Music has the power to change the world, to brighten the darkest of moments, to liven up our lives in exciting and unpredictable ways, and to make us think and feel all sorts of things. A single melody can have a big impact on so many people and be interpreted in all kinds of ways, and music continues to grow and evolve as time goes by.

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One of the more overlooked genres of music among younger generations is classical, but the beauty of classical music is simply unparalleled, with some of the greatest composers of the past crafting pieces that have stood the test of time. Fortunately, groups like Chatter in New Mexico are working to keep the spirit of classical music alive, sharing it with people of all ages.

Chatter - Classical Music in New Mexico

Chatter, in association with parent organization Ensemble New Mexico, is a classical music group putting on dozens of shows all through the year and aiming to bring the beauty and majesty of classical music to a modern audience through exciting shows and a revolutionary, laid-back approach.

- Chatter Sunday - One of the main and most regular offerings of Chatter, the Chatter Sunday events run on 50 weeks of the year at Las Puertas, 1512 1st Street NW, Albuquerque. Bringing traditional and contemporary classical music together, with a big focus on American composers, these shows feature unique, innovative aspects like a two-minute celebration of silence or a poetry recital to make each one different and memorable for the audience in attendance.

- Chatter Cabaret - There are six Chatter Cabaret performances each year, and they're a wonderful way to spend a night in New Mexico. These unique chamber music performances take place in various relaxed, beautiful venues around the city and feature table seating with quality wines, craft beers, and light snacks being served to accompany the evening's audio entertainment.

- Chatter At... - The Chatter At... performances take place at various unconventional and often large-scale venues around the city like The Albuquerque Museum and give the Chatter group new opportunities and challenges to bring classical music to NM audiences in unique and different ways, taking advantage of the aspects of each venue and space to provide unforgettable and unparalleled experiences for all.

Support Chatter

Chatter is doing amazing work to revolutionize the classical music scene in Albuquerque and beyond, and if you'd like to support the work of this team, here are a few ways to help out:

- Online Donations - You can donate quickly and easily online to Chatter. This musical group and its concerts are supported and organized by Ensemble Music New Mexico, the non-profit parent group of Chatter, so donations are essential and always welcome. You can make a payment with PayPal or card with ease online.

- Mail Donations - Those who prefer to make a donation through the more traditional physical means of mailing a check can address their envelopes to Chatter, PO Box 7464, Albuquerque, NM 87194.

- Donation Levels - There are various tiered levels of support you can show to Chatter, ranging from the Day Sponsor level, which is priced at $150 and provides you with two tickets to a Chatter performance, right up to the Sustainer and Artistic Directors Fund levels, which provide their own unique benefits.

- Volunteers - Volunteers are always needed to help out at Chatter concerts and performances and there are a variety of tasks volunteers can complete, depending on their skills, experiences, and preferences. Volunteers provide more than 5,000 hours of help to Chatter each and every year. They're the lifeblood of the whole group and really make a big difference, so it can be very rewarding and fulfilling to do some voluntary work of your own. You can help out with set-up, catering, admin, stage work, behind-the-scenes efforts, and other tasks, and you can get in touch with Chatter by email to learn more.

- Attend Events - One of the simplest and best ways you can help out Chatter and engage with this NM classical music group is to attend the various shows and performances like Chatter Sunday. There are dozens of shows all through the year, with adult tickets available from as low as $15 and discounts available for under-30s and children too. Turning up and enjoying the show can help to make some magical memories for yourself and your loved ones while also showing real, physical support for the inspiring work being done by Chatter to bring the joys of classical music into the 21st century. website