We all look forwards to events and special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate gala, a brand launch, a school reunion, or some other kind of special event or celebration, these days and nights differ from the norm. They let us break out of our routines and enjoy unique, exciting, vibrant experiences that we won’t soon forget.

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However, while living and experiencing events can be a lot of fun, the actual planning and preparation stages of events can often be quite challenging. Between finding the right venue, sending out invitations, organizing food and drinks, deciding on live entertainment, decorating the location, and so many more little and large aspects, the whole process can be very overwhelming.

This is why, as in so many situations in life, it makes a lot of sense to turn to the professionals and ask for help. Professional event management companies and studios are trained and experienced in putting on the best events and bringing your event vision to life. If you’re looking for the best event planners, look no further than Marcy Blum.

All About Marcy Blum - Event Planner in NYC

In the event planning world, the name Marcy Blum is synonymous with excellence. With over three decades of experience in the event planning industry, a keen eye for detail, the innate vision to picture events and plan them out to perfection, and a never-ending passion and desire for every single project, Marcy Blum is the women to call if you want to put on the perfect event.

Having graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and spent many years in both the academic and professional worlds building up her knowledge, skills, and experience levels, Marcy Blum has organized events for everyone from LeBron James to Forbes 100 businesses and award-winning actors, but also offers her services to everyone and anyone who wants to organize a super event.

Ranked as one of the best event planners on the planet by leading publications Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, as well as being featured and praised by other magazines and publications like The New York Times and Vanity Fair, Marcy Blum has cemented her status as a leading light in the event management world. See below to learn all about the Marcy Blum event management services and why you should choose this event planner today.

- The Personal Touch - A big advantage of working with Marcy Blum to plan your next event is this company’s signature ‘personal touch’. Many event planners have their own way of doing things and tend to think they always know what’s best, often ignoring or overlooking client requests that don’t match up with their vision. In the case of Marcy Blum, however, you’ll be getting a fully personalized, customized service just for you. This event management studio really looks at your individual needs and circumstances to create a bespoke event just for you.

- Marcy Is Always Involved - One of the things you may notice about many other event planners is that they’ll draw you in with a big name, but that person often simply acts as the ‘face’ of the company and won’t actually be involved in helping to plan your event in any way. With Marcy Blum, that simply isn’t the case. This company was founded by Marcy and she continues to take an active role in every single project it undertakes. She will personally look over all details of your proposed event and use her own skills and expertise to help bring it to life. This kind of service really has no price, and it can provide a lot of peace of mind when you know one of the best event planners in the world is on your side.

- A Breathtaking Portfolio - Marcy Blum is one of the best names in the event planning world, and you only have to look at her portfolio for proof of this. Not only has Marcy appeared on shows like Oprah and been featured in major magazines, she’s also worked with huge global corporations, A-list celebrities, and star athletes. She is the person people turn to and trust with their events and she has proven her skills time and time again. When planning an event, you need a name you can trust, and Marcy Blum is that name.

- Always Passionate - Some design studios tend to pick and choose events and have their favorites, putting more effort into the bigger events that have more guests and will make them more money, but Marcy Blum isn’t like that. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company organizing a huge gala brand launch or just a bunch of families and friends trying to put on a great wedding or get-together, you’ll be treated with the same levels of value and respect. Every project is catered to with the same degree of passion and commitment, ensuring you’ll always get the best levels of service.

As we can see, Marcy Blum is one of the top names in the event planning world. Marcy is ranked as the best event planner in NYC but offers her services all over the world and has enjoyed lots of successful projects many miles away from the Big Apple. To get in touch and start planning your next event, fill out an online form or contact either 212 929 9814. website