The Marbles Kids Museum in North Carolina is dedicated to sparking imagination, discovery and learning through play. Established in 2009, the Museum features an array of interactive and hands-on exhibits that encourage children to explore and discover new things through experimenting and playing.


The mission of the Marbles Kids Museum is to stimulate curiosity and spark the imagination of young learners through vibrant and thought-provoking exhibits and displays. The museum also aims to build intellectual, social and emotional skills, as well as promote physical development and good health. The Marbles Kids Museum encourages imagination, creativity, and self-expression through play that will ultimately lead to discovery and kindle curiosity. The final aim of the Museum is to teach cooperation, collaboration, strengthen family values and unites communities.


The Marbles Kids Museum features an array of exhibits and educational programs that are designed to build imagination through self-exploration of new ideas and experiences. Shows include ‘Step notes’ where an ordinary staircase is turned into a piano and teaches children the concept of musical notes. ‘Treetunes’ explores every child’s inner musical genius through melodies inspired by the great outdoors; and ‘Around Town’ brings the world around us down to child size in a pint-size model of the community, bustling with people at work and play.

Other exhibits include ‘BB&T Toddlers Hollow’ which children under the age of three are encouraged to explore and discover the magic of the woods and all the creatures that live within it. Children get to dress up as forest animals, crawl through the underbrush, balance on bridges and uncover a secret pixie hideaway.

The ‘Splash’ exhibit highlights fun with water and features a variety of hands-on, water-based experiences and experiments, while ‘Sun Sprouts’ teaches children about growing fresh herbs and other plants. ‘Kid Grid’ is a child-inspired power grid and ‘Art Loft’ encourages freedom of expression and creativity through art by painting, drawing, sculpting and exploring various types of artwork.

The Moneypalooza exhibit takes children into the colorful world of money and teaches them about smart ways to spend and save while still having fun. This presentation aims to establish healthy money habits through high-energy and innovative activities. Imagination takes center stage in the IdeaWorks display, which is alive with creativity and innovation where kids design, make and create structures, simple machines, vehicles and everyday products. Power2Play is the central exhibit of the Be Healthy|Be Active initiative and provides playful learning environments that encourage physical activity and promotes healthy choices for children and their families.

Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles

Located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, the Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles is North Carolina's only certified 3D IMAX screen and presents a range of immersive movie experiences for the whole family from inspirational, educational documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters. The IMAX is also available to rent for special occasions such as birthday parties, corporate functions, and more.


The Marbles Kids Museum offers a variety of educational programs, initiatives, classes and workshops for all ages. Led by early childhood educators, classes offer a new world of discovery through play for children and their parents and include from Baby Time Meet-Up, Toddlers Together, and Preschoolers Discover.

A range of award-winning camps led by expertly trained staff is offered at the Marbles Kids Museum, including Camp Marbles Summer Camps for ages 3-10, School’s Out Camps for ages 3-5 and K5-10, First Friday Kids Camp for ages 3-5 and K5-10, and Overnight Camp-ins. Parenting workshops are also offered and cover a broad range of topics such as how to raise confident and resilient children.

Visitor Information

The Marbles Kids Museum is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh and is open to the public Monday through Sunday from 9: 00 am to 5:00 pm and until 7:00 pm every Thursday and the first Friday of every month. Group tours of the museum can be pre-arranged, and snacks and beverages can be purchased at the Marbles Corner Store or the IMAX concession stand. Farm-fresh fare can be enjoyed for lunch at the Marbles Café or visitors can bring their own picnic lunches to enjoy at Moore Square Park, which is located directly across the street from Marbles Kids Museum. The Museum Store sells a variety of items, toys, books, puzzles and fun museum-related gifts.

201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601, website, Phone: 919-834-4040

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