The Toy Museum of New York in Brooklyn is the dream destination for a child. One of a few of its kind, the Toy Museum is bound to be a magical and enjoyable experience for children. A museum is always a good option for a family outing since it combines learning and education, but the Toy Museum has taken that to a whole new level.

The main aim of the museum is to be able to educate children about different things through the use of toys as mediums for stories and plays. The Toy Museum is one of the few institutions that emphasize the importance of toys and dolls in facilitating learning in children. The Toy Museum stresses the importance that toys have played in society and how they have had an impact on culture and vice versa. The museum has a collection of dolls and toys so big that it is bound to create a lasting impression on a child and leave them with nothing but wonderful memories of the place. The museum works alongside a theater company to create a more engaging experience. By doing this, they can transcend the barriers that exist with everyday exhibits and can thus get their point across better in order to facilitate learning through the use of more immersive mediums. The Toy Museum of New York



The Toy Museum has numerous programs that are specially catered towards kids to teach them more and make their entire learning experience a lot more informative and immersive. The museum offers various in-house programs and workshops to achieve their purpose of teaching children through this not commonly used medium.

One of the more well-known programs within the Toy Museum is the “History of Toys” show. The show is an interactive session that uses toys from within the museum to give students a better understanding of the ones that they play with today. There are various values that the play tries to perpetuate in its audiences through the use of this theater method. The entire play is done in a professional setting complete with elaborate costumes and special effects. The play is designed to teach kids not only about the history of toys, but also about the social and political scenarios of the times during which the toys were made. By appealing to them in a way in which children understand, the Toy Museum has been extremely successful in imparting knowledge to students and keeping them engaged in learning.

The Toy Museum also has numerous workshops for kids that can teach them different art forms and other things. The museum’s playwriting workshop is particularly popular and uses different toys as a means of teaching kids the various aspects of theater and also gives them the perfect tools to be able to come up with their own stories and perform their own plays. The Toy Museum also uses this as its way to teach classes of students on school trips how to work together as a team and learn the various aspects of leadership. The Toy Museum gives kids the toys from the museum itself to provide them with the perfect tools they need to come up with a short play, which they are then asked to perform in front of the entire class.

The Toy Museum also brings itself to the classroom through the numerous workshop and programs they host. Through the use of dolls and puppets, the Toy Museum teaches kids about different topics, depending on what the schools pick from the museums list of subjects. The program is especially unique because it introduces children to the world of puppet theater as a form of art, performance, and learning. Toy Museum of NY in Brooklyn - Photo: The Toy Museum of New York

»Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

There is no doubt that children will love the Toy Museum and will have a great time here. For people on a family visit, you can enter the museum as a viewer, but if you want to partake in any of the workshops that are taking place at the museum, it is advised to call the Toy Museum in advance and book your seat since they fill up rather quickly. The yearly membership program is especially recommended if you plan to make multiple visits. The museum also conducts summer camps and workshops that require parents to sign up their children at least a month before the workshop commences.

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Toy Museum of NY in Brooklyn

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