Located in the Upper Midwest region, with borders to Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota, as well as several provinces of Canada, Minnesota is the 12th biggest state by size and the 22nd biggest state by population. It's home to over 5.6 million people and spreads out to cover more than 86,000 square miles of land. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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The state has mostly mild to cold temperatures throughout the year, but is still a hugely popular place for outdoor recreation of all kinds. It's known as the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' due to the countless lakes all around, and is also home to many forests and prairies, being a super place for hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and dozens of additional activities.

The state is also home to the museums, parks, restaurants, and attractions of the huge Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, with the latter being the state capital. There's plenty to see, do, and enjoy all around Minnesota, and the state has a lot of appealing reasons to visit for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Minnesota is also a great location for tent and RV camping trips, with lots of different RV parks found in both rural and urban areas. Read on to learn full details on the best RV parks in Minnesota, including full contact information for each location.

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2.St Cloud Clearwater RV Park

St Cloud Clearwater RV Park
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Ranked as one of the very best RV parks in all of Minnesota, St Cloud Clearwater RV Park is located in the picturesque little city of Clearwater in Stearns Country. Not too far outside of Minneapolis, Clearwater is a wonderful recreation area, ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds. It's right on the banks of the Mississippi River and only a short drive from some beautiful lakes, hiking trails, biking routes, fishing spots, and more, so St Cloud Clearwater RV Park is a super place to stay if you want to spend some time outdoors.

Only a short drive off the main highway leading into town, St Cloud Clearwater RV Park features adorable rates and offers extra discounts to Good Sam Club members. This is a family friendly campground and RV park that has undergone a lot of renovations in recent years, to a point where it now features a dog park, a huge play area for children, a swimming pool, a recently redecorated laundry area with coin operated washers and dryers, a mini golf course, restrooms, and showers. One of the best features of this family friendly RV park is the wonderful staff; you’ll get great service and friendly smiles every single day, guaranteed.

2454 Co Rd 143, Clearwater, MN 55320, Phone: 320-558-2876

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3.Dakotah Meadows RV Park

Dakotah Meadows RV Park
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If you're heading into Minnesota to visit one of the state's biggest cities, Minneapolis, Dakotah Meadows RV Park could be the perfect place to base yourself for all sorts of fun and activities. As one of the major Twin Cities, Minneapolis is home to a lot of interesting museums, art galleries, parks, attractions, restaurants, shopping streets, and more, with some of the top landmarks in the city being the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Mill City Museum, and Minnehaha Park. You can access all of these major sites of interest quite easily from Dakotah Meadows RV Park, which is located in Prior Lake, just southwest of Downtown Minneapolis.

Without a doubt one of the best RV parks in the Twin Cities area, Dakotah Meadows RV Park offers a safe, calm, relaxing environment that can allow every guest to feel right at home. It's conveniently located just next door to a huge casino, offering a fun way to spend a few hours, and comes complete with over 120 fully paved, pull-thru and back-in RV sites with electric, sewer, and water services. On-site amenities at this Minnesota RV park include an RV washing station, spotless showers, clean restrooms, a large play area for young visitors to enjoy, a picnic pavilion to enjoy some quality time with your fellow travelers, a mini mart selling groceries and essentials, laundry machines, a fuel station.

2341 Park Pl NW, Prior Lake, MN 55372, Phone: 952-445-8800

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4.Trails RV Park

Trails RV Park
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Minnesota may be known for its big city locatons like Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but it's also home to countless lakes, forests, and beautiful natural areas just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. You can get a great, all-natural MN experience by staying at Trails RV Park. With excellent reviews and super customer service, you're guaranteed to have a great time at this RV park, which is located in the little town of Walker in Cass County, not far from several bays and lakes like Walker Bay, Agency Bay, Traders Bay, and Kabekona Lake.

