Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum

The Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum in Winston-Salem, NC is a community-based and non-profit theater that produces original theater performances for families and showcases emerging professional artists with the aim of inspiring curiosity and wonder about the arts, as well as encouraging lifelong learning within the community. Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum

»Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum is to inspire interest and curiosity in the performing arts and theater using introducing original works to a new generation of theatergoers, entertaining, educating. It also aims to inspire both the young and young at heart and develop leaders in the community and the performing arts. The Museum also seeks to entitle children to explore their creativity through educational programming and to inspire new adventures and experiences in everyday life. Photo: Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum

»Education and Initiatives

Education and Initiatives

Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum offers a range of workshops, classes and other programs that encourage young learners to be inspired by the performing arts. The Theater's newest initiative, Young Dramaturgs (the name for someone who helps a playwright make their work the best it can be) teaches students the skills of a dramaturg and the vital role they play in the performing arts world. Photo: Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum

»Visitor Information

Visitor Information

The Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum is located at 390 South Liberty Street in Winston-Salem and presents a variety of performances and productions throughout the year.

Tucked between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in the state of North Carolina, Winston-Salem is a modern city with much to offer in the way of things to see and do, including over 80 urban parks, eight institutions of higher learning, numerous galleries and museums, wineries and restaurants, championship golf courses and Salem College, the oldest college for women in the country. Fun activities for the whole family include the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, the Old Salem Museum, and Gardens, the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, SciWorks, and the Historic Bethabara Park.

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Peppercorn Theatre at Kaleideum in Winston-Salem, NC