The Albuquerque Biological Park is home to the Zoo, Botanic Garden, Aquarium and Tingley Beach in New Mexico. ABQ BioPark attracts more than 1.5 million visitors each year and is the top tourist destination in New Mexico. Albuquerque Biological Park began with the Zoo which was established in 1927.

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The Botanic Gardens and Aquarium were both opened in 1996 and Tingley Beach provides access to the Rio Grande, three fishing ponds and a pond for model boat racing.

Tickets must be purchased for each individual attraction in the ABQ BioPark with combo tickets available during specific dates and hours. Hours for the Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanic Gardens are 9-5pm daily with the last admissions at 4:30pm. During summer months, the park has extended hours. Closures for holidays and other special events are listed on the ABQ BioPark website. Tingley Beach is open to the public during daylight hours only.


Zoo: The 64 acre ABq BioPark Zoo is found right next to the Rio Grande and offers visitors close encounters with exotic and native species. The Zoo first opened in 1927 and includes 13 specialized exhibits, daily activities for kids and families, and plenty of places to shop and dine.

Zoo Exhibits:

· Africa- chimps, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, hippos and more!

· Amphibians- dozens of amphibians from frogs to salamanders and educational exhibits dealing with habitat loss, climate change, exotic pet trade, and fungi.

· Apes- Gorillas, orangutans, chimps, and siamangs.

· Australia- Kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and many other creatures native to the Outback.

· Birds of the Americas- Birds native to North and South America including macaws, conjures and raptors.

· Carnivores- animals such as the big cats like tigers, leopards, and jaguars are found in the Carnivore exhibits, along with bears, and other predatory animals.

· Elephants- The Asian Elephant Herd including a baby born in 2013. ABQ BioPark is one of the only successful elephant breeding facilities in the United States.

· Mexican Grey Wolves- These endangered wolves are native to the Southern US including Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and Mexico.

· Polar Bears- An Arctic habitat featuring polar bears.

· Reptile House- 59 reptile species including snakes, Komodo Dragons, and alligators.

· Seals and Sea Lions- The 350,000-gallon water exhibit is home to California Sea Lions and seals.

The Zoo is also involved in 29 Species Survival Plans and is a leader in conservation for Snow Leopards, Orangutans, White Rhinos, and Elephants.

Botanic Garden: The Botanic Garden at ABQ BioPark is 1.5 miles of beautifully landscaped formal and natural gardens. The Travel Channel cited this garden as one of the top 12 Botanic Gardens in the United States.

Aquarium: The Aquarium is located along the Rio Grande and features aquatic animals from the river and Gulf of Mexico.

Tingley Beach: located minutes from downtown Albuquerque, TIngley Beach is a premier location for fishing, boating, and hiking. Fishing is allowed during all daylight hours in the 3 ponds located at the beach—Central Pond, Catch & Release Ponds, and Children’s Pond. The ponds are stocked with trout and catfish often ensuring that anglers have the ultimate fishing experience. Fisherman over 12 years old must have a valid New Mexico fishing license. Admission to the ponds is free to the public. Visitors can also enjoy:

· Pedal Boat rentals

· Model Boat Pond

· Bird Watching

· Tingley Beach Café

· Picnics

· Hiking with dogs

· Jogging

· Restrooms

· Tingley Beach Café

· Arcade games at Tingley Station

· Picnics

· Outdoor grilling

Special Events

There are many events that take place in the ABQ BioPark including concerts, outdoor performances, discovery days, lectures, seminars, workshops, and festivals. While some events can be looked forward to regularly, there are many events that are planned in advance and offered for a limited time. Visitors can view the calendar of events on the ABQ BioPark Website for more detailed information.

· Tanabata Festival- Japanese festival held in the botanic Gardens.

· River of Lights- Holiday celebration in the park during December featuring New Mexico’s largest light show, crafts, and the Polar Bear Express.

· Aquarium Overnights- Spend the night in the aquarium!

· Moonlight Hikes- an after dark hike in the woods on Tingley Beach.

· Night Walks at the Botanic Garden- guided tour of night blooming plants.

· Twilight Zoo tour- guided tour of the zoo after hours.

· Summer concert series

Educational Opportunities

The ABQ BioPark offers day camps and classes throughout the year at the aquarium, zoo and Botanic Gardens. There are also preschool programs available for the littlest learners and spring break camps offered for grades 2-6.

The BioPark is also frequented by school and community groups for field trips and enrichment. Visitors can learn more about the outreach programs at the BioPark by visiting the website.

903 10th Street SW, Albuquerque NM 87102, Phone: 505-768-2000

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