Yoga has been around for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that it’s really taken off in the West. The benefits of yoga are clear to see, with this age-old spiritual, physical, and mental discipline offering an array of benefits from assisting with weight loss and muscle toning to helping individuals feel relaxed and free of stress.

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However, yoga is a broad term, incorporating many different branches and styles. There are lots of different forms of yoga, each unique and each offering their own benefits. In recent years, new forms and styles of yoga have evolved, with innovative instructors blending different elements and ideas together. Sky Ting Yoga is a perfect example of this.

Sky Ting Yoga - Leading NYC Yoga Studio

Sky Ting Yoga is the name of a small network of yoga studios dotted around New York City. It’s also the name of a unique style of yoga provided exclusively at these locations. The term 'Sky Ting Yoga' comes from a mixture of English, Chinese, and Jamaican. In Jamaican, the word 'ting' simply means 'thing', while in Chinese, the word refers to a place, so the idea of Sky Ting Yoga can mean something different to everyone, but it conjures up images of space, freedom, expression, and inspiration. Here’s what Sky Ting Yoga can do for you:

- A Unique Style - Sky Ting Yoga is a unique form of yoga that takes inspiration from many different branches and varieties. Designed to offer the best results and be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible for every practitioner, this type of yoga was constructed on sound logic; by taking the best elements and ideas from multiple branches of yoga, the resulting mixture is more powerful and can offer more positive results. As well as standard Sky Ting Yoga, these studios also provide restorative yoga classes and other specialized classes too.

- Welcoming To All - Whether you’re a total beginner to the world of yoga, a seasoned pro with an advanced fitness level and years of experience, or just somewhere in between, you’ll be warmly welcomed and valued at these NYC yoga studios. Both beginner yoga classes and advanced yoga classes are offered here, and the standard classes can work for everyone too. Beginners are strongly encouraged to give it a try and get right in the middle of the action, learning from their fellow yoga enthusiasts and the trained instructors leading each session.

- Amazing Instructors - A big part of the success and appeal of any yoga studio is how good its instructors are. To really get the best results out of a yoga class and practice this discipline in a safe and smart way, you need real pros leading the way. Fortunately, Sky Ting Yoga only works with some of the best yoga instructors in New York City. Highly trained and experienced, these instructors know all the ins and outs of many different branches and styles of yoga and can transmit their wisdom to you in a way that is both educational and entertaining.

- Extras - As well as classic yoga classes and sessions, Sky Ting Yoga studios in NYC also offer lots more additional activities throughout the year. If you're looking for exotic yoga retreats, for example, Sky Ting Yoga organizes trips away to exotic locations all around the world like Spain, Morocco, and Italy. These trips usually run for around a week and involve amazing cultural experiences and enhanced yoga sessions in stunning surroundings. Sky Ting Yoga also runs a regularly updated program of workshops and special events, with everything from astrological experiences to engagements with the LGBTQ+ community, nature walks, outdoor yoga sessions, calisthenics, and more.

Sky Ting Yoga Locations

Sky Ting Yoga has three different NYC yoga studio locations spread out around the city. You can visit any single one of these studios to get the same great standards of yoga experiences, with each studio hosting classic Sky Ting Yoga classes on a daily basis, as well as additional classes and activities like Restorative Yoga, Beginners Classes, and Workshops. The three locations are as follows:

- Chinatown - The Chinatown location for Sky Ting Yoga is located at 17 Allen Street on the 7th Floor.

- Tribeca - The Tribeca location for Sky Ting Yoga is situated at 381 Broadway on the 2nd Floor.

- Domino Brooklyn - The Domino Brooklyn for Sky Ting Yoga is located at 43 S 4th Street (Between Kent and Wythe).

- Contact - You can contact Sky Ting Yoga to learn more about the studios and classes available via phone at 212 203 5786 or email at

While so many yoga studios around New York City and elsewhere are focused on offering the same cookie cutter classes and options, Sky Ting Yoga thinks outside the box, as all the greatest yogis of the past have done, and offers something fresh and exciting. These classes are designed to be original and unique in many different ways, and the additional extras like workshops and retreats just make these studios even more appealing.

Sky Ting Yoga offers monthly memberships at great prices, as well as the option to buy individual classes or class packs and attend whenever you like. Those are who are new to Sky Ting Yoga can even get a big discount on the first few classes, so give it a try and see how this unique approach to yoga can improve your life. website