Living in a well-designed space is one of the best ways to improve one's mood and enhance one's daily life. Being in beautiful spaces helps us to feel happier and more comfortable, but actually designing and decorating those spaces to a world class standard requires a truly special set of skills that only a few people can claim to have. Sasha Bikoff is one of those people.

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All About Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff is a leading New York City interior designer with her own firm: Sasha Bikoff Interior Design. Having spent time in two of the biggest fashion and design cities on the planet, New York City and Paris, and studied at prestigious locations in both of these big cities, Bikoff has held and nurtured a lifelong passion for design and built up her innate skillset with the required education to become a real force in the competitive NYC design space.

Classed as the “interior designer for the young and wealthy” by the New York Times and featured in multiple other big media publications from around the city and beyond, Bikoff has established herself as one of the top names for modern, unique design services in New York.

Blending elements of 18th century French Rococo design with influences from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Bikoff is able to skillfully use antiques, fabrics, artworks, and more to truly transform spaces in bold new ways. Her portfolio is already exceptional and she offers a wide range of interior design services for all audiences from private residences to commercial properties and special events.

Sasha Bikoff - Best NYC Interior Design Studio

Classed as one of the top interior design studios in all of New York City, Sasha Bikoff Interior Design can provide the following services and features:

- Interior Design for Private Residences - This is the core service of the Sasha Bikoff Interior Design firm. From holiday homes in the Hamptons to estates in Hudson Valley and casual NYC apartments, Sasha Bikoff has already undertaken and excelled at various private residence interior design projects. Her unique approach and inherent ability to fuse different styles and design types together to create one of a kind aesthetics can ensure that your rooms and home take on a totally new life while retaining the unique charm and personality that makes them yours.

- Interior Design for Commercial Properties - From cafes to fitness studios, Sasha Bikoff also provides design services for commercial businesses and properties. Now, more than ever, branding and image is of huge importance and can really make or break a business. Having the right look can really help to draw in new clients and customers, raise awareness of your brand, and boost your profile. With Sasha’s exceptional attention to detail and stunning design services, your commercial property can get a new lease of life.

- Interior Design for Special Events - For fashion shows, galas, parties, exhibitions, and more, Sasha Bikoff's unique talents can also be applied. Her portfolio already includes various high profile galas, fashion shows, and special events like the 2018 Hampton Classic. Choosing the right decorations, furnishings, and accompanying artworks for each event, Sasha’s skills and services can help to ensure that any occasion is much more memorable and magical for every attendee.

- Interior Design Consulting and Additional Services - Perhaps you don't need a full interior design treatment. In that case, Sasha Bikoff also proposes a range of additional services, including consulting. This is perfect for people who are already designing spaces themselves or with another studio but want a fresh perspective, with Sasha able to provide her own unique take on the space and make suggestions that other designers simply wouldn't have imagined. Other unique services include simple refreshments, in which a few new pieces are added to an existing room to liven it up a little; custom furniture design and rentals, in which bespoke pieces of furniture in Italian and French styles can be provided for your space or staging purposes; and Parisian antiquing adventures in which you can travel with Sasha through charming Parisian antique shops and markets to find the perfect pieces for your home.

- Personalized Service - The mark of a truly great designer is the ability to see each space as a fresh template and each project as an entirely new and unique endeavor. Sasha Bikoff understands this aspect of the design world very well and works closely with every client to ensure that the ‘personal touch’ is always provided. No two projects are ever the same wish Sasha and she will work closely with you to learn all about your space, style, desires, and needs in order to formulate a truly personalized design plan that works for you. You won’t feel left out or overlooked for any part of the process, guaranteeing total satisfaction every time.

No matter what kind of space you want to transform, be it your own home or a staging venue for a special event, Sasha Bikoff can provide results that don’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them. website