Founded in 2008, the arts collective known as Meow Wolf is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The arts group consists of over one hundred artists working in a variety of disciplines, such as writing, audio engineering, video production, sculpture, architecture, and painting among many others. Through the collaboration of these disciplines and artists, the Meow Wolf creates fully immersive art experiences aiming at narrative storytelling, live music, interactivity, performative experiences, and audio and visual polyphony. The collective has worked on a number of project that challenge art concepts and arts-based communities. In addition to the permanent location in Santa Fe, temporary installations have been created by Meow Wolf in San Antonio, New York, Boulder, Albuquerque, and Chicago.

Meow Wolf opened The House of Eternal Return, their first permanent exhibition, in March of 2016 on Santa Fe's Rufina Circle. "The House" represents a secret hidden in the town of Santa Fe that seems straight out of science fiction. Housed in an unassuming building within the industrial district, visitors will find a center of chaotic, colorful portals that transport guests to worlds from their wildest dreams. The House of Eternal Return is a one-of-a-kind art experience that features an interesting new kind of non-linear storytelling that unfurls through twenty-first century interactivity, exploration, and discovery.

The "House" art exhibit designed by the Meow Wolf collective spans across twenty thousand square feet. Inside are secret passages, dozens of rooms, and musical and light objects that visitors can play with for hours or explore Santa Fe's secret of the Selig family mystery, a family who mysteriously vanished one night from their Victorian mansion after conducting a forbidden experiment. Guests may wonder who the Selig family was, where they went, and why their home was overrun by people in white lab coats. The basis of the mystery: something happened inside the Selig's mystifying Victorian mansion that dissolved the nature of space and time. Meow Wolf visitors travel through the Selig Family house and find secret passageways leading into imaginative dimensions.

The storytelling and maximalist art showcase that is The House of Eternal Return is engaging and appropriate for visitors of any age. All ages are welcome to come experience what occurs when turns into everything you touch, hear, and see. Visitors should be careful though with the exhibitions portals, as they go everywhere. Every guest is encouraged to select his or her own unique path through the exhibition's 20,000 square feet of space by crawling, climbing, or walking through the fantastic multiverse of unusual and unexpected environments.

Meow Wolf's interactive art experience is great fun for both adults and children alike, as it offers kids a mysterious and wondrous world in which to play. For adults, The House of Eternal Return provides a more cultured artistic experience featuring narrative depth. The vividly imaginative exhibition, a combined work effort of more than one hundred local artists, is a special combination of art gallery, fantasy novel, jungle gym, and children's museum.

1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Phone: 505-395-6369

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