There are so many factors that can influence how we work and how productive we can be. It’s not all about the tools we’re given, the software we use, and the way in which our colleagues and management teams communicate with us; our own environments and surroundings can also have a huge effect on our motivation levels and productivity rates.

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Working in a crowded, dismal, gray office environment can be highly emotionally draining, and there are countless studies and reports to support this concept. Studies show that workers in cramped, confined, uncomfortable spaces are more likely to develop stress, grow bored or fatigued with their work, and offer less productivity overall to the company or themselves.

Meanwhile, those who work in comfortable spaces that have been thoughtfully designed and equipped with useful amenities and conveniences enjoy much more impressive productivity rates, and it’s easy to see why. When we feel better and happier about our working environment, we naturally feel more motivated to work hard and enjoy our jobs.

This is why a lot of modern businesses are taking the time to look at their workspaces and make conscious changes and decisions aimed to boosting overall morale and happiness by making working environments more comfortable. But what if there was a pre-designed workspace that had already been laid out with wellness and happiness in mind, just waiting for you to move in and enjoy it? At Primary, that’s exactly what you get.

Primary - Wellness Workspace for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Primary is a co-working and shared office space in New York City for both solo professionals and small businesses to enjoy. Offering great amenities, perfectly designed workspaces, and lots of additional features and services to help make every working day more enjoyable and comfortable for all, Primary aims to fuse wellness with performance and give your business the best chances of success. Here’s all you need to know about Primary:

- Co-working Wellness Space in NYC - What does Primary offer? Essentially, Primary is a co-working space for you, your colleagues, and other professionals to share and enjoy. The thing that really sets Primary apart, however, is that the whole space has been designed with wellness in mind. From the moss walls and fresh flowers found throughout the various spaces that help workers feel more at ease to the chic Scandinavian style of design and fine furnishings located in each of the enclosed offices, everything has been designed with comfort and contentment in mind.

- Feel Better, Work Better - The philosophy behind Primary is easy to understand: if you feel better and more comfortable in your surroundings, you’re much more likely to enjoy a more profitable and productive working day. As mentioned above, lots of studies and scientific reports back this idea up; when people aren’t happy with their office environment, be it due to cramped spaces, lack of amenities, dull design, or another negative factor, they don’t tend to be anywhere near as productive as people who are happy and at ease in their working environments.

- Amenities - So what kind of conveniences and comforts can you expect when working with Primary? First off, each enclosed office is fitted with all the standard office furniture you'd need like storage units, desks, chairs, bookshelves, and lamps. The whole building also features super fast internet with both wired and wireless options available, as all as a round-the-clock help desk service to assist with any computing problems. There's a full phone service throughout the building, plus printers and scanners, and also fresh food and drink options including a full-service espresso bar, health snacks from local providers, and fresh fruit and vegetable juice blends.

- Services - Not only does Primary offer beautiful, comfortable spaces and all the great amenities and conveniences you need to enjoy a satisfying working day, this co-working space also comes with a range of additional services. A big part of the Primary experience, for example, is the presence of fitness and yoga studios where members can take some time out, relax, exercise, and de-stress whenever they feel the need. Male and female shower rooms with quality shower products are also provided. Not only that, but Primary also runs various fitness, yoga, and meditation classes, as well as various other activities and events, and members are always invited.

Primary can change the way you work, making every day far more enjoyable and productive simply by giving you the amenities, comforts, and conveniences you need to enjoy a safe, comfortable, cozy working environment. Primary currently has two different locations, one in the Financial District (26 Broadway, 8th Floor) and one at Penn Station (251 W 30th Street). You can get in touch via phone (212 658 0077) to learn more about these services and sign up for a membership to start seeing what Primary can do for you. website