One of the most incredible things about art is just how much it can change and adapt over time. As the world changes and new discoveries are made, art adapts and evolves along with it. In recent years, with major advancements in digital technology and fields of virtual reality, artificial reality, and more, we’re starting to see some extraordinary new creations and experiences being unveiled by some of the brightest artistic minds of modern times. One of the top groups leading the way right now is Meow Wolf.

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Meow Wolf - Immersive Artistic Experiences

Established back in 2008 as a Public Benefit Corporation focused on exploring arts and entertainment in bold new ways, Meow Wolf is an exciting arts and immersive experiences company. Over 300 employees make up the Meow Wolf team, all working to create and innovate, breaking down barriers and pushing the limits of art, reality, and technology in some truly mind-bending ways.

- Immersive Experiences - At a time when classic forms of entertainment like movies, music, and TV are more accessible and ubiquitous than ever before, people are looking for new ways to have fun and feel stimulated. Immersive experiences, like those provided by Meow Wolf, allow us to enjoy something totally new and different every time, while actually engaging with art, being able to reach out and touch it, in ways that just wouldn’t be possible at a typical gallery or exhibition.

- New Technology - Meow Wolf is making great use of cutting edge technologies, including the likes of artificial reality, in order to create and craft its unique immersive experiences and installations. If you’re fascinated by tech and want to see the latest innovations being used in some truly mind-blowing ways, Meow Wolf will never stop surprising you.

- Fun For The Whole Family - While some art could be described as limited or selective in terms of its appeal and intended audience, Meow Wolf installations and experiences can be enjoyed and admired by all, including young ones. In fact, these installations are ideal for families, providing a great way for kids to experience something completely different and perhaps even fostering an interest in the arts in your young creative minds.

Visit Meow Wolf

For now, Meow Wolf has one permanent location in the New Mexico city of Santa Fe, with plans in place to open additional locations in Las Vegas in 2019 and Denver in 2020. Here's all you need to know about visiting the Santa Fe location:

- Location - Meow Wolf Santa Fe is situated at 1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87507.

- Dates and Times - This unique, immersive art experience can be enjoyed throughout the year and on almost any day of the week. Meow Wolf Santa Fe is closed on Tuesdays, but open every other day. Opening times are from 10am to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 10am to 8pm every other day.

- What To Expect - The Santa Fe location for Meow Wolf, known as the House of Eternal Return, features an incredible 20,000 square foot art exhibit that looks straight out of the realms of fantasy or science fiction. Offering a totally fresh take on non-linear storytelling, this unique art experience can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Children will marvel at the fairy tale landscape all around them, able to touch and interact with many different elements, while adults will also be inspired and amazed at the surreal, space-like scene of this Santa Fe art installation.

- The Story - The idea behind the House of Eternal Return is that the Selig family were conducting some kind of strange epxeriment in their Victorian mansion late one night, when they suddenly all vanished. Guests at this location are able to freely explore the entire area, making their own choices and interpreting the story based on the clues and elements they find along the way. Guests can even make use of the exclusive 'Anomaly Tracker' app on their smartphones to discover more clues through the power of artificial reality.

- The Future - Plans are already in place for the opening of additional Meow Wolf locations in the years to come, with an installation planned to open in Las Vegas towards the end of 2019 and another experience due for opening in Denver in 2020. As the creative and innovative minds behind these incredible experiences continue to find new ways to express their talents, we can only expect to see bigger and better things from Meow Wolf in the future. website