The Brooklyn Museum is located in Brooklyn and is one of the largest museums in New York City. You can explore the 1.5 million pieces of art at the Brooklyn Museum Wednesday through Sunday. The Brooklyn Museum has been one of the most creative, innovative, and exciting museums since it opened in 1897. The Brooklyn Museum’s art collection ranges from ancient relics, to period rooms and modern art. The museum’s mission is to provide visitors with a comprehensive art collection that integrates artistic heritage, history, culture, and modern day.

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1.Permanent Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits
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The Brooklyn Museum is home to approximately 1.5 million pieces of art that remains as permanent attractions. If you don’t have the chance to visit the Brooklyn Museum, you can always view the highlighted pieces of art on the collection tab of the museum’s website. Check out a few of the eleven permanent exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum.

American Art is home to some of the finest and oldest pieces of American art in the whole world. Highlighted pieces of art in this attraction are; the iconic George Washington portrait by Gilbert Stuart and Charles Wilson Peale, Meadow Flowers by John H. Twachtman, and Winter by William Rush.

Arts of Africa collection was founded in 1900. The Arts of Africa exhibit has over five thousand pieces of art. Thus, the Brooklyn Museum holds the title of having the most abundant African art collections that is located within a museum that is American art concentrated.

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2.More Things to See

More Things to See
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Asian Art has pieces of art from all corners of Asia. This collection is so abundant that it is known as one of the largest Asian art collections in America. While this attraction showcases art from Korea, China, India, and other places in Asia, it has the largest concentration in Japanese art.

Contemporary Art showcases breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art that range from 1945 to present day. The Brooklyn Museum’s collection of contemporary art has a featured theme of connecting art to what modern day life is like. This exhibit has mainly pieces of Western art that is spread among paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other art forms.

European Art is one of the largest attractions in the Brooklyn Museum. This collection has over 6,600 pieces of art that perfectly captures the historical and cultural significance of art throughout Europe’s history. Some of the highlighted pieces of art include The Life of Jesus Christ by James Tissot, Minotauromachia by Pablo Picasso.

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3.Special Attractions

Special Attractions
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Like most renowned museums, the Brooklyn Museum regularly houses traveling art collections. These special attractions include short-term and long-term collections. Currently, the Brooklyn Museum is housing more approximately 20 special attractions. In order to view the most comprehensive and updated list of the Brooklyn Museum’s special attractions, check the museum’s website.

Beverly Buchanan- Ruins and Rituals examines the relationship geography has with every aspect of our lives. The late Beverly Buchanan was known for combining political and social ideals and opinions into her abstract art. With just around 200 pieces of art, this collection is the largest Buchanan exhibit in the world. Ruins and Rituals can be viewed until March 5, 2017.

Like most museums, the Brooklyn Museum holds the opportunity for education on a pedestal. The founders of the Brooklyn Museum believed that art and art education should be accessible to everyone. Thus, it makes perfect sense why the museum has educational opportunities for people of all ages.

Most of the Brooklyn Museum’s educational programs for younger children involve family participation. Thus, children get to explore the wonderful world of art with their loved ones. Some of the programs for younger kids include; Meet the Museum, Family Art Magic, and Creativity Lab. Teens have the opportunity of participating in similar programs like the ones that are available for younger children. Teens can also participate in museum internships, in which they will get an in-depth and behind-the-scenes experience of the museum, and have the chance to fully immerse themselves in art.

The Brooklyn Museum also has special programs for visitors with special needs. Thus, everyone has access to an abundant amount of knowledge at the Brooklyn Museum.

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