Situated among the Sangre de Creste Mountains, the town of Taos is one of New Mexico's most popular ski resorts. The town is located in the northern part of the state, only a short drive from the border with Colorado. Taos is the county seat of Taos County and covers an area of approximately 5.4 square miles. The town has an estimated population of around 5,700 people but attracts many more each year, especially during the winter. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Taos (Taos Elevation)

Taos (Taos Elevation)
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Taos is named after the nearby location of Taos Pueblo, which has been occupied by Native American peoples for hundreds of years. The town was established in the late 18th century by Spanish settlers, who initially called it Don Fernando de Taos. It's one of the oldest European settlements in the area and was originally built as a fortress, with a plaza and several small buildings protected by defensive walls.

Nearby trappers and mountain men moved to the family, along with many Spanish immigrant families. The town prospered and grew, and many artists were drawn to the region in the early 20th century as well, with much of their work still visible today. As the years passed by, Taos also became known as a key skiing and recreational destination, offering all sorts of outdoor activities like llama trekking and no less than four nearby ski resorts to go along with its unique architecture and historical sites.

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2.Elevation of Taos

Elevation of Taos
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Elevation is an important geographical statistic that can have a lot of importance for towns and cities around the world. The elevation of a location influences its weather conditions and can be an important factor when laying out a town and constructing new buildings. The elevation of Taos is 6,969 feet (2,124 m). The city's high elevation can be attributed to its inland location and surrounding landscapes, which include the aforementioned Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Residents and visitors to New Mexico are used to being at high elevations as the state is one of the highest in America. In terms of mean elevation, New Mexico is at 5,700 feet (1,740 m) above sea level, which makes it the fourth highest state behind Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. The elevation of Taos is therefore over 1,000 feet higher than the state average. The highest point in the state of New Mexico is Wheeler Peak, which has an elevation of 13,167 feet (4,013 m). Wheeler Peak is actually very close to Taos, being located in Taos County, and is a popular spot for climbers, hikers, and mountaineers. The lowest point in New Mexico is the Red Bluff Reservoir near the Texas border, which has an elevation of 2,844 feet (867 m).

Taos' elevation is very high, but the highest elevation town in the entire state is actually Taos Ski Valley, a small village located very close to Taos at an elevation of 9,321 feet (2,841). Some of the homes and buildings in this area are actually located at elevations of 10,000 feet (3,048 m) or higher. The state capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe, has an elevation of 7,199 feet (2,194 m), and some of the other major cities around the state include Albuquerque, which has an elevation of 5312 feet (1619 m) and Las Cruces, which has an elevation of 3,900 feet (1,200 m).

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3.Climate and Things to Do in Taos (Taos Elevation)

Climate and Things to Do in Taos (Taos Elevation)
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The town of Taos has a semi-arid climate, resulting in warm summers and cold winters, with temperatures changing massively between day and night. For example, the hottest month of the year is July, where temperatures can reach average highs of 86°F (30°C) in the days and drop down to 51°F (11°C) in the evenings. Average daily highs in winter can be around 41°F (5°C) while lows can be around 10°F (-12°C). Taos has light rainfall throughout the year but the primary form of precipitation is snow, with many inches falling from November through to early April.

There are various activities to enjoy in and around Taos, New Mexico. The town is known as a popular ski destination, with four different ski areas nearby: Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire, Sipapu, and Red River. All of these ski areas offer different runs of varying difficult, with cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, llama trekking, rafting, fishing, and ice fishing also being popular recreational activities around Taos. The town is also home to three different art museums, showing off some of the best work of Taos' resident artists from years gone by.

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Taos Elevation

More Ideas in NM: Taos Art Museum at Fechin House

Taos Art Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1994. The museum was moved eight years later to the historic and beautiful Nicolai Fechin house, and focuses on the art from early 20th century Taos. The home that houses the museum was built between 1927 and 1933 by artist Nicolai Fechin for his family. Fechin, born in 1881 in Russia, molded and carved the adobe buildings into a harmonic and fascinating combination of Spanish, Native American, and Russian motifs. His descendants have entrusted the art museum with several pieces of his artwork.

Years of hard work constructing the building that now houses the Taos Art Museum resulted in an asymmetrical adobe Pueblo and Mission Revival house. Nicolai Fechin built a remarkable home, as well as a Southwest architectural masterpiece that combined the arts of metalwork, drawing, sculpture, and painting. The spaces inside the house were sympathetic to the art collections of Fechin, and also his sculpture carvings, architectural ornament, and furniture.

