The Tree House Restaurant is a St. Louis-based vegan restaurant that serves contemporary vegetarian fare inspired by world cookeries. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, dinner, beverages, and standard drinks in its dining room, outdoor seating area, and bar. The place is ideal for casual dining and romantic nights.

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· Breakfast - Pancakes, tofu scramble, breakfast sandwich, bagel with lox and cream cheese, chorizo scramble, and the tree house slinger.

· Beverages - Standard coffee varieties like Americano, iced coffee, latte/cappuccino, double espresso, French press, macchiato, drip coffee, and locally roasted specialty coffees. Also available are organic tea, organic Asian pear and ginger kombucha tea, organic coconut water, and fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice.

· Brunch - Frittata, quiche, biscuit and gravy plate, fried beets, burger, Brussels sprouts salad, Tree House Super Salad, lox and cream cheese, desayuno latino, banh mi, Tree House Cuban, and others. The menu also has beverages like organic teas, coffee, coconut water, and fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice.

· Lunch - Crab cakes, white bean dip, quiche, frittata, chorizo tamale, street tacos, the Raw Noodle Bowl, banh bao chay, Tree House Super Salad, and Soup of the Day or black bean chili. Lunch sandwiches include Japanese-style fried cutlet katsu, grilled cheese, bacon, the Tree House Burger, and Tree House Cuban Sandwiches.

· Dinner - Menu includes snacks like vegan cheese plate, white bean dip, spring rolls, fried beets, banh bao chay, charcuterie board, fried plantains, and Soup of the Day. Small plates consisting of arancini, crab cakes, Brussels sprouts salad, fried green tomatoes, and arepas. Large plates include the Raw Noodle Bowl, paella, seitan katsu, wild mushroom stuffed ravioli, chorizo tamale, and the Super Salad. Beverages are coconut water, cane sugar soda, kombucha tea, coffee, and black tea. The menu also offers vegan and gluten-free desserts.

· Bar Menu - The Tree House Restaurant’s bar menu offerscocktails, beer, and wine varieties in sparkling, rose, whites, and reds.

· Brunch Cocktails - The restaurant’s brunch cocktails menuoffers a range of standard drinks from the bar menu along with seven other varieties of hand-crafted brunch cocktails.

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Social Responsibility

One of the philosophes at the Tree House Restaurant is to give back to its community. The restaurant supports various community causes by donating a fixed percentage of its sales every month. All their charity drives are updated on their Facebook page from time to time.


The restaurant accepts online reservations for up to 12 guests. The reservation is to be made via an online form available on the restaurant’s website. For groups of more than 12 persons, the reservation can be made by calling the restaurant.

Operating Hours (updated on 4/16/2017)

The Tree House Restaurant opens twice a day Tuesday through Sunday; the first half is from 10:00am to 3:00pm and the second half is between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. The restaurant operates 6 days a week as it remains closed on Mondays.

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Tree House Restaurant, 3177 S Grand Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri 63118, website, Phone: 314-696-2100

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Tree House Restaurant in St. Louis

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