Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi, and it’s full of history. The state’s Freedom Trail winds through the streets and buildings of Jackson, and many of these historic areas are absolutely beautiful, and home to some truly gorgeous wedding venues.

Couples who choose to tie the know in Jackson will have their pick of locations, whether they’re looking for a rustic country wedding in a barn or an elegant event in a chandelier-lit ballroom. Jackson has opportunities for outdoor weddings under a beautiful altar of oak trees as well as unique indoor venue options in old ice houses or concert halls.

1. Cotton Market Venue

Cotton Market Venue
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The beaded crystal chandeliers that hang from the lofty rafters at Cotton Market Venue cast a soft, warm light down into the room, cascading in dancing prismatic colors over the newlyweds as they enjoy their first dance as a married couple. This beautiful barn venue has space for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, with plenty of room for friends and family to join in on the festivities in the ten thousand square foot event space. A wraparound porch as well as tables and chairs are included in the cost of facility rental, and couples will have the opportunity to take gorgeous wedding photos on a quaint footbridge above a rocky waterfall, and around the greenery of the gardens and property.

2644 S Pearson Rd, Richland, MS 39218, Phone: 601-906-5499

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2. Duling Hall

Duling Hall
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Duling Hall is a prominent event and concert venue in jackson, it’s used to throwing a great party. With colorful stained glass windows, a huge interior space, and even some outdoor space as well, the venue transitions easily into a beautiful space for a wedding ceremony and/or reception. Duling Hall has a lot of history over the years, and the space has a lot more character than your average banquet hall or hotel ballroom. With incredible lighting and sound capabilities, a built in stage and full bar, and a location right in the middle of the bustling Fondren Arts District of Jackson, Duling Hall has all the ingredients for an unforgettable night.

622 Duling Ave, Jackson, MS 39216, Phone: 601-292-7121

3. Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Fairview Inn

Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Fairview Inn
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Fairview Inn is a historic boutique hotel with a massive front veranda and white pillars, framed by old trees, which evokes a picturesque image of the Old South. This beautiful venue offers colorful gardens, a stunning interior, and guest rooms where the wedding party can get ready before the event and stay after the reception is over. The Fairview Inn has reception venues for both large and small weddings, whether the couple wants to celebrate indoors or outdoors, as well as an extensive list of trusted wedding partners that includes some of the best wedding vendors in the region.

734 Fairview St, Jackson, MS 39202, Phone: 601-948-3429

4. Fondren Hall, Jackson, Mississippi

Fondren Hall, Jackson, Mississippi
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Fondren is the vibrant arts district of central Jackson, the jewel of the city, as it is often called. And in this district is Fondren Hall, a lovely event and banquet space that has some really versatile options for hosting a wedding. At Fondren Hall, couples can plan a wedding for just a few close friends and family members or for everyone they’ve ever met, in a flexible event space that includes a spacious dance floor. Tables can be long and rectangular or round, and set up can happen in a variety of ways, as can the decor scheme. Fondren Hall is a blank slate for weddings, just waiting for couples to paint their dream event on its canvas.

4330 N State St, Jackson, MS 39206, Phone: 601-981-2300

5. Galleria Event Center

Galleria Event Center
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Not all weddings are created equal, but the Galleria Event Center can probably host almost all of them. With venue spaces for elopements with under ten guests as well as enormous parties of up to one thousand, the Galleria Event Center has a lot of available spaces for much less money than some of its competitors in the Jackson area. At Galleria Event Center, there is ample parking on site so no one will get stuck searching for a parking spot when they could be inside celebrating the wedding, and venue rental can be booked by the hour so that couples can choose just how long they want the party to last.

2460 Terry Rd, Jackson, MS 39204, Phone: 601-291-3215

6. Hilton Jackson Hotel

Hilton Jackson Hotel
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With over thirty thousand square feet of potential space for events, the Hilton Jackson Hotel is ready and able to host some great weddings. Its convenient location in the heart of the city means it is easily accessible for guests, and within walking distance to a variety of attractions and hotels, though the Hilton also has incredible rooms available for wedding party and guests as well. There is a talented team of culinary experts on staff at the Hilton Jackson who can plan, create, and serve a delectable array of food for the reception, whether the couple wants a buffet, formal dining experience, or something else entirely.

1001 E County Line Rd, Jackson, MS 39211, Phone: 601-957-2800

7. Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Ice House

Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Ice House
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The swirling spiral staircase at the Ice House is one of the most popular and memorable photo locations at this beautiful venue, either taken from above or below, but it’s just one of the many gorgeous aspects of the place. The Ice House was an industrial ice house a hundred years ago, and touches of that industrial design are still stylishly on display throughout the venue, but today it is modern and outfitted with every amenity needed for any event. Weddings and receptions can make use of the brick courtyard, fountain of iron, and unique spaces as they celebrate. The Ice House provides catering services, seating, tableware, and alcohol in their wedding packages.

