Yoga is an ancient tradition, dating back hundreds of years in Eastern nations, but it’s only recently that we’ve really seen yoga arrive in the West, where it has been swiftly adopted as a highly effective and enjoyable way of getting into shape, lowering stress levels, losing weight, increasingly flexibility, and more.

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As yoga has started to gain popularity in the United States, we’ve also seen some innovative and creative people thinking up new ways to approach yoga and new takes on the classic formula. A great example of this can be seen at Yoga Spark, one of the hottest yoga locations in NYC.

Yoga Spark - Fun, Dynamic Yoga Classes in NYC

Yoga Spark is the name of one of the most exciting yoga locations in all of New York City. While yoga is traditionally associated with slow movements and quite a laid-back, relaxed sort of vibe, Yoga Spark takes a totally different approach, injecting some fire and electricity into the mix to create a new style of yoga which combines high-energy beats and vibrant movements to really get your heart pounding and the calories burning.

- Making Yoga More Exciting - When most people think of yoga, they picture a silent room with a bright and airy atmosphere, and lots of slow, precise stretches and movements. Yoga Spark is totally different. Each class takes place in a clean, modern studio with the temperature set between 90 and 95 degrees to immediately envelop you in heat and prepare your body for the workout ahead. Ambient lighting and shadows help you forget about the outside world, while vibrant music plays in the background to really motivate you to move your body and burn off a whole lot of calories.

- Amazing Results - The unique style of yoga used and taught at Yoga Spark can provide some truly incredible results for the students themselves. Due to the high-energy nature of the classes, you can really burn off hundreds of calories in each one, as well as toning up your muscles, increasing your endurance levels, and reaching your own personal fitness goals. Each class lasts for just an hour in total too, so this is a perfect option for people with busy New York lives who need a smart, fun, effective workout option to stay in shape without a huge time commitment.

- Pro Trainers - Another big bonus that separates Yoga Spark from its competitors and helps this studio stand out in the NYC yoga scene is its trainers. Highly professional and fully trained, the trainers at Yoga Spark understand exactly why people turn to this kind of workout. They know that most people who walk through the doors have busy lifestyles but are looking to spend an hour enjoying some dynamic exercise and having fun along the way, and they do everything in their power to make that happen for each and every student.

Visit Yoga Spark

Now that you've seen exactly what Yoga Spark has to offer and why this is widely considered one of the best yoga workout studios in all of NYC, it's time to take the plunge and visit one of the two studios for your first session. Here are all the details:

- Westchester - The Westchester Yoga Spark studio is located at 490 Mount Pleasant Avenue Mamaroneck, NY 10543. You can contact this studio via phone at 914 630 4988 or email at One of the unique amenities at this yoga studio is the option to bring your kids along. Only available at weekends, this studio features a full babysitting service and a kids' zone with a huge flat-screen TV, kid-friendly films, toys, and even art supplies so your children definitely won't be bored while you work out. You'll also find locker rooms and showers for both men and women at the Westchester Yoga Spark studio, and there's a small parking lot right outside, as well as street parking nearby.

- Tribeca - The Tribeca location for Yoga Spark is situated at 158 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013. You can get in touch with this NYC yoga studio at 212 602 9961. There are a couple of subway stations nearby, so getting to the studio is quite easy, and you can find street parking in the local neighborhood if traveling by car. All of the yoga equipment you need is provided here, as well as locker rooms, the opportunity to buy some quality yoga attire, and multiple showers with luxury bath products for your comfort and convenience.

Both of these awesome NYC Yoga Spark studios offer the same intense, high-energy, fun yoga workout classes, with the same standards of excellence and quality throughout. Each location has its own schedule, which you can view with ease online, and you can get in touch via the numbers and email addresses above to learn more or ask any questions.

Booking classes at Yoga Spark is really easy, and many first-timers feel a little nervous at first but walk out of the class feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready for more. If you’re looking for a different type of yoga with more energy and excitement than ever before, give Yoga Spark a try and see what these classes can do for you. website