Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is an all-season garden with 380 acres on Lake Wylie in Belmont, North Carolina. Visitors will enjoy the landscaped gardens, fountains, and conservatory. There are many trails to explore as well as a gift shop and pavilion. Daniel Jonathon Stowe retired as executive to a textile industry in North Carolina with a vision of creating a large botanical garden. In 1991 he set aside nearly 400 acres of lakefront property, full of meadows and woodlands.


The garden board of directors conceived a master plan to develop the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden over 50 years beginning in 1994. Future development will be completed through private and public donations.

The Gardens

There are currently 13 distinct gardens and an Orchid Conservatory that make up the Botanical Gardens with 15 more planned for future development.

Four Seasons Garden- This garden is planted all year around with annuals providing colors throughout each season and perennials that have been landscaped to provide a lush, full garden during any month.

Cottage Garden- plants featured in this garden are favorites from the 19th and 20th centuries. These heirloom plants will take visitors back in time.

Crape Myrtle Grove- This shaded garden is the perfect place to take a rest while strolling the dozens of acres of gardens. There are benches and fountains featured here.

Canal Garden- 100 yards long, this Canal Garden is named for the water feature that is the highlight of the garden and features cascading fountains on either end. The garden changes color themes with each season.

Lost Hollow: Kimbrell children’s Garden-One of the newest additions to the Botanical Gardens is the Lost Hollow found nestled between the old forest and landscaped gardens. This garden allows children to climb, explore, and use all their senses to discover nature.

Allee Garden- This garden also features a water fountain. Children love to race through the water tunnel formed by this fantastic fountain. This spot is a great place for photos!

The Scroll Garden- In the spring, the garden serves as an attractant for pollinators such as butterflies and bees. The garden features shape and texture incorporated into its design and creates an interesting spiral.

The Ribbon Garden- Another fountain is found in this garden but with an intricate water system that curves through the garden and ends in a lively water show.

Serpentine Garden- Perfect for meandering through flowers, this winding path garden features circular pool and many color themes throughout.

Conifer- Cone bearing plants that stay green all year around are the highlight of this garden that is well manicured and designed.

Enconre Azalea Garden­- At it’s peak in the fall, the Encore Azalea Garden features more than 500 of these colorful blooms.

West Gardens- This collection of gardens features the Nellie Rhyne Stowe White Garden which is a favorite wedding location. The garden is always full of white blooms in every season.

The Orchid Conservatory- The only glass house in the Carolinas, the conservatory is a tropical oasis inside five stories and 8,000 square feet. This building is dedicated to orchids and other tropical plants that are rare or endangered. The exhibits in this showroom change frequently.


Self-guided group tours are ideal for experiencing Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Part of the nearly 400 acres is nature preserve that showcases the very best of Southern horticulture. 110 acres of the gardens is currently available for touring the landscaped gardens.

Group and individual pricing is the same cost per person and details can be found on the website.

Guided Group Tours- These tours are 1-2 hours long and lead by a Garden Guide. Participants pay the regular admission cost plus a fee for the tour guide dependent on length of tour. Details can be found online. Group sizes are limited to 25 per guide. Specialty tours are also available in the Orchid Conservatory where guests get a behind the scenes look at the gardens. Boxed lunches can be added as well as a 15 minute tram ride for students.

Educational Programs

There are many year round programs offered at the gardens for people of all ages. Programs are offered in horticulture, art, photography, fitness, and more.

Garden Adventure Camp- This summer camp is a full day camp that immerses students in horticulture and current exhibits at the Gardens.

Daily events- There are programs offered throughout ever week at the Botanical Gardens that are appropriate for children and families. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Garden admission counter. Program details are available on the website.

6500 South New Hope Road, Belmont, North Carolina, 28012, Phone: 704-825-4490

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