251 W South St, Jackson, MS 39201, Phone: 601-398-3200

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8. King Edward Hotel

King Edward Hotel
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The King Edward Hotel first opened in 1923, in the height of the Roaring 20’s. For a long time the building was closed and abandoned, but since it has been renovated, there are plenty of touches of its history still visible, from the beautiful foyer with its curved, sweeping staircase to the charming exterior. These days, the King Edward Hotel, which is also called the Hilton Garden Inn, has a great ballroom where wedding receptions of up to 300 guests will be accommodated, with high, arched ceilings dotted with skylights, and a versatile layout.

9. McClain Lodge, Jackson, Mississippi

McClain Lodge, Jackson, Mississippi
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The natural wood beams and banisters of the front porch at McClain, furnished with comfortable rocking chairs, evoke a sense of relaxation and rustic homey-ness. Wedding ceremonies at McClain can take place in a variety of locations, such as a beautiful outdoor chapel taken over by overgrown oak trees, with an outdoor fireplace and room for a string quartet, or a lovely indoor chapel. Venues for receptions are just as beautiful, such as the home-like Lodge, located just across the scenic footbridge, or the larger Banquet Hall, which has a full bar, brick fireplace, and plenty of room for friends and family to help celebrate.

314 Clark Creek Rd, Brandon, MS 39047, Phone: 601-829-1101

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10. Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum

Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum
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At the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, weddings can take place in a variety of venues. First, there’s the Masonic Lodge, where up to 60 guests can enjoy a banquet style reception, or the Education Center, which seats 75. At the Ethnic Heritage Center, wedding celebrations can include up to 175 friends and family members, and in the Forestry Auditorium, there’s room for 300. The largest venue at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is the Sparkman Auditorium, which can accommodate 325. All of the venues here offer a rustic, historic look that can easily be decorated to suit a plethora of themes.

1150 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216, Phone: 601-432-4500

11. Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Museum of Art
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The incredible Art Garden is a 1.2 acre park in the center of the Mississippi Museum of Art. It has plenty of space, beautiful large sculptures, and gorgeous green and flowering plants that grow in and among the art. The Art Garden is the most popular venue for rental at the Mississippi Museum of Art, and weddings that take place here can be under the open sky or an event tent. The space is ample enough for weddings of all sizes, and the art on display will serve as a unique and lovely accent to any wedding photos taken here.

380 S Lamar St, Jackson, MS 39201, Phone: 601-960-1515

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12. Old Capitol Inn

Old Capitol Inn
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The Old Capitol inn has an air of traditional elegance, with its gold wrought chandeliers, high tables for the wedding party, and second-floor seating area that overlooks the main ballroom and is held up by classic white Doric pillars. The Gala Ballroom has five thousand square feet of space altogether, as well as an adjoining courtyard and garden which guests can use to get a breath of fresh air during the festivities. The Gala Ballroom has repeatedly been voted the best wedding reception venue in Jackson, and it has room for wedding celebrations of up to 700 guests for a seated reception no one will ever forget.

226 N State St, Jackson, MS 39201, Phone: 601-359-9000

13. Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Pretty Unique Event Venue

Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: Pretty Unique Event Venue
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It’s so easy in this era of Pinterest and social media to get the sense that all weddings are the same, that the experience is canned and packaged and the only thing different between one event and another are the names on the invitation. But at Pretty Unique Event Venue, the aim is to provide a space that couples can use as a blank canvas to create their dream wedding, whatever that may entail. Couples can be as creative as they like, whether that means planning a themed wedding with a themed dress code and a themed meal, or by using their wedding as an excuse to try out a unique concept they’ve read about.

39209, 5727 State Hwy 18 W, Jackson, MS 39209, Phone: 601-317-6261

14. Rickhouse by The Manship

Rickhouse by The Manship
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The Rickhouse is a modern and beautiful event venue in Jackson that has a maximum potential capacity of 175, making it great for mid-sized weddings looking for a hip and unique space. Featuring exposed brick walls, a unique separating wall made of shelves and racks of barrels, and a versatile set up space, the Rickhouse is not just an event venue but a subsidiary of The Manhouse, a great award-winning restaurant that will provide food for the event. Couples can rest assured that their wedding reception at the Rickhouse will be stylish as well as delicious.

717 Poplar Blvd, Jackson, MS 39202, Phone: 601-398-4562

15. River Hills Club

River Hills Club
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The River Hills Club represents everything that is appealing about a country club: lovely, modern facilities, a friendly staff, and a beautiful setting. Luckily, these are three of the same aspects that also make River Hills Club a great wedding venue. At River Hills Club, the staff works harder than ever to make sure each wedding hosted there is a memorable one. Couples can choose an indoor or outdoor venue, and delight in the delicious food the staff prepares, from the most delicate of finger foods and hors d’oeuvres to the heartiest of main courses.

