The Minnesota Orchestra in Minneapolis is housed in Orchestra Hall and has presented musical performances to more than 10 million concert goers since opening in 1974. Orchestra Hall was designed by Cyril M Harris to have excellent acoustics with more than 100 large cubes on the auditorium ceiling that disperse sound throughout the hall naturally. The all wood stage and flooring were built to enhance the vibrations from sound with balconies that are engineering at an angle that reflects the sound to provide an unrivaled aural experience for visitors.


Built in 1974, Orchestra Hall has been the home for half of the Orchestra directors and has welcomed such acclaimed guest conducts as Yo-Yo Ma and Aaron Copeland. A major renovation of the hall was completed in 2013 that refreshed the auditorium décor, expanded the lobby and box office as well as added a backstage facility for actors and stage crew. The Hall also improved its handicap accessibility and added more comfortable seating for patrons.

The Minnesota Orchestra is a Grammy Award-winning groups that has existed for over 100 years and is ranked as one of the best symphonic ensembles in the United States. The orchestra has performed at venues around the world and been featured in radio and television events, and participates in educational programming for the Minneapolis community. The Orchestra was founded in 1903 and began touring in 1907 with a debut at Carnegie Hall in 1912. The Orchestra changed names from Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra to Minnesota Orchestra in 1968 and regularly performs for live audiences upwards of 300,000 people. Minnesota Orchestra has been awarded by the American Society of Composers 20 times for their iconic programming and commitment to American music.


Not only does the Minnesota Orchestra call this hall home, but several other musical acts perform here annually. Concerts featuring jazz performances, music from around the world, brass septets, violin concertos, and many other musical programs are ticketed at the Hall. Concert goers can purchase tickets online through the Minnesota Orchestra website or visit the Box Office at Orchestra Hall. Details on performances and schedules can be found on the events calendar.

Ticket packages are available that allow patrons to purchase tickets for multiple performances at a discounted rate. Packages are also available for concert series and season passes. Ticket prices vary depending on seating selection.

Special Events

In addition to year-round concert programming, there are a few special events that patrons can look forward to annually. Orchestra Hall can also be rented for grand and intimate private events such as weddings, performances, parties, seminars, fundraisers, and more. The staff at Orchestra Hall is able to provide event planning and catering services for onsite events with indoor and outdoor venue spaces available.

Holiday Concert Series- Every December, Orchestra Hall produces a series of concerts meant to get visitors into the Holiday mood including scores from blockbuster Hollywood films, Christmas Concertos, special guests such as Rufus Wainwright, seasonal music from around the globe, and live performances of Academy Award-winning theatrical scores.

Marathons- These series performances feature the musical scores of some of the most famous composers is history. This event kicks off on New Year’s Eve and continues into January with guest performers and composers leading the symphony.

Pint of Music- An off-campus event that includes free beer samples during micro-concerts performed casually at different breweries around Minneapolis. This bar hop is especially popular and includes 6 different concerts with the featured brewery serving from the lobby bars at the Orchestra Hall as well.

Oh+- Pre and Post concert activities that guests enjoy in the lobby at Orchestra Hall. Concert previews bring musicians and artists together with local experts in a forum lecture experience that engages with the music in an interactive way for patrons. A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop provides refreshments and coffee for the events.

Jazz in the Auditorium- The Target Atrium Series presents jazz concerts that honor the timelessness of Jazz, blues, and spiritual music and songs.

Educational Opportunities

Orchestra Hall is a premier venue for classrooms and educational experiences through music. There are several programs at the hall that bring music to life for students and the community. Fantasy Camps, Summer Camps, a young composer program and scholarship opportunities are also available.

Symphonic Adventures- A one hour long symphonic concert designed for high school students to learn about key concepts in symphony orchestras with opportunities for students to hear live music, ask questions and interact with performers.

Young People Concerts- Especially created for elementary students, this concert series is molded around the concepts of timbre, tone, and the four families of instruments. These performances are interactive. Kinder Koncertz are available for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

1111 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403, Phone: 612-371-5600

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