Since 2007, Taste Harlem Food and Cultural Tours has been providing comprehensive walking tours that not only include delicious cuisine from soul food to Caribbean dishes but also provide a detailed understanding of the history of Harlem, New York, and its overall importance in the development of local culture. Tour participants will certainly enjoy the varied assortment of fine cuisine as well as visiting some of the most famous landmarks, such as the Apollo Theater and many historic landmark churches. The goal of Taste Harlem Food and Cultural Tours is to get people acquainted with Harlem in a non-tourist fashion.

Tours Offered

Taste Harlem Food Tours offers several tour options. The three tour options include:

The Historical Food Tour - This is the most popular tour and allows tour participants to thoroughly enjoy the rich cuisines of Harlem. From soul food to African and Caribbean food, participants will get to taste a variety of samples at six restaurants/eateries. Sample offerings are generous and plentiful and tour participants will receive a listing of all restaurants and eateries so that they can visit them again on their own time.

Historic Faces and Places Tour - Those interested in learning about the history of the people and places that make Harlem what it is will thoroughly enjoy this particular tour. Conducted by a Harlem resident or knowledgeable historian, this tour provides insights into Harlem's architecture, which dates back to the 19th century, as well as the chief figures and people who have their roots in Harlem. Tour participants will also learn about the various ethnic and cultural communities of Harlem.

Neighborhood Art and Stroll Tour - Art and music lovers will enjoy diving into the rich history of black and Jewish music and art culture dating from 1890–1930. Participants will visit a number of galleries and exhibits as well as explore Harlem’s rich music and art history ,which predates the very well-known Harlem renaissance. This tour is particularly unique in that it explores the intertwining black and Jewish influence on art and music in Harlem.

Tour Details

Tickets for the Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours can be purchased online. In order to ensure a place on any given tour, all tickets must be purchased in advance. Details about the specific check-in locations for applicable tours will be provided upon purchase of a ticket.

All tours are rain or shine events. However, in extreme cases of inclement weather, Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour. Tours that are canceled on behalf of Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours will be fully refunded.

Tour participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and to dress appropriately for the weather.

Private Group Tours

Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours offers private group tours upon request. Private tours can be customized to suit the specific experience a group wants to have while touring Harlem. Private group tours can include additional add-ons that will enhance the overall tour experience for all participants. For more information on arranging a private group tour, contact Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours at (212) 866-7427 or complete the private group tour request form located on the website.

Gift Certificates

Gift someone the experience of great food and the exploration of the rich neighborhood known as Harlem through a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be purchased online via the Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours website.


Taste Harlem Food & Cultural Tours, Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10027, website, Phone: 212-866-7427

(Last Updated on September 3, 2017)