Creativity is the one thing that really separates humans from other species. It’s our creative drive that urges us to try new things, to look at the world differently, to build on what our predecessor’s accomplished, and to simply express ourselves in as many ways as we can possibly imagine.

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Over time, with age and responsibility, creativity can fade away in many people, but it’s always there in children. In our younger years, free of any of the obligations or pressures that come with being a grown-up, we’re able to express ourselves and use our imaginations in so many ways, and there’s nothing quite like watching a child draw, play, or paint.

Children have unparalleled and untampered imaginative abilities, and every mom and dad love to see their kids being creative. At a time when digital technology and gadgets seem to dominate the world, it’s more important than ever for kids to just be kids, allowed and encouraged to pick up a paint brush and draw a scary monster or a happy home scene.

If you want to foster the artistic potential in your child, giving them a safe and happy creative space where they can express everything in their minds, Small Hands Big Art is the place to be. In fact, for all parents and guardians in Charlotte, NC, Small Hands Big Art is one of the most exciting locations in the city.

Small Hands Big Art - Children’s Art Studio in Charlotte, NC

Small Hands Big Art is a children's art studio located in Charlotte, NC, with another independently owned and operated studio offering the same kinds of services over in Fort Mill, SC too. With around a decade of experience behind it, Small Hands Big Art has helped countless kids express their artistic sides and provided so many hours of happiness and joy to children of all ages, from little ones all the way up to teens.

Small Hands Big Art offers art classes, workshops, camps, and parties, with a fun, friendly atmosphere and a whole lot of paint, glue, glitter, and more just waiting to be turned into amazing creations by bright young minds. Here’s everything you need to know about Small Hands Big Art and why you need to visit this place with your kids.

- Small Hands Big Art - Small Hands Big Art specializes in providing a great space for kids to express themselves. The studio itself, decorated with balloons, bright colors, and artworks from past and present students alike, is situated right in the heart of downtown Charlotte and run by a friendly team of positive people who adore kids and love to see them express themselves.

- Art Classes for Kids - One of the main services offered by Small Hands Big Art is art classes for kids. Running on a very regular schedule and offering kids great opportunities to work with different media like pottery, paints, pastels, and more, these art classes for children aim to preserve each child’s imaginative and creative abilities while also teaching them some useful techniques and fun new ways to bring their ideas to life.

- Art Camps for Kids - As well as classes, Small Hands Big Art also runs art camps. Both summer and 'School's Out' camps are available, featuring both half-day and full-day options. Each camp is filled with exciting and enriching classes and programs designed to inspire and encourage little artists to express themselves, learn more about art, and have fun with lots of different media and techniques. Statistics show that kids who spend time at art classes and camps are more likely to win awards at school, attend math and science fairs, pursue further artistic classes in the future, and more.

- Art Parties and Workshops - Looking for a fun birthday party idea for your children that lets them have fun while also being creative? Small Hands Big Art offers full party services too, perfect for all kinds of special occasions and suitable for guests of all ages, so the whole family can come along. This art studio also runs a great range of public and private workshops all through the year, with various themed workshops and special classes always available and lots of fun things to look forward to.

Small Hands Big Art is quite simply one of the best places for kids in Charlotte. Offering all the tools and encouragement they need to express themselves, while also providing a warm, homely, comforting environment in which to laugh and play, Small Hands Big Art can truly become a second home for many young people and a great place to forge new friendships while also fostering and nurturing their creative potential.

If you're interested in the kids' art classes, camps, parties, and workshops offered by Small Hands Big Art, stop off at the Charlotte studio at 8025 Ardrey Kell Rd., Suite 103Charlotte, NC 28277 or call up 704 246 8271 to learn more. You can also visit the official site for more info on all the different kids’ art services offered by this amazing place and start booking up parties and workshops for your young ones. website