Located on the Clark Fork River and surrounded by five different mountain ranges, the city of Missoula is the county seat of Missoula County and is situated in the western part of Montana. The city is often known as the 'hub of five valleys' due to the many mountains all around and is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Missoula covers an area of 29.08 square miles and has an estimated population of around 73,000 people, with over 117,000 in the surrounding metropolitan area. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Missoula, Montana (Elevation of Missoula, Montana)

Missoula, Montana (Elevation of Missoula, Montana)
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Historians have found traces of human life in the area going back several thousand years, with various Native American tribes living in the land that would eventually become Missoula until European settlers started to arrive. In 1860, a little settlement named Hell Gate Village was established just a few miles away from the future downtown sector of Missoula, and the city itself was founded in 1866 and a fort was built in 1877 to offer some protection to the town.

The arrival of the railroad network in Missoula helped the town expand and it was chosen as the ideal spot for the construction of the University of Montana. Many mills were opened up all around, with lumber being the key industry in Missoula for many years. Nowadays, the lumber industry has died down but the city has continued to thrive due to the university. Missoula is also home to around 400 acres of parks for outdoor activities and recreation.

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2.Missoula, Montana Elevation

Missoula, Montana Elevation
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The elevation of an area is a measurement of how high it is in relation to the mean sea level of Earth. Elevation can be measured in feet or meters and has various uses. It's also an important factor in an area's climate, with high elevation areas having lower temperatures in general. The elevation of Missoula, Montana is 3,209 feet (978 m), which is higher than the national average of 2,500 feet (760 m). Many big cities around the United States and other countries are situated in coastal locations with relatively low elevations of 500 feet (152 m) or lower.

The relatively high elevation of Missoula is due to the fact that it is surrounded by mountains and situated in Montana, which is one of the highest states of America overall. The mean elevation of the state of Montana is 3,400 feet (1,040 m), making it the eighth highest state, just ahead of Oregon. The highest point in all of Montana is Granite Peak, located in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness at an elevation of 12,807 feet (3,903.5 m). The lowest point in the state of Montana is found at the Kootenai River on the Idaho-Montana border at an elevation of 1,804 feet (550 m).

The highest populated place recognized in the state of Montana is Cooke City, which is located in Park County and has an elevation of 7,608 feet (2,319 m). Most of the state’s biggest cities are situated at relatively high elevations. Some examples include Billings, which is situated at an elevation of 3,123 feet (952 m), Great Falls, which is located at an elevation of 3,330 feet (1,015 m), Bozeman, which has an elevation of 4,820 feet (1,461 m), and Butte, which is situated at an elevation of 5,538 feet (1,688 m). So the e

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3.Climate and Things to Do in Missoula, Montana

Climate and Things to Do in Missoula, Montana
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The city of Missoula has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers in Missoula are hot and dry, while the winters are cold and often feature heavy snowfall. Over 37 inches of snow fall in Missoula per year and can occur at any time from October through to late April. The coldest month of the year is December, which has average lows of 17°F (-8°C), while the warmest month of the year is July, which has average highs of 86°F (30°C). During the summer months, the night-time temperatures can be much colder than the days in Missoula.

As one of Montana's major cities and located right near the Rocky Mountains, Missoula offers a lot of opportunities to visitors and residents alike. It's a great spot for outdoor recreation, with 400 acres of parkland in the city limits and three nearby rivers. Activities like kayaking, rafting, cycling, hiking, and more can be enjoyed nearby, and a few major ski areas are located within relatively short distances. The city is also known as a key cultural hub for Montana, with a lot of museums, galleries, and live events aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Elevation of Missoula, Montana

More Ideas: The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula was established in 1975 by the local community to preserve what remained of the original Fort Missoula and to educate and inspire others to take an interest in the rich history of the area. Located on 32 acres of pristine land in the heart of historic Fort Missoula, the museum features an impressive collection with more than 40,000 objects, including 15 historic buildings and structures. The indoor galleries of the museum feature both permanent and temporary or traveling exhibits that focus on various events from the period of early exploration in the area to modern times. The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula aims to provide an unparalleled educational and cultural experience for both the local community and visitors alike.

