First played back in 1935, the sport of roller derby has seen a lot of changes and enhancements over the years. Its popularity has declined and risen over time as well. Back in the 1940s, for example, it was one of the most popular sports in America, with millions of spectators all over the country.

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Public interest declined over the subsequent decades, but recent years have seen a big revival in roller derby, with a growing number of teams, fans, and roller derby communities springing up all around the world as people start to see and experience first-hand how exciting roller derby can be. Charlotte Roller Derby is one of the top roller derby organizations in North Carolina.

Charlotte Roller Derby - Roller Derby Teams and Community in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Roller Derby is a skater-owned and operated non-profit organization involving multiple roller derby teams and programs made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The organization first got started back in 2006 under the name Charlotte Roller Girls and was renamed and restylized in 2018 as Charlotte Roller Derby.

As well as training up and playing in bouts against other teams in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association leagues, Charlotte Roller Derby also aims to enrich and inspire the local community through various events and programs, as well as by donating profits and proceeds to local charities and good causes in Charlotte.

- The Teams - Charlotte Roller Derby is made up of two league teams - the All-Stars and the B-Dazzlers - as well as a junior team and several home teams including the Ballantyne Bombers, the Noda Narwhals, and the South End Sirens. The All-Stars are the most elite team, made up of veteran roller derby players with Charlotte Roller Derby. These players have often got years of experience behind them and can demonstrate incredible skills in their professional games against teams from other cities in the league. Meanwhile, the B-Dazzlers teams is made up of younger and less experienced players, who are still highly skilled and aiming to work their way up the ranks to the All-Stars.

- Attending Roller Derby Bouts - If you’d like to attend a roller derby bout and cheer on the teams of the Charlotte Roller Derby, it’s very easy and affordable to do so. You can check out the full bout calendar on the official site for Charlotte Roller Derby and buy tickets to individual events for you, your family, and your friends. Many people who have never attended roller derby bouts before are a little apprehensive about their first-time, but the vast majority always come back for more and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time watching this fast-paced, intense, exciting sport play out.

- Joining Charlotte Roller Derby - Think you’ve got what it takes to be a roller derby player? Roller derby is an awesome activity that can appeal to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and the teams at Charlotte Roller Derby are always happy to welcome new members into the family. New players don’t need to have any experience to try out for the different teams, and you don’t even need to know how to skate, as the trainers and players will be happy to help out and show you all the basics. If you don’t necessarily want to become a player, you can also join up as a referee or non-skating official to help out during bouts and practice sessions.

- Charlotte Roller Derby in the Community - Since Charlotte Roller Derby is non-profit and owned and operated by the skaters themselves, the players and coaches have to handle both the running of the organization and various events around the community, but they pull it all off with style, proving just how impressive and admirable this organization really is. The players participate in a lot of great causes and charitable projects for the community, involving everything from cheering on at the sidelines of a local marathon to participating in blood drives or volunteering to help out with Charlotte charities.

The players and other members of the Charlotte Roller Derby teams and community are doing incredible work for the city of Charlotte, while also showing off their skills in competitive bouts with other teams. Excelling both on and off the track, Charlotte Roller Derby is setting a great example for the local community members, fans, spectators, and other athletes. Buy your ticket to a bout today or come on down and try out for a role on one of the teams to join up with this happy roller derby family. website