From wineries to casinos, there's plenty of unique landmarks and attractions in the local area, with Trails RV Park also being a prime spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to do some kayaking, hiking, biking, and more. You'll find lots of great amenities at this affordable MN RV park including big rig friendly RV sites, 20/30/50 amp power, private picnic tables, fire rings, high speed Wi-Fi hotspots, boat storage, a huge pavilion area with its own game room, a heated swimming pool, clean restrooms, hot showers, private changing rooms, sports courts for games of basketball and volleyball, play areas for the children, a pizzeria, a bar, laundry machines, and more.

9424 MN-371, Walker, MN 56484, Phone: 218-547-1138

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Best RV Parks in Minnesota

Lakehead Boat Basin RV Park, 1000 Minnesota Ave Duluth, MN 55802, 218-722-1757

Duluth, MN Attraction Spotlight: Glensheen Historic Estate

Located in Duluth, Minnesota, the Glensheen Historic Estate is a history museum housed in a breathtakingly beautiful mansion. Maintained and operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth, the Glensheen Historic Estate is the perfect place for visitors to learn about Minnesota’s rich history.

The Glensheen Historic Estate was donated to the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1968 after Elisabeth Congdon was given the estate as a place to call home until she passed away. Elisabeth was the youngest daughter of Chester Congdon, who built the estate. Although the Glensheen Historic Estate as given to the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1968, it wasn’t open to the public until 1979. When the Glensheen Historic Estate first opened to the public, visitors were not allowed to explore the third floor or attic due to safety concerns. But, in 1992 the Glensheen Historic Estate began taking small groups into the third floor and attic.

Aside from its architectural and historical significance, the Glensheen Historic Estate is known for being the place where Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse, Velma Pietila, where murdered on June 27, 1977. Elisabeth’s adopted daughter, Marjorie, was charged with working alongside her second husband, Roger Caldwell, to commit murder. Although Marjorie was acquitted on all chargers, Caldwell received two life sentences for two counts of first-degree murder. Five years after the crime, the Minnesota Supreme Court overturned Caldwell’s conviction in attempt to retry the case. But, Caldwell avoided extensive trials by submitting a full confession, and thus pleading guilty. Caldwell was eventually released from prison, but he committed suicide in 1988. As for Marjorie, she spent 12 years in prison for two convictions of arson.

For many of the following years after the “1977 incident”, tour guides of the Glensheen Historic Estate would disregard any mention or questions of the murders. But, now tour guides regularly answer questions about the 1977 incident towards the end of the tour.

The Glensheen Historic Estate hasn’t released much information about what lies within the estate. This is to enhance the historical experience when visitors explore the Glensheen Historic Estate. Although there are not detailed descriptions of the Glensheen Historic Estate, visitors can expect to explore:

• Approximately 12 acres of land

• An intricate design of gardens with architectural structures, such as bridges

• The famous mansion with 39 rooms and an intricate 20th century design

It should be noted that everyone who visits the Glensheen Historic Estate must tour the grounds with a tour guide and group.

Since visitors are required to tour the Glensheen Historic Estate with a tour guide and group, every experience at the Glensheen Historic Estate provides visitors with an array of information. In other ords, simply touring the Glensheen Historic Estate is an educational opportunity within itself. That being said, the Glensheen Historic Estate does not offer any other educational opportunities than their guided tours.

There are three main categories of Glensheen Historic Estate tours: Year Round, Elite, and Seasonal. Each category offers a variety of tour options, which visitors have the option of choosing from.

The Year Round tours offer visitors an overall glimpse into the Glensheen Historic Estate. The available Year Round tours are:

Classic is a general tour of the Glensheen Historic Estate.

Full Mansion is a glimpse into the overall Glensheen Historic Estate, including the third floor.

Nooks & Crannies is a look into the more secluded portions of the Glensheen Historic Estate, such as the attic.

Servants is an exploration of the areas where the servants resided.

While the Year Round tours give you an overall glimpse into the Glensheen Historic Estate, the Elite tours give visitors an exclusive look into the estate. The two Elite tours are:

Premier is an all-inclusive experience into each and every room of the 27,000 square foot mansion, including the restricted areas and outside gardens.

Director’s takes visitors into an even more exclusive look into what lies within the Glensheen Historic Estate. In addition to the Premier tour package, visitors have the opportunity to see places only the Director has access to, such as the silver safe, as well as intriguing and special stories.

