New Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery in all of the United States. A wonderful destination for the outdoor enthusiast, NM is is where one can find and explore the likes of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the White Sands National Monument, the Bandelier National Monument, and the Gila National Forest.

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With mountains, rivers, canyons, caverns, forests, trails, and so much more to see, it's the perfect location for hiking, biking, and other activities, and it’s vital that all of those amazing natural spaces are preserved and protected. Fortunately, the inspiring efforts of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust are going a long way to saving NM’s beautiful landscapes for future generations.

Santa Fe Conservation Trust - Protecting Land, Skies and Trails in Northern New Mexico

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit organization devoted to preserving and protecting the lands, skies, waters, flora, and fauna of Northern New Mexico. Fully dedicated to creating a safe network of natural lands all around NM communities in which nature can thrive, the trust gives landowners the tools, resources, and guidance they need to put their lands into a status of voluntary conservation.

The trust also partners with NM communities and relies on the support and kindness of the state's people and nature lovers to protect beautiful landscapes and environmentally significant places, keeping the beauty and magic of this special state alive for many years to come. So far, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust has already sought to protect more than 39,000 acres of lands in Northern New Mexico, and that number continues to grow.

Founded back in 1993, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust makes use of various programs and projects to protect natural spaces and landscapes all around Northern New Mexico. The Trails program, for example, is focused on maintaining and expanding many miles of hiking trails all over the state. The SFCT also organizes hikes of its own, as well as field trips, urban walks, and other community activities to help NM’s natural spaces stay safe and stunning.

Support The Santa Fe Conservation Trust

If you admire and appreciate the great work being done by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust, you can make a difference and help out through various means. People who care and enjoy the natural spaces, hiking trails, and gorgeous landscapes of Northern New Mexico can definitely get a lot out of helping this great cause, and here's how to do so:

- Donations - As a non-profit organization, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust relies on generous cash donations from its supporters. Every little bit of cash helps, so even if you're only able to make a small gift, it can go a long way to protecting and preserving New Mexico's amazing scenery. You can donate safely and secure online using PayPal or a card payment, or you can choose to mail a check to the Santa Fe Conservation Trust, PO Box 23985, Santa Fe, NM 87502. Another option is to call up 505 989 7019 and make a donation over the phone.

- Volunteer - As well as donations, the one thing almost every non-profit needs is volunteers, and the SFCT is no different. Being a volunteer with the trust is a wonderful way to support a super cause while also getting outdoors and enjoying nature yourself. Many of the volunteers working with the SFCT spend most of their time out in the protected lands themselves, building trails, maintaining protected lands, keeping an eye out for any potential risks or threats to the state's prettiest locations, and more. You can email to register your interest in a voluntary role with the trust, and you don't need to have any prior experience or special skills to join up.

- Head Outside - Another wonderful way to engage with the SFCT and show your support without any actual donation of time or money is to simply make use of the trails, admire the lands that are being saved, do your bit to protect the flora and fauna of New Mexico, and spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues, and other people. As a greater number of people learn about the efforts of the trust, the support for this organization can only increase and more people will start to make real efforts to help protect and preserve the beautiful natural spaces of NM for future generations to enjoy. The more people you tell, the better chance the trust will have of enjoying continued success. website