The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is a site dedicated to honoring the memory of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, biographer, folksinger and lecturer, Carl Sandburg. Located in Carl Sandburg Lane in the village of Flat Rock in North Carolina, the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site consists of the farm that Sandburg lived on in the last 22 years of life known as Connemara and where he published more than a third of his works.

Resting on 264 acres of rolling pastures, the farm features the Sandburg residence, a goat farm with a historic herd, dense mountainside forests, two small lakes and several ponds, an apple orchard, vegetable gardens and five miles of hiking trails. The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic site attracts over 85,000 visitors a year and is open year-round.

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The mission of the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is to honor and preserve the legacy of Carl Sandburg and the contribution he made to American history through his life and work as an American poet, biographer of Abraham Lincoln, writer, historian, and social activist.


Wanting peace and solitude to write, Carl Sandburg purchased the 30-acre property and pastureland in 1945, where he would spend the next 22 years of his life writing and publishing some of his best works. After the death of Sandburg, the home and property were designated a historic site by President Johnson in 1968 and officially opened to the public in 1974.

The historic site features 264 acres of rolling pastures and farmlands, two lakes and several ponds, over five miles of hiking trails, and over 50 structures, including the Sandburg's residence and the goat barn. The Museum Preservation Center is a 4,000 square foot facility that houses the museum and archival collection of the site and contains more than 320,000 items including photographs, documents, telegrams, letters, sound recordings and motion pictures, as well as 12,000 volumes of the Sandburg's books.

Visitors to the site can experience guided tours of the residence, visit the dairy barn and great goat herd that represents the three breeds of goats that Sandberg’s wife, Lilian raised and enjoys live performances of Sandberg’s works in the park amphitheater from mid-June until mid-August.

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Natural Environment

The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is home to an incredible diversity of ecological communities, ranging from dense forests and woodlands to rocky outcrops, fields, and ponds. The 267-acre property houses over 500 species vascular plants and no less than 14 different ecological communities, making it a significant environmental and cultural resource.


The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site offers a variety of educational programs and initiatives that relate to the park and its heritage. Programs include field trips for all ages and school levels, Traveling Trunks, a curricula-based school action, a student poetry contest and various in-class curricula resources. Other educational programs include a Junior Ranger Program, a Centennial Jr. Ranger program, the National Historic Preservation Act Jr. Ranger program, Girl Scout programs, and Scout Ranger Programs.

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Visitor Information

Located on 264 acres outside the village of Flat Rock in western North Carolina, the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is open to the public seven days a week, year-round. Guided tours of the Sandburg residence and traditional Connemara goat farm are available and are led by knowledgeable staff who share their stories and explore the contributions to American history that the Sandburg family made. Visitors can explore the property via five miles of walking trails after visiting the farm, and dairy goats and a bookstore on the first floor of the Sandburg residence sells a selection of books about the property and historic site.

81 Carl Sandburg Ln, Flat Rock, NC 28731, Phone: 828-693-4178

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