Art is one of the most important and defining aspects of any community, culture, or society. For thousands of years, art in all of its ever changing and evolving forms has been a wonderful way for people to express themselves, sharing their views and ideas through all manner of mediums, and it can be fascinating to see so many deep and varied subjects and themes explored by individual artists.

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One of the most fascinating themes of all is indigenous identity, and we can see some incredible examples of this theme on display through the works of talented and innovative Native American and First Nation artists throughout the ages, right up to the modern day. There are so many associated emotions and ideas to consider when discussing indigenous identity, and some of the most defining art in all of America focuses on this subject and can be seen at Peters Projects.

Peters Projects - Contemporary Art Gallery in Santa Fe

Peters Projects is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico, dedicated to works from Native American and First Nation artists. While so many contemporary galleries fail to give indigenous art its rightful exposure and platform, Peters Projects does not shy away from making indigenous identity and culture a core theme of its many exhibitions and installations. Embodying the spirit of Santa Fe and the rich cultural heritage and deep past of the city itself, Peters Projects has swiftly developed into one of New Mexico's premier art galleries.

- The Gallery - Peters Projects is a multi-winged gallery offering several spaces and platforms for Native American and First Nation artists to share and display their creations. The gallery is housed in an attractive, adobe-style, sand-colored complex, featuring wings for paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. The focus at this contemporary and modern Santa Fe gallery is exclusively on indigenous artists and works that explore the various aspects of native culture and identity. For anyone interested in admiring and enjoying thought-provoking and awe-inspiring works centered on these themes and created by leading and emerging native artists, Peters Projects is an unmissable location.

- The Artists of Peters Projects - A variety of emerging and established artists are represented at Peters Projects including the likes of Jack Kotz, Karen Lamonte, Cara Romero, Duncan Chamberlain, Maurice Burns, Bjorn Amelan, and Joel Hobbie. A huge range of artistic styles are on display across the spectrum of Peters Projects talents, with many paintings of various styles, sculptures of all shapes and sizes, and inspiring photographs featured at the gallery throughout the year. Themes of indigenous culture and identity are also explored through ceramics and other mediums, and Peters Projects is always on the lookout for up and coming talents to expand and enhance its inimitable collection.

- Exhibitions, Installations, and More - A range of exhibitions are featured in the various wings of this Santa Fe gallery throughout the year, each focusing on the work of one or more artists and exploring a certain theme or concept. Examples include 'The Space Between Us' by Lorraine Shemesh or 'Synthesis' by Patrick Dean Hubbell, and the rotating, evolving nature of Peters Projects exhibitions encourages visitors to return time and again throughout the year. Various semi-permanent and permanent installations can also be found at the gallery including Karen Lamonte's Floating World, while the gallery also runs its own online and on-site shop selling unique and original artworks from its artists.

Visit Peters Projects

Peters Projects is one of the best contemporary art galleries in Santa Fe and one of the leading galleries in all of America to shine the spotlight on works from Native American and First Nation artists. To fully appreciate the amazing works on display in this gallery, a visit is essential, and anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary, indigenous art owes it to themselves to stop by. Here's all you need to know about visiting Peters Projects:

- Location - The Peters Projects Santa Fe contemporary art gallery is located at 1011 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

- Times and Hours - Peters Projects is open on every day of the week except Sundays. The gallery opens its doors at 10am and closes at 5pm each day, but opening times can vary during certain exhibitions and the gallery may be closed on select holidays throughout the year.

- Contact - To get in touch with the team at Peters Projects, you can email, fill out an online contact form, or call 505 954 5800. You can also follow the gallery on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. website