Ever looked at the furniture around your home and wondered how it was put together? Ever admired a table, desk, or bookcase and thought you’d love to know how to make one for yourself? Maybe you’re already a bit of a DIY expert but don’t get enough time or have the space or resources to take on more projects? In any of these cases, Projects in Person can work for you.

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Projects in Person is a guided DIY workshop in the city of Hopkins, Minnesota, Essentially, Projects in Person gives you the space, tools, and equipment you need to take on fun DIY projects and head home with newly assembled items of furniture you put together with your own two hands. It’s an amazing idea, and it’s really taken off, giving DIY enthusiasts a great platform to put their passion into practice.

Projects in Person - DIY Venue in Minnesota

DIY can be so much fun, but so many people just don’t have the space at home to really have their own workshops. In addition, many people love the thought of doing some DIY and making things that can be used and displayed around their own home, but they don’t have the knowledge, experience, or confidence needed to actually take on these projects. Projects in Person changes all of that, and here’s everything you need to know:

- A DIY Space - Projects in Person is a groundbreaking idea, founded by husband and wife duo Jason and Jill. This couple always loved spending time on popular sites like Pinterest, looking up fun projects to do, but finding it frustrating when so many of the listings and posts they found didn't have proper instructions or required tools they just didn't have. Jason was a handyman and DIY expert, but Jill wanted a space where everyone, even inexperienced DIY enthusiasts like her, could have fun putting stuff together without needing to own dozens of tools of their own or have years of experience. The idea was born and Projects in Person opened up in 2016.

- Aimed At Everyone - Whether you’re a total beginner or someone who has dabbled in DIy before, Projects in Person can work for you. A big part of the philosophy that went into founding this company was the notion that anyone can do DIY if they have the guidance and tools they need, and everyone should be able to enjoy the fulfilling, rewarding feelings of achievement and accomplishment that come along with completing a DIY project and admiring the fruits of one’s labor. Projects in Person aims to welcome absolutely everyone and provide a highly inclusive, accessible space, so even if you’ve never picked up a hammer in your life, this place will welcome you in and help you feel like a pro.

- A Friendly Welcome - Projects in Person started off with just Jason and Jill, but has since grown to include a full team of workshop leaders, and a big part of the founding principles of this place was to make everyone who steps through the doors feel welcome and valued. You'll really feel a warm, almost family-like atmosphere at Projects in Person. The location itself is a beautiful venue in downtown Hopkins which was once used as a saloon back in the early 1900s. Decorated with neutral tones and offering a spacious area for projects to take place, the venue provide a cozy and comfortable setting, and the friendly workshop leaders build on that in order to make everyone feel totally at ease.

- The Projects - The fun thing about doing DIY at Projects in Person is that the projects on offer change and evolve over the course of the year. You can check out the full workshop calendar whenever you like to see which projects are upcoming, and there are always fun things to build here. Options include simple kitchen and dining items like serving trays and cutting boards, home decor like clocks and centerpiece boxes, yard games like the washer toss game or bean bag toss boards, or large furnishings like headboards, coffee tables, and ladders. Every project is different, but they’re all designed with style and simplicity in mind, perfect for people who don’t have too much DIY experience.

- Private Workshops at Projects in Person - Projects in Person typically runs public workshops all through the year, letting you build your project in the company of other people and maybe make some friends along the way, but you can also choose to reserve private workshops with Projects in Person too. These private options are great for businesses looking for a fun team-building exercise, groups of friends interested in trying something new, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, and much more. The only rules are that your group members need to be aged 18 or above. Both small and large groups are welcome, and you can work with the Projects in Person team to organize the event to your liking.

- Events with Projects in Person - Perhaps you love the idea of Projects in Person and think this kind of service would be an amazing addition to an event you're planning? If so, the Build Bar is all you need. Projects in Person's Build Bar is basically a portable version of the Projects in Person DIY project workshops, letting you take these experiences out on the road to a location of your choice. The Build Bar is a fun addition to any special event and can travel up to 40 miles outside of Hopkins. Again, as with the private workshops, you can discuss all the details with the Projects in Person team.

Projects in Person is really bringing something new to the table. It’s an exciting, innovative idea, and it’s really catching on in the city of Hopkins. DIY can be a lot of fun when you’ve got the tools, time, space, and help you need to see your projects through to completion, so if you’re the sort of person who always wants to take on a project but never seems to find the time, this could be the perfect option for you.

906 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343, Phone: 952-693-3279, website