Located on the Camden Waterfront, NJ just minutes from downtown Philadelphia, Adventure Aquarium is an aquatic center that is home to more than 8,500 marine species. Featuring huge tanks with more than two million gallons of water that make up a variety of diverse marine habitats for the Aquarium’s residents, Adventure Aquarium is also the home of the largest collection of sharks found on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark and two rare scalloped hammerhead sharks in captivity. Other notable features of the Aquarium are the one-of-a-kind hippo habitat, a Little Blue Penguins exhibit, and the unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge called the Shark Bridge, which floats just inches above the Shark Realm.

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Formerly known as the New Jersey State Aquarium, which was established in 1992, the Adventure Aquarium re-opened in its current form in 2005 as an educational entertainment attraction for the community of Camden. Today, the Aquarium features over 8,500 aquatic species living in a diverse variety of semi-aquatic, freshwater, and marine habitats.


Adventure Aquarium features two main building which house the marine habitats and their residents, namely the South and the North Buildings.

The South Building is home to the Giant Ocean Tank, multiple smaller tanks with feature native Atlantic specimens, and unusual marine creatures on the second floor, previously known as the Conservation Outreach and Observation Lab. In addition to these exhibits, there is also the 30-foot-tall Irazu River Falls show, which rests in the hollow of a giant, 50-foot-tall coral reef and surrounded by a rugged, mossy rock face with lush green foliage. Also in this building is the 154-seat Adventure Theatre, which features a traditional 3D-film, shown with environmental effects such as wind gusts, water spray and seat motion.

Animal exhibits in the South Building include five new touch exhibits, namely Touch-A-Shark, Touch-A-Ray, Touch-A-Jelly, Touch-A-Lobster, and Touch-A-Shrimp displays where visitors can feel northern lobsters, pink shrimp, and moon jellies.

The North Building features main entry atrium, three major exhibits, casual dining restaurant and a food service area, and a gift shop. The exhibits in this building include ‘West African Experience’ with Nile hippopotami, the ‘Jules Verne Gallery’ stocked with a Giant Pacific octopus, sea dragons, Japanese spider crabs and jellies, and the ‘Shark Realm, which is home to sandbar, nurse, and sand tiger sharks. This exhibit has a 40-foot shark tunnel and offers the opportunity to snorkel with the sharks on a Shark Encounter.


Visitors can enjoy once-in-a-lifetime encounters at the Aquarium with up close and interactive experiences with some of the animals. Experiences include snorkeling with sharks and rays, hand feeding sea turtles, and playing with penguins.

The Penguin Encounter offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with these funny characterful creatures and watch a live footprint painting session done by African Penguins.

The Sea Turtle Encounter involves a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium’s family of sea turtles, including a rescued loggerhead hatchling and several green turtles. Visitors get the chance to help care for, train and hand-feed these gentle giants.

The Shark and Ray Encounter offers a unique opportunity to look a shark in the eye without a glass barrier by snorkeling with docile sandbar and sand tiger sharks, as well as stingrays.


In partnership with Fins for the Future, Adventure Aquarium supports the conservation stewardship of species and the habitats in which they live, promote environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices and the preservation of the natural world. Visitors can join the conservation drive by adopting a hippo, penguin, sea turtle or shark and contribute towards its care and livelihood.


Adventure Aquarium provides several educational programs and initiatives for learners of all ages, ranging from STEM-based field trips, 3D movies, auditorium presentations, classroom lessons, behind-the-scenes tours and premium programs led by professional staff at the Aquarium.

Visitor Information

Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Drive on the Camden Waterfront just minutes from downtown Philadelphia and is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. A casual dining restaurant and a food service area can be found in the North Building, as well as a gift shop.

1 Riverside Drive, Camden, NJ 08103, Phone: 844-474-3474

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