Fort Missoula was a fort established in 1877 by the United States Army to protect settlers in Western Montana from the local Native American Indians. In addition to acting as a protector for the settlers, the fort also played host to the famous Buffalo Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment in 1888, was a prison camp for Italian POWs during the World War II and for Japanese soldiers arrested as enemy aliens after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Built in response to urgent requests from the settlers and local townspeople wanting protection from marauding Western Montana Indian tribes, Fort Missoula was established as a permanent military post in 1877. Designed as an ‘open fort’ without walls, which was common to the west of the Mississippi, troops were required to take the offensive and patrol the surrounding areas opposed to simply sitting and watching. In 1888, the 25th Infantry Regiment arrived at Fort Missoula, one of four individual units formed after the Civil War and spent over a decade at the Fort testing the military potential of bicycles with arduous journeys such as a 1,900-mile trip from Fort Missoula to St. Louis.

Under the leadership of Congressman Joseph Dixon of Missoula, the Fort was remodeled into a modern complex of concrete buildings with several additions added between 1908 and 1914, including barracks, a new Officer's Row, and Post Hospital. During World War I, the Fort was used as a military training center to train mechanics and truck drivers of the Student Army Training Corps (SATC), and later as the Northwest Regional Headquarters for the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933. It went on to become an alien detention center for non-military Italian men such as merchant seamen and crew during the Second World War in 1941 and was fondly known as ‘’Camp Bella Vista.’’ Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, over 650 Japanese-American men who were considered high risk were stationed at the camp for a short period before being moved on to other internment camps.

The camp continued to be used as a prison for military personnel awaiting court-martial following World War II until it was decommissioned in 1947 and formally again in 2001. Today the Fort is open to the public to explore and learn more about the history of the Fort and the role it played in the development of the area around it.

The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula offers a variety of educational programs and initiatives for both adults and children, as well as community outreach programs. Programs include classes, workshops, lectures, family events, Girl Scout Badge Days, and more, as well as festivals and theme days presented throughout the year. Community Outreach Programs include Fort Fizzle Trunk where students can have some fun reenacting local history using characters, costumes and role play to discover the challenges faced by military men at the fort during their time there. Another program is the Missoula History Through Children's Eyes Education Trunk, which is available for teachers and educators and presented by a museum docent. Other Outreach Programs include Learning From Objects, which explores the way people learn about and create histories, Fire Lookouts, which focuses on the historical development of firefighting methods, and "My Memories of the Frontier" by Captain Charles Rawn.

The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is located at 3400 Captain Rawn Way, Missoula. The grounds around the Museum are always open and free to the public, and guided tours of the Museum and the grounds can be arranged on request.

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3400 Captain Rawn Way, Missoula, MT 59804, Phone: 406-728-3476

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More Ideas: A Carousel for Missoula

A Carousel for Missoula in Montana took its first spin in 1995 in the community that worked together to build a dream, after four years and over 100,000 hours of volunteer work. Chuck Kaparich, a Missoula cabinet maker, promised the Missoula City Council that “if you will give it a home, and promise no one will ever take it apart, I will build A Carousel for Missoula" in 1991. Kaparich had spent many hours during his childhood on the carousel in Butte, Montana at Columbia Gardens. He had already purchased an antique frame that was in thousands of pieces and had carved four ponies for a carousel. The Missoula City Council agreed to the carousel and the dream Kaparich had for A Carousel for Missoula became the dream of the community.

To turn that dream into a reality, a board of directors are created to organize and fundraise. Mechanics started the restoration process of the motor and the antique frame's 16,066 pieces. Kaparich taught volunteers how to carve, and the city of Missoula started working together to build the treasure of A Carousel for Missoula. The carousel opened on in 1995 on May 27 after more than 100,000 volunteer hours had gone into its construction of thirty-eight permanent ponies, two chariots, three replacement ponies, mirror frames and gargoyle frames, fourteen gargoyles, and the country's largest band organ in continuous use. All of this is within one jewel box building.

Members of the community donated materials, services, encouragement, and time towards the construction of A Carousel for Missoula. Artists in stained glass created shimmering windows, students collected more than one million pennies to adopt four of the ponies, mechanics poured Babbitt, people carved majestic horses from wood blocks, and friendships were found among the woodchips. The community working together to build the carousel reached all the way to Calgary in Canada, where a friendship horse was built by the Midnight Rose Carvers for Missoula. The story of A Carousel for Missoula includes metal and wood, colored glass and concrete, hands and hearts, and many hours of labor by volunteers who lovingly gave their time to turn a dream into reality.