After Nicolai Fechin's death in 1955, his daughter Eya returned to New Mexico to care for the house he had built. The Fechin home was listed on the National Registry of Historic American Homes in 1979. Fechin's daughter opened the house as a museum so the public could view his many works of art. While living in Fechin's studio, Eya started the Fechin Institute, and maintained educational programs and active exhibition until her death in 2002.

At the heart of the Taos Art Museum is its collection of paintings created by masters of the Taos Society of Artists. The group of artists was prolific ever since Phillips and Blumenschein arrived in Taos in 1898 until the 1930's. As a result of the acclaim achieved by these artists, as well as their associates, many more artists began to arrive in Taos, continuing the town's tradition of creativity into the 21st century.

The care, interpretation, and exhibition of a collection of around six hundred paintings, prints, drawings, and other works of art of the Taos founders and artists who followed them is the responsibility of the Board of the Taos Art Museum. To accommodate programs and this collection, the Board acquired the Fechin house and proceeded to renovate the home, as well as the studio and grounds. The group provided some much-needed repair to the home, installed lighting systems and security, as well as other improvements.

The Taos Art Museum at the Fechin house officially opened in 2003 in July, and hosted a welcome reception for the public in September to celebrate the new home for the art of Taos. The museum honors major patrons, as well as other institutions and individuals who supported artists. Work by nearly all members of the Taos Society of Artists can be seen in the collection of artwork held by the museum. Works featured in the museum include pieces created by Bert Geer Phillips, Joseph Henry Sharp, Eanger Irving Couse, Ernest Blumenschein, Oscar Berninghaus, William Herbert "Buck" Dunton, Walter Ufer, and Victor Higgins.

227 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico, Phone: 575-758-2690


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More Ideas in NM: Taos Pueblo

According to archaeologists, ancestors of the Taos Indians have lived in the valley where Taos Pueblo resides long before the time of Christopher Columbus, and hundreds of years before the Dark Ages ended in Europe. The ancient ruins within the Taos Valley reveal that the Native American tribe lived in the valley almost one thousand years ago. The main section of the buildings that exist today were built most likely between 1000 AD and 1450 AD.

The structures appeared back then much as they still look today. When the first Spanish explorers came to this area of New Mexico back in 1540, they believe the Taos Pueblo was one of the golden cities of Cibola from stories. The two main structures called Hlaukwima, or south house, and Hlauuma, or north house, are considered to be of about the same age. They are also thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the country.

Tour of Taos Pueblo are offered throughout the year. These tours occur starting at 9:0am on the hour, every twenty minutes. While it's not necessary to explore the Pueblo during a tour, it's highly recommended. The tours are about twenty to thirty minutes in duration, and highlight the people, history, and culture of Taos Pueblo. Guides take visitors to significant area of the village. These tours are gratuity based, meaning visitors have the option of tipping their guides. Some of the tour guides are also students in college who greatly appreciate whatever visitors are willing to give. Larger group tours and private tours of the Pueblo are also available with advanced notice.

The buildings in Taos Pueblo are made completely out of adobe, which is earth mixed with straw and water that is then made into sun-dried bricks or poured into forms. The walls of these adobe structures are often several feet thick. Each roof is supported by vigas, or large timbers, that are found in the mountain forests. Aspen or pine latillas, or smaller pieces of wood, are placed on top of the vigas. Packed dirt is then used to cover the entire roof.

The outside walls of the buildings are constantly maintained by replastering them with thick layers of mud. Interior walls of the adobe structures are coated with white earth so they look bright and clean. The Pueblo consists of several individual homes that are constructed in layers, side-by-side, with common walls. However, there no connecting doorways.

Around one hundred and fifty people live full time within Taos Pueblo. Other families who own homes in the South or North building have homes out near the fields in which they occupy during the summer, or in modern houses outside of the Pueblo's old walls but still on Pueblo land. More than 1,900 Taos Indians live on the lands of Taos Pueblo.

The most dramatic event of Taos Pueblo land in recent history was the return of forty-eight thousand acres of land that includes the sacred Blue Lake. The land was taken from the Taos Indians in 1906 by the United States government to become part of National Forest lands. Blue Lake is possibly the most important of all the ritual sites of the Taos people.