The Seasonal tours are the perfect option for people who have toured the Glensheen Historic Estate before, but want a new and exciting experience. Below are the current Seasonal tour options:

Flashlight takes visitors throughout the mansion in the dark with a flashlight as the only source of light.

Grounds is offered from June through August and is an in-depth tour of the gardens.

Kayak is offered throughout the summer and is the perfect way to explore Glensheen from Lake Superior.

Candlelight Christmas Evenings is offered throughout December, and allows visitors to explore Glensheen decorated with lights, Christmas trees, and other holiday décor.

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3300 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55804, Phone: 218-726-8910

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Duluth, MN Attraction Spotlight: Great Lakes Aquarium

Over 30 interactive exhibits occupy this waterfront aquarium. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, the Great Lakes Aquarium is one of the best places for people to explore the connection between Lake Superior, other waters, and marine ecosystems.

Although the Great Lakes Aquarium is a relatively new attraction in Duluth, Minnesota, it is one of the most engaging and popular attractions within the city. In early 2000, Julia and Caroline Marshall donated land to create an aquarium within Duluth. With the combination of the Marshall’s land donation, as well as state and local funds, the Great Lakes Aquarium opened in the middle of summer 2000.

Although the Great Lakes Aquarium opened in 2000, a good chunk of anticipated revenue was lost within the first year because of delays in construction. In order to ensure the Great Lakes Aquarium would succeed for many years to come, Mayor Gary Doty created a specialized task force to oversee the Aquarium in 2002. That same year, the City of Duluth eliminated the task force, took control of the Great Lakes Aquarium, and even closed it for a short period of time.

One year later, Ripley’s Entertainment took control of the Great Lakes Aquarium and brought success to the Aquarium. Under the direction of Ripley’s Entertainment, the Great Lakes Aquarium significantly cut costs through practices, such as keeping only 1/3 of the Aquarium’s original staff.

Although Ripley’s Entertainment initially brought success to the Great Lakes Aquarium, the Aquarium experienced an attendance conflict in 2007. This led to Ripley’s Entertainment resigning its direction of the Great Lakes Aquarium. Instead of the City of Duluth taking over again, a board of directors was established and hired Jack LaVoy as the Aquarium’s executive director. Since then, LaVoy and the board of directors have brought continuous improvement and success to the Great Lakes Aquarium.

With approximately 30 interactive attractions, the Great Lakes Aquarium truly has something for everyone.

Aquatic Invaders gives visitors an exclusive look into invasive marine species, such as lamprey and zebra mussels. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the effect invasive species have on native ecosystems, and what we can do to limit the negative impact they have.

Shipwrecks Alive replicates a shipwreck in three different areas in the world: the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Superior, and South Pacific. In each area, a different shipwreck is shown with a new ecosystem.

Isle Royale is a two story tank with over 85,000 gallons of water. Divided among three sections, Isle Royale explores various fish that are found within the Great Lakes. A combination of warm water and cold water fish are displayed here. Hence, the reason for the different sections in the tank.

Amazing Amazon displays the variety of fish that are native to the Amazon River, which is in South America. In addition to exploring the magnificent sea creatures of the Amazon River, visitors will have the opportunity to learn an overall overview of the Amazon River.

Otter Cove is a replication of an otter’s habitat within the wild. Currently, two North American river otters occupy this exhibit. These otters are Agate and Ore. Visitors can typically see Agate and Ore playing, hunting, jumping off rocks, or casually swimming.

Wow of Water is one of the most popular attractions at the Great Lakes Aquarium. This attraction has around 10 different interactive areas, where visitors can learn about the mechanics and foundations of water.

Origins displays a variety of exhibits and information that is relevant to the history of the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Superior. Visitors can explore Lake Superior’s prehistoric marine life, as well as the general natural and cultural history of the area.

The Great Lakes Aquarium has a variety of educational opportunities, such as specialized tours, camps, and even an overnight stay program. The most popular educational opportunities at the Great Lakes Aquarium is the specialized tour program. Schools have the opportunity of visiting the Great Lakes Aquarium and participating in one of the following tours:

· Explorer, a self-guided exhibit tour that engages students with a scavenger hunt.