The giving spirit that built A Carousel for Missoula didn't stop when the carousel opened to the public. Volunteers continued to carve ponies for local non-profit organizations and other carousels, as well as restore wooden ponies for antique carousels. Mechanics continued to donate their time to maintain the machine to keep it in top condition, and several others help maintain and improve the carousel as a gift to the Missoula community. In 2001, more than 4,000 volunteers worked together to build the Dragon Hollow Play Area beside the carousel in only nine days. In just a short time, the grassy field transformed into a magical playground with the help of not just the local community, but also from friends throughout the world. A Carousel for Missoula is located within Caras Park in downtown Missoula along the Clark Fork River.

101 Carousel Drive, Missoula, Montana, Phone: 406-549-8382

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More Ideas: Goldsmith's

Located in Missoula, Montana, Goldsmith's offers a comfortable home-away-from-home getaway. Resting along the banks of the Clark Fork River just a few blocks from downtown Missoula and the University of Montana, the turn-of-the-century brick home was built as a fraternity house and converted into a cozy guesthouse.

Guest Accommodations

Goldsmith's Bed and Breakfast feature seven well-appointed and individually decorated guest rooms and suites with windows seats embracing breathtaking river views. All accommodations have hardwood floors covered with rich oriental rugs, luxurious sleigh beds or wrought-iron king or queen-size beds with pillow-top mattresses, high-quality linens, down comforters and plush pillows, and en-suite bathrooms with bath/shower combinations, walk-in showers or soaking tubs, fresh towels, bathrobes, and branded toiletries. Spacious sitting areas have comfortable sofas and armchairs, working fireplaces, and modern amenities including flat-screen televisions with cable channels and DVD players, hairdryers, and complimentary wireless Internet.

The Clark Fork Suite is also known as the ‘Honeymoon Suite’ and features a king-size bed dressed in high-quality linens, down comforters and plush pillows, and an en-suite bathroom with a large, tiled shower, fresh towels, bathrobes, and branded toiletries. A spacious living area has a full-sized sofa bed for additional guests, comfortable sofas and armchairs and modern amenities such as cable television, hairdryers, and complimentary wireless Internet.

The Craighead Room is located on the first floor and offers a queen-size bed dressed in high-quality linens, down comforters and plush pillows, and an en-suite bathroom with a large, tiled shower, fresh towels, bathrobes, and branded toiletries. An elegantly furnished sitting area has a fireplace, a plush sofa and armchairs, and beautiful mountain views, and modern amenities include cable television, hairdryers, and complimentary wireless Internet.

The Duniway Room is found on the second floor and features corner windows overlooking the Clark Fork River and Mount Sentinel. The room features a comfortable queen-size bed dressed in high-quality linens, down comforters and plush pillows, and an en-suite bathroom with a large, tiled shower, fresh towels, bathrobes, and branded toiletries. A spacious living area has comfortable sofas and armchairs and modern amenities such as cable television, hairdryers, and complimentary wireless Internet.


A complimentary full English country-style breakfast is served every morning in the cozy breakfast room and includes freshly baked bread and pastries, seasonal fruit, cereals and yogurt, a variety of signature dishes, and freshly brewed coffee, tea, and juices.

Amenities and Recreation

Deluxe amenities and guest services atGoldsmith's Bed and Breakfast include a lovely front porch with seating and beautiful garden views, a comfortable library, and a complimentary full English country-style breakfast every morning.

Local Attractions

Known as the “Garden City” for its forested, lush surroundings and plentiful rivers, Missoula offers a host of activities and things to see and do, including an abundance of city parks and open spaces, year-round with events, theatrical productions, outdoor activities, and a beautifully preserved downtown area with specialty stores, restaurants, spas, museums, and galleries.

Goldsmith’s Missoula Bed and Breakfast are ideally located on the banks of The Clark Fork River and within walking distance of the restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, boutique stores, and other forms of entertainment. The University of Montana is a short walk away, along with the Washington Grizzly Stadium, the Adams Center, the picturesque River Front trail and Cara Park, which is home to a buzzing farmer’s market and variety of festivals. Other attractions in the area include Dragon’s Hollow playground, the Missoula Osprey, A Carousel for Missoula, Ogren Field, Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures, Missoula Troufitters.

803 E Front St, Missoula, MT 59802, Phone: 406-728-1585

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