There’s nothing quite like art and creative expression to bring people together and elevate communities to new heights. This is a big part of Valley Arts, a non-profit organization based in Orange, New Jersey. Designed around the idea of 'Community Through Creativity', Valley Arts aims to build up the local community and provide economic opportunities for businesses, artists, and local makers through a range of creative projects and programs. Here's how Valley Arts works:

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- Community Events - Valley Arts organizes a yearly calendar of special events, many of which are totally free for all to attend, as well as running workshops and classes for the local community. Aiming to give local residents new opportunities to get together, meet like-minded people, express themselves, and foster creative collaboration, these Valley Arts events strengthen the community.

- Creative Education - Valley Arts also offers after-school classes, clubs, lessons, and workshops for elementary school children in the Orange district, as well as additional classes and camps for young kids and teens, all aimed at helping young people unleash their inner artists, bring their imaginations to life, learn valuable new skills, and indulge in creative activities including painting, drawing, photography, performance art, music, cooking, dance, and more.

- Economic Aid - Valley Arts also works closely with local businesses and entrepreneurs to offer economic opportunities for local artists and makers. Through business outreach programs, Valley Arts is able to provide platforms like exhibitions and creative spaces for artists to display, share, and sell their art, with Valley Arts also running its own boutique and selling unique products and art works from members of the Valley Arts community.

Ways to Support Valley Arts

Now that you've seen the great ways Valley Arts is helping to improve and enhance the local community and provide new opportunities for artists, makers, and young people, if you'd like to help out and show your support, there are several great ways to do so:

- Donations - Valley Arts is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity and kindness of people who care about the arts and communities. Donations can be made online with ease and are fully tax deductible too. You can set up a monthly donation or just make a one-off payment, and every little bit helps, with your contribution going towards supporting the mission and programs of Valley Arts.

- Join Up - If you're an artist, maker, business owner, or local community member who wants to get involved with the good work being done by Valley Arts on a more active level, you can join up and become a part of the movement. Various membership packages are available, from the simple Friend package, designed for people who simply want to show their support, up to Creative membership packages for artists and Makers + Movers packages for business owners and entrepreneurs.

- Membership Benefits - Each of these memberships comes with a range of unique benefits. The Makers + Movers membership, for example, will offer business consultations, invitations to networking meetings and special events, and the opportunity to take part in special community workshops. The Creative memberships, meanwhile, come with listings in the Valley Arts artist directory, participations in various exhibitions and events, and discounts on art supplies, while the standard Friend package offers discounts at art stores and the artfullbean café, as well as invitations to members-only events.

- Take Part - Simply attending the various special events, both free and paid, is a great way to actively show your support for this great cause. The various events organized by Valley Arts need as much participation as possible, so attending often and bringing your friends and family along is a fine way to help out.

- Amazon Smile - Through the Amazon Smile service, which allows you to donate a small percentage of your online purchases to charitable causes, you can select Valley Arts as your chosen charity and make donations every time you shop online.

- Shop - You can also shop with the artfullbean café for unique items, with a percentage of all proceeds helping to fund the projects and programs of Valley Arts, as well as helping to support the artists and makers responsible for the products themselves.

- Spread the Word - If you aren't able to help out in the aforementioned ways but still want to show your support, simply talking about Valley Arts, spreading the word to your friends and family members, as well as your colleagues and anyone else you know, is a great way anyone can help. By raising awareness of the work being done by Valley Arts, you'll be encouraging more people to attend events, take an interest in the NJ art community, and maybe even make donations or buy memberships of their own. website