It seems like people will stop at nothing to achieve the beauty and look they desire. These days, we’re bombarded with all sorts of chemical products and so-called revolutionary techniques, all claiming to provide miraculous results and glowing skin, but at what cost? Many of these modern tools and techniques are quite unsafe and can come with all sorts of potential disadvantages to go along with their alleged benefits.

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This is why many people prefer to choose a more natural route, and we only need to look to the past to see how effective the old ways and time-tested traditions can truly be. Ancient Chinese medicine and holistic Eastern healing techniques like acupuncture and facial massage have been used for many years and were all people ever needed to enjoy the glowing, youthful skin they wanted. These techniques are still just as effective nowadays, and you can enjoy their benefits at Studio Britta.

Studio Britta - Holistic Skincare in New York City

Studio Britta is a holistic skincare studio located in the heart of New York City. Allowing residents and visitors to flee from the hustle and bustle of the city streets and enjoy the sort of soothing, peaceful, powerful care that can really get results, Studio Britta is leading the way to a better future by looking to the past.

Led by Britta Plug, one of the leading names in holistic medicine and skincare techniques in NYC, Studio Britta is proving that ancient techniques and tools are still exceptionally effective at treating damaged, tired, ageing skin. Offering massage facials and acupuncture treatments to deal with all kinds of skin issues and provide amazing results, Studio Britta can help your skin take the first steps towards total health and radiant glow.

- Personalized - Studio Britta really understands the importance of individuality when it comes to skincare. Everyone is different, and the same can be said for our skin. Your skin has its own unique properties and has undergone its own unique journey through life, so it deserves bespoke treatment. At Studio Britta, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The holistic beauty experts at this studio will consult with you before any treatment, learning more about your skin, about any flaws or issues you have identified and would like treated, and tailoring the perfect skincare plan to meet your needs.

- Natural - There are a lot of lotions, potions, and processes being used to promote skincare and beauty all around the world in modern times, but an awfully large percentage of these products and procedures involve potentially harmful ingredients and elements. Why opt for invasive techniques with scary risks or chemical products filled with fake fragrances when you can choose something pure and risk-free instead? Techniques like acupuncture and massage don’t need any chemicals, preservatives, or harmful additions; they offer totally safe and natural ways to get the results you desire.

- Proven - The tools and techniques used at Studio Britta have been trusted for centuries and used by ancient civilizations throughout the Eastern world. There are plenty of unproven and untested modern techniques being used in spas and clinics nowadays, but the holistic skincare provided by Studio Britta has truly proven its effectiveness in the long term and has been able to provide visible, real results on countless occasions. When it comes to your skin and beauty, it makes a lot of sense to place your faith in systems that really work.

- Special Services - Studio Britta offers a great range of facial massages and acupuncture treatments to handle all kinds of skin issue.s Whether you're dealing with blocked pores, dry patches, inflammation, or other issues, you'll find the solutions you need here. Through an amazing array of facial attunement massages, tune ups, lifts, and acupuncture sessions, your skin will feel transformed and revitalized. Studio Britta also proposes additional special services depending on your circumstances and situation, with specialized plans for brides-to-be to get you all ready for the big day, for example.

For holistic skincare that really works, Studio Britta is the place to be. With personalized, professional care available at great prices from the best names in the city, this New York skincare center can really provide the sort of care that can change your life.

To book your appointment, you can visit the clinic at 147 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, New York or get in touch via phone or email. website