Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari is located in Jackson, New Jersey. The amusement theme park offers rides, entertainment, dining and shopping for the whole family. The park embraces a Warner Brothers theme and many of the rides are based on Looney Tunes characters, as well as action heroes from Warner Brothers movies such as Batman and the Green Lantern.

Rides range from children’s amusements to thrilling adventure rides. 19 rides are specifically designed for children and include Air Safari, a highflying roundabout on miniature airplanes. The Road Runner Railway is a small roller coaster that races over curves and gentle hills. Pepe le Pew’s Hearts Away is a twirling adventure on mini rafts. Daffy’s Deep Diver is a submarine tour through an underwater course. The Bugs Bunny National Park Water Tower and the Splash Water Oasis are summertime water amusements.

Among the more than 20 rides suitable for families is Air Jumbo, a 2-person roundabout ride aboard Jumbo the elephant. The Big Wheel is a classic 150-foot Ferris wheel. Other classic rides include a carousel, log-flume ride, bumper cars, the swashbuckler, a go-kart speedway, and Enchanted Teacups, a spinning teacup ride.

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Thrill rides at the park include 7 roller coasters. The Dark Night is a Batman-themed all-indoor roller coaster with an underground Gotham City theme. Batman: The Ride is an outdoor coaster that reaches speeds up to 50 miles per hour and takes passengers through a 360-degree loop after a 10 story upward lift. El Diablo is a 7-story tall spiraling coaster that performs a 360-degree loop. Passengers on swiveling seats change directions half-way through the loop. El Toro is built as a classic wooden roller coaster, but with state-of-the-art technology that allows for a smoother, faster ride. The coaster gains speeds of up to 76 miles per hour and offer a drop of over 170 feet. It has consistently been voted the world’s best wooden roller coaster.

The Safari component of the park offers several live animal adventures. Guests can hand-feed giraffes and visit the residents up-close on World Animal Days. Safari Off Road Adventures take guests on open-air military trucks through the Safari park for close up encounters with the 1,200 animals that live in the 350-acre park. Camp Aventura offers a mid-ride break from the Off Road Adventure and introduces guests to the park’s nursery where baby animals are cared for, as well as a zip line and other mid-Safari activities.

The park is divided into 10 differently themed areas for easier navigation. Main Street offers most of the food and retail vendors. The Adventure Seaport is home to many of the park’s water rides. Movietown is home to the indoor roller coaster as well as an arcade. Adventure Alley, Fantasy Forest and Frontier Adventures are additional themed sections. Dining and shopping options are available in all areas of the park.

History: The Jackson, New Jersey theme park was founded in 1972 by Warner LeRoy, an entrepreneurial businessman who envisioned an amusement and safari park with seven distinctly themed areas. The $10 million Great Adventure entertainment complex opened in 1974. Six Flags purchased the park in 1977 and added several larger rides, including the wooden roller coaster at the park today, which was then named Rolling Thunder. Time Warner purchased Six Flags Adventure Parks in 1990, and used the opportunity to promote their movies through the themes of the rides. Batman: The Ride was added to the park in 1992. Time Warner continued to manage the parks until 1998 when the majority interest was sold to Premier Parks. After a shareholder takeover and subsequent bankruptcy, the park is now managed by a parent company based in Texas. The 160-acre theme park merged with the 360-acre Wild Safari park in 2012, forming the world’s second largest theme park, to rival Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Ongoing Programs and Education: Live entertainment takes place daily throughout the park and shows change with the seasons. Events at the park include holiday festivals, educational events and live performances. Holiday in the Park takes place November through January and decorates the park with holiday lights.

Educational programming includes Safari Off Road Education, a spring program for children in grades K through 6. Physics days and STEM days help teachers and students learn about the science, math and physics principles in the real life setting of the theme park. Biology Day is geared towards middle and high school students and offers up-close encounters with animals at the Safari park.

1 Six Flags Blvd., Jackson, NJ 08527, Phone: 732-928-2000

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More last minute travel: Things to Do in Healdsburg CA, Madison, Dayton OH