Located in Concord, North Carolina, the Mustang Owner’s Museum honors the history of the iconic American Ford Mustang vehicle through a variety of exhibits, including historic model cars and a research library. The Ford Motor Company is the fifth-largest automobile manufacturer in the world today and the largest family-controlled corporation of its kind.

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The company was founded by American automobile entrepreneur and inventor Henry Ford in 1903, with operations based out of Dearborn, Michigan. The It has been in continuous operation for over 110 years and has produced luxury automobiles under the umbrella of its Lincoln Motor Company since 1922. In 1913, the company introduced the world’s first moving assembly line, which revolutionized the automobile assembly process and drastically shortened the amount of time needed to produce a vehicle for sale. Throughout the early 20th century, the company produced a number of vehicle lines that are now renowned as major innovations of their time, including the 1907 six-cylinder Ford Model K and the iconic 1908 Ford Model T, regarded today as the first affordable mass-produced consumer automobile.

Several mid-20th-century cars released by the company have also earned reputations as iconic classic cars, including the Ford Thunderbird, released in 1955, and the Ford Mustang, released in 1962. Following its presentation at the New York World’s Fair in April of 1964, the four-seat version of the Ford Mustang became an international success, selling over a million cars within its first two years of production. It is credited as the inspiration for the pony car category of cars, which has been replicated by car manufacturers such as Chrysler, AMC, and General Motors. Six generations of the Mustang have been produced by Ford, which have earned the car status as an American and international icon of consumer automobiles. Today, the car is the only American vehicle to have been produced for more than 50 years. In April of 2018, the Mustang Owner’s Museum was opened to commemorate the car’s success and legacy in American society and popular culture.

Permanent Exhibits and Attractions

Today, the Mustang Owner’s Museum is housed within a 42,000-square-foot museum facility, showcasing a variety of exhibits and artifacts related to the iconic Ford Mustang vehicle and the history of the Ford Motor Corporation. As of 2018, museum collections were housed within a preview museum facility awaiting completion of the main museum building. A wide variety of exhibits are presented at the museum, including a large showroom area for historic vehicle display and a research library facility connected to the history and development of the vehicle line.

More than three dozen historic Mustang vehicles are displayed within the museum’s showroom area, with car holdings rotated periodically to ensure new visitor experiences on a regular basis. Collections focus on rare and unique examples of the car throughout its 50-year production history. Exhibits at the museum are rotated frequently, though many focus on the car’s introduction at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and its racing history within the sport of car racing. An exhibit area is also dedicated to the National Mustang Founder’s Club. Other exhibit areas include a Mustang kids’ area and exhibits highlighting each generation of Mustang vehicles. Space for 14 exhibits in total is offered at the museum, along with a theater offering periodic film showings documenting the car’s history and the museum’s development.

The museum’s Mustang Library offers a wide selection of volumes related to the history of the Ford Mustang and the Ford Motor Corporation, striving to preserve the history of the vehicle and its impact on American culture for future generations of car enthusiasts. The museum aims to collect every book ever written on Ford Mustangs and every magazine cover featuring the vehicle ever printed. A video collection of oral histories and documentaries related to Mustang developers and workers is also showcased.

Ongoing Programs and Events

The Mustang Owner’s Museum is the host of official festivities connected to the annual Mustang Day Celebration, which is presented yearly in April. Annual festivities include a keynote speech and seminars by notable figures connected to the car’s history, a display of private collection Mustangs, a Mustang Car Show and contest, and social food and drink events for car enthusiasts. An Open Track event at the nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway is also presented for registered driver attendees. In June of 2018, a 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Mustang event was hosted at the museum. The museum also sells copies of the Mustang Owner’s Museum book, which details the facility’s development and construction, along with a list of participating Mustang Charter Clubs and photos of vehicles owned by museum members.

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