Sea Turtle Camp is a summer camp that is immersive in marine biology with a mission to cultivate love and respect for the ocean located in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Sea Turtle Camp has a mission of cultivating love and respect for the ocean and marine life and sea turtles. The educators focus on a grassroots approach towards solving the problem of dwindling numbers of sea turtles in the wild by cultivating leaders in youth and encouraging volunteerism and starting students on potential career paths.

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is where students at the camp will be able to lend a hand while working at the Sea Turtle Center facility that was newly opened in 2013. The hospital and education center is over 13,000-square feet and is equipped with husbandry, surgical and classrooms. Campers will work side by side volunteers and interns as they learn how sea turtles are rehabilitated and help release them back into the wild.

Sea Turtle Camp is best known for being a summer camp that is immersive in marine biology and SCUBA training. They also offer travel camps in Hawaii and Costa Rica, as well as special programs that school groups can participate in that can be done in one day.

Marine Biology Summer Camp- There are three different marine biology summer camp programs. All three programs are hands on and intensive, but offers three different perspectives on ocean life and recreation. Carolina Ocean Odyssey is an adventure camp that helps campers build confidence through ocean sport activities. Campers will learn to surf, boogie board, observe turtle rehabilitation, learn crabbing, clamming, and explore the marsh lands and coastal beaches of Topsail Island. Campers stay in air-conditioned, ocean side rooms on the island for 5 days. Marine Biology Adventure is a 6-day stay that is more science focused. Campers will learn about the fundamentals of marine biology and the five species of sea turtles that migrate along the coast of North Carolina. They will also patrol the beaches looking for sea turtles in the mornings, earn community service hours through beach ecology projects and clean up, explore coastal habitats, marshes, and tidepools and participate in rehabilitation of the sea turtles. The third program is the Marine Biology Immersion Program which is 11 days and earns 25 community service hours. You’ll do everything in the Marine Biology Adventure Program plus study sea turtle necropsy, get a behind the scenes tour of the North Carolina Aquarium, and conduct some other special research.

SCUBA Camps- SCUBA diving is North Carolina is top rated and Sea Turtle camp offers two different camps, Open Water and Advanced, for teens looking to earn their PADI Open Water SCUBA Certification. The Open Water Camp is a 12 Day program that teaches the basic skills for certification. Teens age 13-17 will also learn about the types of animals they will encounter while diving, explore the salt marsh, tidepools, and earn 20 hours of community service credit while in the program. The Advance class is for after completion of the open water class and includes surfing and paddleboard lessons through the barrier islands.

Travel Camps- Teens age 14-17 can work in Costa Rica or Hawaii with sea turtles up close and personal in exotic marine eco systems and learn what it takes to become part of the solution to global environmental concerns. The Costa Rica Campers will participate in exciting zip line canopy tours, go rafting down the Pacuare River, explore the rain forest, live on a island and spend a week working in a turtle hatchery. Hawaiian Campers will enjoy traditional luau feasts, work with a breeding program at Sea Life Park where they will also work with dolphins, sea lions and tropical fish, hike the beautiful tropical islands, snorkel the coral reef, and take surfing lessons.

School Groups- The Karen Beasley Rescue and Rehabilitation Center operates all year round so the hospital acts as much more than a summer camp experience and can arrange for school trips. Schools, scouts, and community groups can work with the program director to design curriculums during the academic year to fit your needs. There are a variety of programs that have been established and coordinated to fit into school day trips, multi-day outings, residential camps, and every age group. Cost varies depending on activities and amenities, guides and attendees. Some programs that groups have participated in include: Sea Turtle necropsy, sunrise nest spotting walks, night time hatchling watch, sampling trawl, salt marsh and wetland sustainability, floating dock ecology, sandstone ecology, landfill and WASTEC tour, surfing lessons.

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