· Dive in Deeper, a self-guided tour along with a special one hour class taught by an Aquarium official.

· Fish and Ships, a self-guided tour along with a special one hour and fifteen minute harbor cruise on the Vista Fleet.

The other popular educational program at the Great Lakes Aquarium is the overnight stay program. Through this opportunity, participants are able to spend an entire night at the Aquarium. The overnight stay includes an interactive scavenger hunt, interactive critter encounters, a continental breakfast, and a behind the scenes tour.

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353 Harbor Dr, Duluth, MN 55802, Phone: 218-740-3474

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Duluth, MN Attraction Spotlight: Tweed Museum of Art

Pieces of art from all over the world come together to create a comprehensive, reflective, and interpretive collection at the Tweed Museum of Art. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, the Tweed Museum of Art is one of the highlights of the University of Minnesota Duluth and the city of Duluth.

In 1950, the widow of George P. Tweed, Alice Tweed Tuohy, gave the University of Minnesota Duluth their magnificent home. The initial reason to donate the Tweed home to the University of Minnesota Duluth was to provide the general community with the Tweed’s extensive 500 piece art collection, which would educate and enrich the public’s lives.

The Teed home became an official museum facility that was run under the direction of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Then, in 1958 Mrs. Tweed and Bernice Brickson, Mrs. Tweed’s daughter, donated a large sum of funds to create an expansion and renovation of the museum. Since 1958, the Tweed Museum of Art has been renovated four times.

Currently, the Tweed Museum of Art has a total approximate space of 33,000 square feet. Approximately 15,000 square feet of the total museum space is used to house the Tweed Museum of Art’s official and permanent art collection.

The Tweed Museum of Art has over 8.000 pieces of art within their permanent art collection. The Museum’s permanent art collection represents a variety of art forms, time periods, and regions in the world.

Works on Paper is the most diverse and comprehensive exhibit within the Tweed Museum of Art’s permanent art collection. Works on Paper includes a variety of art forms including European engravings, Modernist drawings, Pop art prints, and post-World War II abstracts. One of the highlighted pieces of art within this attraction is The Unknown Masterpiece from Pablo Picasso.

Contemporary Art displays a vibrant collection of artwork. Some of the highlighted artists within this exhibit include Nicholas Africano, Akio Takamori, Alec Soth, Frank Big Bear, and Kara Walker.

Glenn C. Nelson Ceramics Collection showcases the ceramic art collection Glenn C. Nelson acquired throughout his life. Nelson taught art at the University of Minnesota Duluth from 1956 to 1975. He is also recognized as the author of the six editions of The Potter’s Handbook. Some of the featured artists within this exhibit include Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada, Lucie Rie, and Walter Hyleck.

The Potlatch Collection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations displays a variety of artwork displaying the “Mountie” that was used as an advertising symbol throughout the 1900s. Over 400 images have used the “Mountie” as a symbol for their message.

American Art displays a variety of American art, including American Indian art. A variety of art forms, such as quilting, painting, and portraits, come together to create this comprehensive exhibit.

European Art features a variety European artwork mostly from Mrs. Alice Tweed’s original collection that accompanied her donation of the Tweed home to the University of Minnesota Duluth. The art within this exhibit focuses on the time period of 16th century to 19th century.

Since the Tweed Museum of Art is operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth, it shouldn’t be a surprise the Museum values education. That being said, there is an array of educational opportunities at the University of Minnesota Duluth including guided tours, lectures, workshops, community learning programs, and the Olive Anna Tezla Memorial Library.

One of the featured educational opportunities at the Tweed Museum of Art is the Olive Anna Tezla Memorial Library, which displays and preserves the finest art pieces within the Museum’s collection. For more information about the Olive Anna Tezla Memorial Library, check out the Library’s official online catalogue.

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University of Minnesota Duluth, 1201 Ordean Ct, Duluth, MN 55812, Phone: 218-726-8222

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