent can add a sense of peace and harmony to your own home.

- Local Makers - The various products sold at The Zen Succulent plant and gift shop are all either made in-house or sourced from more than 50 makers and emerging independent businesses, with many of these makers and businesses being based in NC. The Zen Succulent is giving a great platform to these local Carolina makers and many other indie brands that deserve more recognition and support, and this store only sells the finest quality plant and crafting products, trusting only the best brands each time. So if you're interested in shopping for terrariums, planters, plant-based gifts, paper goods, bath and body care products made with natural plant extracts, house and home accessories, and similar products, you'll find them all at The Zen Succulent store.

Now that you've heard what The Zen Succulent has to offer, it's vital to pay a visit to the store and really experience the sensory joys and emotions these products and services can provide. Adding a little more greenery to one’s life is never a bad idea, and the terrariums and plant products sold at The Zen Succulent can bring a lot of joy into your days.

The Zen Succulent is located right in the heart of Downtown Durham at 121 Market Street, Suite 203. The store is open from Wednesday through to Sunday of each week, opening at 10am and closing at 6pm on Wednesdays through to Saturdays, and then opening at noon and closing at 5pm on Sundays. website