3600 Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS 39211, Phone: 601-987-4450

16. Spring Lake Venue

Spring Lake Venue
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Outdoor weddings by a peaceful lake are the name of the game at Spring Lake Venue, where couples can recite quiet vows to one another in a truly romantic and serene place. Receptions can take place in Spring Lake’s lovely and versatile indoor banquet hall, where round tables can be set up to accommodate as many as 150 guests. Spring lake prides itself on being a one stop shop for weddings, and their list of trusted wedding vendor partners will make sure that couples don’t have to stress about all the details of their big day if they don’t want to.

4 Country Pl Dr, Pearl, MS 39208, Phone: 601-750-5498

17. Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: The Capital Club

Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: The Capital Club
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Since 1947, The Capital Club has been a symbol of excellence in Jackson, and as the only private club in the downtown area, The Capital Club is a place that carries with it an air of social and cultural pride and standards. It is located on the 19th floor of the Capital Towers, so The Capital Club has an excellent view of downtown Jackson from its many windows. Members of The Capital Club can take advantage of this beautiful space by co-opting it as their wedding venue, and enjoying all the benefits that membership has to offer, like the amazing dining menu.

Phone: 601-969-7101

18. The Country Club of Jackson

The Country Club of Jackson
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Golf courses make great wedding venues, with their rolling hills of perfectly landscaped green grass, their tree-lined courses and lovingly maintained landscape features. At The Country Club of Jackson, ceremonies and receptions can take place out in this beautiful setting or inside one of the country club’s premier event spaces, which total over 15,000 square feet. Elegant small weddings and wild parties with hundreds of guests are both welcome at The Country Club of Jackson; every guest will be treated like a VIP with top-notch cuisine, amazing service, and a fun, unforgettable experience.

345 St Andrews Dr, Jackson, MS 39211, Phone: 601-956-1411

19. The Ivy Venue, Llc

The Ivy Venue, Llc
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As wedding party and guests pull into the circular drive and see the tall white pillars of the two-story front veranda, they will be impressed and excited to attend a wedding reception here at The Ivy Venue, LLC. The venue is at once modern and historic, with a firm grip on what makes a modern wedding successful while still making it feel just as grand and elegant as the Old South. At The Ivy Venue, ceremonies can be held outside under the majestic canopies of the old oak trees or inside the barn and carriage house, and receptions can be held in the main reception hall, with French doors that open to the lovely green lawn and pretty chandeliers casting a romantic light on the event.

1170 Luckney Rd, Flowood, MS 39232, Phone: 601-608-8891

20. The Red Barn

The Red Barn
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As the name might suggest, The Red Barn is, well, a big red barn in Jackson, which served for years as a staple of a family farm but has since been renovated into a wedding and event venue. At The Red Barn, weddings are held in a gorgeous two-story space with red tiled floors and wooden beam support pillars. The main reception space has tall ceilings and room for a dance floor, and there is a kitchen for the catering team as well as a full bar for the festivities. Smaller weddings might feel more at home in The Stables, a smaller venue that has just as much charm, if not as much space.

201 Northpointe Pkwy, Jackson, MS 39211, Phone: 601-991-9461

21. Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: The South Warehouse

Wedding Venues in Jackson, MS: The South Warehouse
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The South Warehouse is part of Fresh Cut Catering and Floral, a premier wedding vendor in the Jackson area that provides top notch food and floral arrangements for weddings and events. This industrial chic space has brick walls, exposed vents and piping in the tall ceilings, and big, factory-style windows. All of this, when offset by the delicate chairs, ceremonial arch draped with flowers and warm lights, and the lovely decor, will combine to create a beautiful space for a wedding ceremony. Receptions are held in a similar space, with room for tables, lounging areas full of comfy armchairs and couches, and a dance floor.

627 E Silas Brown St, Jackson, MS 39201, Phone: 601-939-4518

22. Wedding Venues in Jackson, Mississippi: Xcluzively Yours Event Hall

Wedding Venues in Jackson, Mississippi: Xcluzively Yours Event Hall
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At this Jackson area event venue, couples can plan a great wedding that will be a total blast… at a fraction of the cost of other venues in the area. At Xcluzively Yours Event Hall, the space is simple and versatile, meaning couples can bring their own style and vision into it. The event hall is large and provides tables and chairs, and they often run deals and discounts on their website so couples can save a few more bucks when it comes to the rental fee. It’s not a huge venue, and it’s not the fanciest place on this list, but weddings should be about the people getting married celebrating with the people they love, and Xcluzively Yours gives wedding parties the opportunity to do just that.

5530 N State St, Jackson, MS 39206, Phone: 601-497-6151

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