Nickelodeon Universe spans seven acres inside of the Mall of America and features a variety of unique entertainment and attractions. Guests can experience thrilling rides like the Splat-O-Sphere and Brain Surge, meet characters from their favorite Nickelodeon shows, browse unique shops, and more. The indoor amusement park is only fifteen minutes from downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis, and just five minutes away from the airport.

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Among the several thrill rides at Nickelodeon Universe is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Shock. Guests climb into a shell and then take off into the sky. Riders will feel as if they are a ninja turtle as they control the movement of the shell to twist, fly, and flip through the sky at dizzying speeds. The Splat-O-Sphere is a classic thrill ride for the family. Riders are launched straight up in the air almost sixty feet before sending them catapulting back to the ground.

Brain Surge is a circular, interactive ride that allow visitors to be in control of the movements of the ride. Guests can spin in circles, backwards, or upside down, making each and every ride a different experience. The 16-rider thrill ride moves guests in every direction. Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge is another thrill ride at Nickelodeon Universe. The roller coaster carries riders towards the surface, then turns them head over heels through ninety-degree turns, spirals, and intense loops.

The park also features other attractions in addition to rides, such as the Dutchman's Deck Adventure Course. Guests can experience new heights along the Ghostly Gangplank, the world's tallest Sky Trail ropes course. This adventurous course challenges visitors to climb up to fifty-six feet above the Nickelodeon Universe park. After navigating the ropes course, guests can plunge down Anchor Drop, which sends visitors twisting down in a spiral slide experience towards the grounds. If guests are ready for addition thrilling fun, they can take to the skies again on Barnacle Blast, North America's longest indoor zipline.

Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini Golf provides visitors with a blast from music past. The indoor, music-themed miniature golf course lets guests to put their way from one era of music to another, beginning back with the 1950's and on up to present day. The course features eighteen holes of delightful, challenging, and fun extreme golf that is perfect for the entire family and visitors of all ages.

There are also numerous rides designed for Nickelodeon Universe's youngest guests. Kids can climb aboard Swiper's Sweeper for a whip of a wild ride, but they should be on the lookout as Swiper will be after their stuff. As each car zips by, Swiper tries to "reach" out and grab riders, but they're fortunately too quick for him to succeed.

The Back at the Barnyard Hayride takes guests on a wild dash with Otis, along with the other party animals, through the Barnyard on this fun, family-friendly roller coaster. Visitors can fly high in the sky on the Backyardigans Swing-Along. Riders soar into the air up to twenty-seven feet off the ground. Kids can enjoy the whimsical Backyardigans world without having to leave their seat.

5000 Center Court, Bloomington, Minnesota, Phone: 952-883-8800

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