Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Located in Brooklyn, New York City, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the world’s first museum that caters to children and how they can learn and explore history, culture, and the overall world around them. Open Tuesday to Sunday, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is something that you definitely don’t want to miss while visiting New York with your children. Brooklyn Children’s Museum



The Brooklyn Children’s Museum has had the same mission ever since it was founded in 1899 in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York City. The main goal of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is to provide children with fun, entertaining, and educational experiences. The museum hopes that children, from the young age of infancy to young adults, will leave the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with new insight of how they can respect and interact with people from all around the world. Photo: Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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»Permanent Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits

Although the Brooklyn Children’s Museum has an innovative design and mission, it has the fundamental basics of any other renowned museum. Thus, it has a variety of permanent attractions and special attractions.

Totally Tots was designed with children age zero to five in mind. This innovative exhibit has various play areas, which focus on engaging different senses. Water, sand, and music are just a few things that children have the option of playing with and exploring while they interact with the nine different areas.

Collections Central showcases the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s collection of 29,000 pieces of art. The abundant art collection is displayed on rotating shelving, which makes it easy for children to have the chance to interact with and explore the entire collection. Throughout this exhibit, visitors will be able to see a clear theme of how the artwork is displayed. Instead of only being able to view the artwork, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum allows, and even encourages, visitors to engage with the artwork by using their senses. Photo: Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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»More Things to See

More Things to See

Neighborhood Nature allows children to learn about various ecosystems. Most of the species on display are animals, flora, or fauna that can be found within Brooklyn. There is even a live animal section, which allows children to view animals in a personal setting.

World Brooklyn was designed to teach children about the diverse communities within Brooklyn. This attraction includes store designs, where children are encouraged to play in. Guest speakers, who used to live or currently live in Brooklyn, can typically be seen within this attraction. The guest speakers interact with visitors by showing them cultural objects from their life in Brooklyn or by telling stories.

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»Special Attractions

Special Attractions

Special attractions come and go quickly at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. So, it’s ideal to regularly check the exhibits tab on the museum’s website. Building Brainstorm is the only special attraction currently on display. Building Brainstorm combines fundamental concepts in architecture and engineering to create a fun, educational, and interactive display for visitors. This attraction will be showcased until December 31, 2016. Photo: Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Since one of the fundamental ideas in the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s mission is to educate children, it shouldn’t be surprising that the museum has many educational opportunities. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum ensures that every school aged child can visit the museum with their free admission programs: Target Free School and Con Edison STEM Day Out.

Aside from educational visiting options, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum provides people with the option to participate in daily educational activities, after school programs, or summer camp. Daily educational activities change every month. So, it’s important that you check which activities will be going on all month long at the beginning of every month. As for after school programs, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum offers free admission to all children. The after-school program for elementary children runs from 3pm to 6pm every weekday, and takes participants on an adventure around the museum. The program focuses on a new section of the museum, as well as new learning objectives, each week, so participants will never get bored.

The high school after school programs work a little bit differently than the elementary school programs. High school students have the option of choosing from one of the following after school programs; art workshops, college readiness seminars, or internships. Art workshops are only available on Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm. The college readiness seminars are available on Thursdays from 4pm to 5:30pm. Finally, the internship program is held on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. Students who participate in the internship program will receive a $150 payment at the end of the month. Since each after school program is available on different days, students could manage to participate in every after-school program.

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Brooklyn Children’s Museum