20 Veterans Highway, Taos, New Mexico, Phone: 575-758-1028

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More Ideas in NM: Palacio de Marquesa

Set in the magnificent mountains of northern New Mexico, Palacio de Marquesa (formerly Casa de Las Chimeneas) is an elegant resort outside the town of Taos that offers visitors an idyllic mountain retreat. Surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery of the Rio Grande Gorge and Taos Mountains, the town of Taos is rich in Native American and Spanish cultures and is home to a Native American community that has lived in the area for nearly a millennium. Situated just a few blocks from the historic Taos Plaza, Palacio de Marquesa offers luxury accommodations with contemporary décor and en-suite bathrooms, a complimentary gourmet breakfast which is served every morning, and a community room, dining room and kitchen available for private rental.

Palacio de Marquesa pays tribute to the stories of the remarkable women of Taos by naming each of the eight individual guest rooms after a particular attribute of a striking woman who influenced Taos. The contributions, drive, innovation, and spirit of these remarkable women are represented in each room through timeless design, refined sophistication, and stylish décor. Modern amenities in every room include complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, flat-screen televisions with cable channels, telephones, and beverage centers stocked with complimentary water and sodas.

Honoring the vision and contributions of a particular woman artist, each guest room boasts an elegant, contemporary design in palettes of ivory and silver, with traditional details. Décor and furnishings include beautiful canopy beds and unique elements that tell the story of each artist.

The Diva Room honors the fashion designer extraordinaire, Martha Reed and features a king-size pillow-top bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with large marble deluxe shower, dual sinks, and radiant heated floors, a spacious sitting area with a Kiva-style gas fireplace, and motorized operable skylights.

The Icon Room celebrates the renowned artist Georgia O'Keeffe and features hardwood floors, a king-size pillow-top bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with a luxury marble shower, a spacious sitting living area with a skylight and gas fireplace and French doors opening to the garden patio.

The Illuminator Room honors the renowned printmaker, Gene Kloss and features a king-size pillow-top bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with large marble deluxe shower, dual sinks, and radiant heated floors, and a spacious sitting area with a Kiva-style gas fireplace.

Named in honor of author and artist-patron, Mabel Dodge Luhan, the Matriarch Suite is a large 500 square foot two-room suite with a separate living room, a wood burning kiva-style fireplace, and a library of books, magazines, and games. The bedroom features a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom with heated floors, large jetted soaking tub, marble shower and double sinks. The suite has a private walled backyard patio with separate entrance.

The Modernist Room celebrates the prominent abstract expressionist painter, Agnes Martin and features hardwood floors, a king-size pillow-top bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with a luxury marble shower, a spacious sitting living area with a skylight and a gas fireplace.

Honoring visionary painter, Dorothy Brett, the Romantic Room features a king-size pillow-top bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with large marble deluxe shower with double shower heads, dual sinks, and radiant heated floors, a spacious sitting area with a Kiva-style gas fireplace and skylight.

Celebrating fashion icon, jewelry designer, and art collector, Millicent Rogers, the Socialite Suite has wooden floors, a king-size bed with luxury linens, an en-suite bathroom with large marble deluxe shower, and a spacious living area and dining room with wooden floors and a gas fireplace that is shared with Socialite Suite II. The Socialite Suite II features two queen-size beds with luxury linens, and an en-suite bathroom with heated tiled floors, double sinks, walk-in marble shower, and separate jetted soaking tub. A spacious living area has a gas fireplace and shares a private walled patio with Socialite Suite I.

A complimentary made-to-order breakfast is served every morning and includes hot and cold choices, fresh fruit juices and fruit, pastries, cold cuts, and cheeses. The Palacio de Marquesa is situated just a few blocks away from the historic Tao Plaza which is home to numerous restaurants, cafés, and other dining options.

Palacio de Marquesa offers a complimentary gourmet breakfast which is served every morning, and a community room, dining room and kitchen available for private rental. There is French press coffee available on request, beverage centers stocked with complimentary water and sodas, ample outdoor complimentary parking on-site, complimentary wireless Internet throughout the property, knowledgeable staff to assist with trip planning and arrangements, and a local discount card for guests. Other services include a turndown service on request, access to a community room with a spacious living and dining room, two fireplaces and a variety of books and games, and access to a high desert garden patio. Custom amenities such as cheese platters, chocolate truffles, and picnic lunches are available on request.

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405 Corboda Road, Taos, New Mexico 87571, Phone: 855-846-826

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