Montana Grizzly Encounter, founded in 2004, offers a natural and spacious habitat for rescued grizzly bears. Located in Bozeman, Montana, this Grizzly Bear Rescue & Education Sanctuary also provides the public with a place to learn more about grizzlies, as well as an opportunity to view the powerful creatures up-close surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. Each one of the bears that call Montana Grizzly Encounter home were born in situation of inhumane captivity, throughout the country, and as such, aren't able to be released into a wild habitat.

The rescued bears at Grizzly Encounter are provided with the best life possible for them. At the same time, visitors to the bear sanctuary are offered a chance to see and gain a better understanding of these amazing creatures safely and up-close. School groups are able to visit Grizzly Encounter for free, and thousands of students learn about grizzly bear conservation and safety every year. As a result, Maggi, Jake, Sheena, Bella, Brutus, and Montana Grizzly Encounter are helping to ensure the existence of wild grizzly bears in the nation's forests for future generations.

Believing that grizzly bears are a valuable part of the region's wild natural heritage that deserve to be protected, the founders of Montana Grizzly Encounter created their sanctuary. The founders consider the place for any bear to live is in the wild, however, some grizzly bears aren't able to survive in the wild for a number of reasons. Many bears have suffered severe cruelty in unfortunate captive situations. Grizzly bears are now only found in two percent of the area that they once inhabited within the continental United States, and will only be able to continue to reside in the wild if people take an active interest in their survival.

The mission of Montana Grizzly Encounter is two-fold. The first part is to provide rescued bears that aren't able to be released into the wild with a humane and proper home, and to help end the cruelty to the animals. The second is to provide the public with education about grizzly bears with the aim to promote preservation and appreciation of the bears in their natural habitat.

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In order to succeed in their mission, Grizzly Encounter offers the public a chance to watch rescued bears living in a natural setting with plenty of space for them to happy. By doing so, it encourages visitors to have a greater appreciation for grizzly bears and their counterparts in the wild and to learn more about the species. The sanctuary also offers educations to the public about bear safety in order to try to lessen the danger in the wild from interaction between humans and bears, which causes injury to both too often. In addition to people visiting the sanctuary, Grizzly Encounter provides similar education through media to the public at large.

The founder of Montana Grizzly Encounter, Casey Anderson, grew up surrounded by animals and wilderness in Montana. He became an animal trainer and keeper at wildlife parks after college, and traveled to elephant orphanages in Kenya. Eventually, Brutus, a baby grizzly bear born in an overpopulated wildlife park, entered his life. Casey saved Brutus from being euthanized and created a sanctuary just for him, which soon grew to a home for several bears.

80 Bozeman Hill Road, Bozeman, Montana, Phone: 406-586-8893

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